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Just for Roflmfaomfgiggles


Long time ago when I was in high-$chool, I never really paid much attention to my dad, despite my family love for him.
He got this extremely thick, facial hair that almost covered his face and always almost had never taken off his work clothes after a long day of outside labor, therefor, he always got dirt in his skin and clothes.

I’m surprise how I could clean up after him w/o snapping back at him.
He is a man of short words and only speaks when spoken to or when necessary. Always sitting in his big couch with a bud on hand, watching anime cartoons.
We are both estranged to each other, I only knew him as much as he knew me.
Anyway, him and mom are split up, well, neh, let just say I’m a one-night stand k!d and they never really love each other or anything, so that’s why they aren’t together.

Long ago when they decided that dad can raise me when I’m around high-$school because he is not a great dad or taking care of k!ds and all. And mom don’t blame him. Mom said that dad is just too innocent.
We rarely speak to each other because either I’m at my room or in
4school or dad is at work all day and sometimes, comes home late.
He don’t really care or just don’t really stick his nose on my businesses, even when I invite my friends over.

Or don’t come home the night before. Does that make him an irresponsible parent? Not really.
Sometimes whenever I miss my bus, he will get off work and come take me to school or come take me home from school. When I was sick, he will come get me from school and take care of me. When I was scared, he would comfort me. He’s there when I need him.

On my fift33nth birthday, he bought me a very nice camera with lenses and stuff.

This made me go out more often and takes a lot of pictures. I took my classmates pictures, my friends, the nature, the sky. Anything that catches my eyes.

And since I got a nice camera, the school coach hired me to take pictures of sports games. So now, I get to make money on weekends.
Then the musical teacher also hires me to take pictures of their band during concerts, so then I started coming home late on school days.

Then the yearbook staff offered me a place int heir club, so then, I get to go off early to school.
And since I need to goto school early, dad started driving me to school instead of taking the bus.
After days of awkward morning silence on the truck on our way from the school, dad told me that he missed me, but also glad that I’m doing something nice and that he is proud that he bought the camera.

When we reached to school parking lot, me and my dad both got off the truck.

I watched dad approached a teacher and took off his hat. “Ms. Trish?”
The female teacher turned around. “Yes, may I help you?”
“It’s Clark,” reach out his hand to her. “Clark Spike. “
Ms. Trish blinked and turn to my dad, shaking his hand. “Clark!” Then she hug my dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s been so long!” Then look at him again. “It’s been so long! It’s great to see you well. “
Smiling. “Pleasure, long time no see, how are you?”
“I’m doing well, I just got back this week from out of the country. How about yourself? You never left?” She said.
I walked on them and interrupted, “Well, I’ll see you later then dad. Pick me up after school please?” I said.

Dad nod his head and the teacher and him continued their conversation as I walk to the school.

The end.

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