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Just What She Needed

Just What She Needed

She watched the slow rise and fall of the sheet, admiring the slender curve of the sl**ping woman’s back. The tanned skin contrasted with the crumpled white sheet, short, dark hair tasseled messily on the thick pillow. The line of Chinese symbols started at the nape of the woman’s neck, disappearing beneath the sheet half way down the muscled back. Bec knew the line continued right to just above the gentle v-shape made by the woman’s toned butt cheeks.

That butt. The memory sent a tingle of desire through Bec’s naked body. She felt the familiar tug of need ebb within her pussy, allowing her legs to fall slightly open as warmth spread in a soft wave.

Her finger slipped between the wet folds of her pussy, the fleshy red lips of her labia parting to welcome the slim digit as she slowly slid it up and down, toying with the swollen clit before sliding into her sex and back again.

God help, she’d barely recovered from the last frenzied session with Tayah and here she was, aroused all over again. Fuck it, so what if she was? The whole situation was beyond anything she had ever known. She was in unexplored territory, a stranger travelling a path only dreamt of. Her breathing quickened as she pushed her finger deeper into her sex, small slapping sounds emanating as she pleasured herself. She wished Tayah would hear the little noises, roll onto her back and seduce her with those incredible ‘come fuck me’ blue eyes.

Oh how those eyes had driven Bec wild. Her pussy flooded at the memory of those eyes staring up at her from between her own quivering thighs. Their crystal blue fire sending needles of lust straight to Bec’s soul. She had gripped Tayah’s dark bangs in her hand, dragging the beautiful face hard against her throbbing sex, screaming in release as she exploded in orgasm. The brunette beauty had been relentless though, her tongue pushing deep into Bec’s pussy as torrents of warm cum pulsed into her mouth.

Just as the wave of ecstasy seemed all but abated, Tayah had bitten down hard on Bec’s clit, the unexpected shock rocking Bec’s lithe body as she struggled to escape the woman’s mouth. But Tayah had held her in an iron grip, strong hands gripping her thighs, teeth locked around the twitching clit as a new orgasm shattered through the athletic blonde.

Bec’s finger reached deep inside her, flicking upwards to rub at the little bundle of nerves that made up her G-spot, legs now spread wide on either side of the armchair, chest rising and falling, nipples aching to be touched as she fucked herself with increasing intensity.

A small gasp escaped her lips, Tayah stirring on the bed slightly. Lifting a hand to grasp her left breast, thumb and forefinger instinctively squeezing the nipple, Bec arched her back, sliding a second finger into her cunt. She bit her lower lip at the memory of Tayah behind her, body pressed to hers, warm mouth on her neck and shoulder, hand between her legs. Bec had barely offered any resistance as the exotic beauty pounced on her in the bathroom.

She had watched in fascination her own reflection in the big mirror, eyes half closed in lust as Tayah had seduced her, mouth working its way along her shoulders and up to her hairline, full lips and tongue toying with her sensitive flesh. Tayah’s hand had worked its way beneath her skirt, fingers rubbing firmly above the lace of her panties. Bec’s body had responded instantly, traitorous nipples stretching the fabric of the black cocktail dress she wore, pussy flooding.

But it had been those eyes, crystal blue beneath the dark tussle of hair that fell across Tayah’s left eye that had won the day. Bec had surrendered willingly, allowing herself to be dragged into a cubicle, mouth opening eagerly as Tayah’s full lips pressed against hers. Afterwards, collapsed onto the toilet seat, she watched as Tayah licked the sticky fluid of her first orgasm from her fingers, those eyes teasing, seductive … hungry.

Bec had watched in fascination as Tayah licked her fingers clean, the thick tongue and full lips slipping seductively around her fingers. When she had shrugged the tight black skirt up over her slender thighs, exposing her naked, waxed pussy, Bec had again offered no resistance as Tayah pulled her face towards her aching sex. Bec’s mouth opened instinctively, her lips nibbling at the fleshy fold of Tayah’s cunt, tongue dancing around the bulging nub of her clit.

She had gasped inwardly as she began to lap and suck at Tayah’s sex, the heady taste overwhelming in its sweet beauty. Bec’s hands had gripped the firm butt cheeks, pulling the naked glory harder against her own willing mouth, tongue now delving between the thick red labia, a drizzle of silvery, creamy fluid sliding down her throat as she ate her first pussy.

Tayah had fucked her cunt against the pretty blonde’s mouth, drawing out sweet sensations of desire, loving that she had sop easily seduced this sensual beauty.

She had let herself cum quickly, encouraging the mouth and loving the sl**py green eyes as they stared up at her from between her legs. Gripping the blonde ponytail, she had released herself in glorious orgasm, responding to Bec’s gulps as she drank down the thick cream. Bec had lapped at the dripping folds of her cunt for long minutes, gripping her butt cheeks tight whenever Tayah tried pulling away. She wasted nothing, swallowing down the last drops and wiping her chin and mouth with the back of her hand afterwards.

As Tayah rolled slowly over at last, those blue eyes opening sl**pily, Bec smiled seductively. Tayah’s nipples stood proudly erect as she watched Bec bring herself to orgasm, mouth agape in silent ecstasy as she came, over and over, fingers pressed deep as she grunted and groaned, her pussy pulsing around the long fingers, a splash of fluid splattering on the floor.

It was Tayah’s turn to watch as Bec licked her fingers clean, arousal evident on the brunette’s face.

The blonde fascinated her, had done so from the moment she’d seen her nervously enter the bar the night before. Tayah had watched her for over an hour, seeing the way she sat alone, drinking a cocktail and checking her phone nervously. She’d seemed troubled, lost and when Tayah had sat down with two drinks, her nervousness was palpable. But Tayah knew just how to relax a woman, her eyes seducing as her warm manner enticed, fleeting touches of exposed skin, looks that lingered longer than comfortable.

Bec had relaxed, opening up about her life. A singer, on tour in this interstate town, feeling distant from her partner and tired from a new baby. She was simply looking for something for herself, and Tayah knew just what she needed.

She’d revealed small details of her own life, her recent split from her girlfriend (Bec’s eyes widening at the confession), her art and the little studio below her loft-style apartment.

It was the studio where they first made love following the frantic encounter in the bathroom. Tayah had simply led her straight from the bar to her apartment, an industrial-style place not far from the city centre. They’d barely taken a sip of the champagne they’d brought along before Tayah was on Bec once more, mouths locked, hands exploring, dragging at clothes and flesh. The tumbled to the floor, as they tore away the other’s clothes, Bec’s black dress discarded, Tayah’s skirt and singlet following quickly after.

They writhed gloriously naked among the paint splattered drop sheets, cans and brushes. Bec was lost in ecstasy as she surrendered to her first female lover.

As their mouths closed around the other’s sex, their union was complete. They had licked, tongued, sucked and lapped until each had exploded in the other’s mouth, bodies shuddering in mutual release.

Tayah felt her heat rising as she watched Bec cum. The blonde exuded a sweet innocence that was belied by the rawness of her fucking.

She had given herself to Tayah, but she had taken just as much, becoming the aggressor when finally they had slipped into the big bed in the loft above the studio. Bec had pushed Tayah to the bed, firm hands spreading her thighs wide as her mouth eagerly found her dripping sex. Her fingers had pushed deep into Tayah’s pussy, twisting and turning, alternating rhythms as she found ways to make Tayah scream in pleasure.

All the while her mouth worked her clit, biting, sucking, caressing and lapping at the sweet bud until Tayah begged her to stop. But Bec had been determined, her green eyes filled with lustful determination as she brought her lover to a shattering orgasm that filled the apartment with her screams.

Now Tayah slid across the bed and between Bec’s thighs, her pert breasts meeting Bec’s full orbs, firm nipples caressing softly as she kissed her deeply.

Bec’s mouth was warm, wet, inviting and she returned the kiss deeply, her nipples aching to be touched. She wrapped her legs around Tayah’s back, pulli8ng her body closer. Tayah smiled at the wet feel of Bec’s sex against her flat stomach, the small line of hair tickling her flesh.

“I want to eat your pussy … slowly this time,” she purred into Bec’s ear as she nuzzled her lover’s neck.

“Mmmm, that sounds nice,” Bec replied, her body responding instantly.

She sighed as Tayah kissed her way down her body, paying special attention to her hard nipples and the soft swell of her breasts. Bec stroked the soft skin of Tayah’s shoulders and neck, admiring the feminine body and model face, those full red lips and the dark skin. As those lips found her clit, pressing gently against it in a languid kiss, Bec gasped softly. Her moans and sighs soon filled the room as Tayah used her mouth and fingers to gently tease Bec to new heights of passion.

She knew just how far to go before pulling back, teasing out the pleasure.

Bec’s desire flowed freely onto the armchair, pooling beneath her. Soft fingers found hard nipples. She raised her arms over her head, stretching her body, succumbing to the building ecstasy. Her long hair cascaded over the lounge and she gasped with each touch, caress and kiss. Tayah was in heaven as she worked this beauty to heights of pleasure only dreamt of.

She was intoxicated by her, enraptured by her sensuality.

Her own pussy throbbed with desire, a sensual need to pleasure and be pleasured, to own and be owned. She knew Bec was straight, well bisexual maybe, and that this was her first lesbian encounter, and she was determined to make it all she had dreamt and desired such a moment would be. Her tongue dipped between Bec’s fleshy red lips, lapping at the scented fluid pooling inside her pussy.

God she tasted good, divine, a d**g of lust that overpowered Tayah. She drank, swallowing down her lover’s desire, one thumb gently rubbing the swollen clit as she tongued deep into the inviting canal. Bec’s hand entwined in her dark locks, tugging, scrunching the hair as she pulled the willing mouth closer.

Tayah moved lower still, tongue now dancing around the rosebud of Bec’s ass, teasing, lightly lapping. Bec’s grunted in ecstasy, pushing her hips forward to grant better access to her secret pleasure zone.

Tayah’s tongue whipped a frenzy of pleasure around her opening, coating the winking eye with saliva as she toyed and teased.

“Oh baby yessss,” Bec whispered as Tayah gently eased a finger into the tight ring, mouth clamping down on Bec’s clit. Tayah moved her finger in and out, the tightness of Bec’s ass clenching around the small intruder. The look of lust in Bec’s eyes, a fiery desire, was all the encouragement Tayah needed as she eased a second finger in, pushing deep, to the knuckle, her thumb sliding easily into Bec’s dripping cunt.

Bec writhed on the armchair, one hand stroking from breast to breast, the other clenched in Tayah’s hair.

She pulled the pretty head away suddenly, lust in her eyes as she repositioned herself on the chair, kneeling to offer her ass to Tayah. The sexy brunette obliged willingly, tongue once more dancing around Bec’s tight ass, pushing deep inside the twitching opening. Fingers slid deep into Bec’s sex as Tayah worked Bec to higher and higher levels of pleasure.

Without warning, she shoved her fingers back into Bec’s tight ass, the blonde squealing in pain and pleasure. Tayah moved higher, gripping Bec’s breasts, dragging her head backwards and biting down on her long neck.

“Come for me baby, come hard,” she grunted into Bec’s ear. Her fingers pushed deep into Bec’s ass, pain and pleasure warring fro dominance as Bec panted and grunted, squeezing her muscles and pushing back against the invading fingers.

The pleasure was too much, Bec’s body shaking in desire, waves of illicit joy sweeping through her very core.

She dragged herself away form Tayah’s grip, struggling to stand and grabbing the brunette in a strong embrace, mouth locking to hers. “Not yet, not yet,” she breathed, one hand squeezing the firm breast, pinching her lover’s nipple. “I want to fuck you. Tell me you’ve got something I can fuck you with …”

Tayah felt bl**d rush to her pussy at Bec’s words.

She drove her tongue deep into Bec’s mouth, the pressure on her nipple sending shivers of desire through her. “Oh my God yes,” she breathed. “You can fuck me any way you want …”

She pulled away reluctantly, breath catching in her throat at the look of primal lust in her naked lover’s eyes. Bec’s body was athletic, feminine, toned, with full breasts and long, hard nipples. Tayah’s own body was lean, with full dew-drop shaped breasts and dark nipples.

Her skin was tanned, adding to her Mauritian roots. Tattoos adorned her back, her bicep and a snaking stylized Egyptian asp that curled seductively from her ass around her hip and down to lap it’s tongue at the very tip of her clit.

Her legs trembled as she squatted beside the bed, smiling naughtily at Bec as she dragged a large ornate timber box from beneath it. Bec moved beside her, rubbing gently at her pussy as Tayah opened the lid and began pulling out an impressive array of sex toys, mostly leather bondage gear, vibrators, double headed dildos and at last, a large black strap-on cock.

Tayah lifted the toy to her mouth, wrapping her luscious lips around it. She sucked the latex shaft deep into her throat before pulling it out and smiling seductively at Bec.

“Don’t worry, I suck cock too, I just prefer women,” she purred as she handed the strap-on to Bec. “I like the rawness of men, the taste of their cum, the way they sweat and grunt and lose it , but the sensuality of women is what gets me every time.

Like now,” she said as she moved onto the bed, kneeling on all fours and waggling her firm butt at Bec.

The pretty blonde eyed the seductive brunette as she strapped the heavy black cock around her hips, pushing the ribbed nub hard against her clit and pulling the straps tight to lock it in place. Tayah meanwhile reached for a small bottle, liberally splashing scented oil down her back and between her butt cheeks.

Bec moved behind her, hands shaking slightly as she smeared the oil across Tayah’s divine ass and down her thighs, liberally coating her ass and pussy with the slick fluid. The sight of Tayah spread willingly on her knees before her had her desire rising into overdrive. She lowered her mouth to the inviting rosebud opening of Tayah’s ass, tongue lapping at the twitching hole, tasting the vanilla flavor of the oil. Tayah gasped and squirmed as Bec tongued her ass, moving lower to push deep between her fleshy red labia and drive into her pussy.

She felt pure a****l lust take over as she tongued and lapped at Tayah’s holes, intoxicated by the scents and flavours of her lover’s sex.

Her pussy spilled desire down her own quivering thighs as she positioned the cock at the opening to Tayah’s cunt. She slid the head up and down between her lips, coating it with oil. Grabbing the bottle, she splashed oil over her breasts and around the latex cock.

Tayah held her breath as at last Bec eased the huge cock into her tight cunt. She gently toyed with her own clit as the rubber shaft split her wide, driving slowly, relentlessly, into her inner sanctum. Her fingers clenched in the sheets, face pushed hard into the pillow as Bec eased the cock deep, until the base pressed against Tayah’s toying fingers and clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss,” Tayah moaned as Bec pulled out, slowly starting a long, deep fucking rhythm that sent shockwaves of ecstasy through the petite brunette.

Bec felt overwhelming power infuse her as she began to fuck Tayah hard and deep. She’d dreamt of fucking a woman like this, owning her, possessing her, taking charge and riding her, but the reality was sexually overwhelming. Her breasts jiggled as she began to move faster, deeper, more powerfully into Tayah, her own clit alive with desire thanks to the base of the strap-on.

Tayah pushed back with each stroke, fingers working her clit furiously as she began moaning and grunting in primal desire.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me like that … harder, yes, oh yessss,” she moaned.

Bec slapped Tayah’s firm butt, hard, eliciting a squeal of surprise and delight. She reached forward, gripping Tayah’s short hair and dragging her head backwards, mouth clamping on her neck, biting down hard on the first of the tattooed symbols.

Her hips moved instinctively, finding just the right rhythm. She gripped Tayah’s firm breasts, oil smearing between them, her own tits pressed against the svelte back.

“Oh fuck, of fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tayah moaned over and over and an impossible orgasm neared. Sensing the moment, Bec pushed the beauty to the bed, gripping her hips and driving the thick cock harder and faster, over and over. Tayah’s body rocked on the bed as Bec fucked her, nothing more than gasps able to escape her throat as pleasure took over, and carnal desire exploded. Bec grunted too, lust and power surging through her as she fucked this wanton beauty.

She pushed two fingers brutally into Tayah’s ass, giving no warning and smiling in satisfaction as Tayah screamed in pleasure and pain.

The tightness around her fingers was divine as she moved them deeper, pushing to the knuckle and gently flicking her fingertips upwards. Tayah grunted in a****l pleasure now, the pain gone, only ecstasy remaining. When Bec pulled the cock from her cunt and eased it firmly into her tight ass, she moaned, a long, low sigh that filled the room.

Her own fingers replaced the cock in her pussy, matching the rhythm of Bec’s thrusts as she fucked her ass in long, slow, gentle strokes.

The cock drive pleasure deep within her core, electric ecstasy spreading to every fibre of her body. After long minutes she pulled gently away, panting as she rolled onto her back, legs spread in invitation. She gasped as Bec once more eased the cock into her ass, lust filling her pretty green eyes.

Their breasts met as Tayah pulled her lover to her, mouths locking, tongues dancing as Bec gently fucked her. She bit at Bec’s nipples as her orgasm approached, loving their feminine feel. Bec fucked her long and deep, oiled bodies sliding naturally together, her own clit alive with pleasure. Tayah’s eyes clenched, mouth opening in a silent gasp as at last she exploded in blessed release. Her body rocked, muscles clenching, legs quivering as a powerful orgasm shattered through her, driving her into a place of pleasure and sensual overload that rocked her to her core.

She gasped and screamed at last, eyes opening as she dragged Bec’s mouth to hers, kissing her lover deeply as wave after wave of carnal ecstasy throbbed through her.

Bec slowed her thrusting, coming to a stop as Tayah quivered beneath her. Thick cream from Tayah’s pussy coated Bec’s stomach as she gently eased the cock from her ass. Tayah gasped as the intruder departed, smiling shyly, a tear slipping from her eye as she slowly recovered.

She’d never been fucked so deeply, so fully lost in the moment. Bec unstrapped the toy before laying beside Tayah, kissing her, stroking her. She collected some of Tayah’s cum, licking it from her fingers. Tayah watched in fascination as Bec did so, loving the comfortable way her bisexuality sat so naturally on her. God she wanted to fuck her forever.

She sighed as Bec pushed her legs wide, kneeling between them and closing her mouth around her dripping pussy.

Bec’s moans of desire sent a shiver of lust through Tayah once more. She loved how much this beauty was enjoying her body. Bec lapped up Tayah’s cum, the thick cream sliding down her throat, smearing across her cheeks and chin, even her nose as she ate her lover. Finally she slid up Tayah’s body, kissing her deeply, sharing the heady fluid. They lay on their sides, facing each other, legs entwined as they kissed.

Tayah held Bec’s head in the crook of her arm as she pushed two fingers into her sex, knowing by Bec’s moans the instant she found her g-spot.

Bec’s whimpers increased as Tayah fingered her. Their eyes locked, Bec’s hand gripping Tayah’s neck, eyes filled with desperate desire as an orgasm quickly built. She clutched Tayah, gasping, moaning, shuddering in ecstasy. At last she screamed, mouth locking to Tayah’s as waves of ecstasy shattered through her, washing away her fears and doubts, cascading like a waterfall that filled her with love and lust.

Tayah fucked her deep and long, drawing out the pleasure as at last her orgasm began to subside.

Afterwards, they lay kissing and caressing long into the morning, laughing and sharing secret intimacies until finally they slept.

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