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Just a Story from my Past….

Hi every body, I’m Brain, a friend of David’. I just put him to sleep with a serious fuck session, he’s out like a blown bulb. I want to tell you a story about what happened to me back in the day, you know from high school.

I forgot if it was fall or spring but I do know that it was warm weather, we were dressed in short sleeve shirts.

The trees were still green and grass was high. A group of us tenth graders were skipping class in the gyms locker room.

There was Clarence and Carl, a set of twins, Will, Sammy and Chris, yeah I was there too. We all knew each other from school and classes so we knew how far to push things. Carl left with Sammy and his brother got mouthy, so I slapped him across the face and told him to do something about it.

Just about that time the bell rang and we all sort of separated going our separate ways, I stopped to take a leak and as I passed the locker area, Chris made a sound that attracted my attention.

Chris was a punky k** that every body picked on so I had no reason to think he would fight. I turned and looked down the row of lockers and saw the fear that spread across his face.

I walked down the row slowly telling him as he ducked away he better not run.

When I got to the end of the lockers there was Chris trying to hide behind the last row of lockers. I walked up to him and asked him if he saw how hard I had slapped Clarence, Chris looked at me and dropped his head as he whispered yes.

I said to him do you want me to slap you that hard, Chris looked up and whimpered no.

I than told him that if he would suck my dick I would not slap him as I had done to Clarence. Chris looked at me and I saw that he was thinking so I rephrased my suggestion.

I said to Chris naw, if you suck my dick the taste would be in your mouth and he wouldn’t like it. I then suggested that he let me fuck him in the ass and we would call it even, some how I knew that this was more likely to happen.

I pushed Chris back into the dressing area and told him to drop his pants down and lay on the bench. Chris slowly undid his belt and lowered his pants, I positioned him so that he could kneel down on to the bench.

Once he was prone I fished out my dick, that was rock hard now. I spit into his buttcrack and slid my dick head up and down to spread it around like lubricant.

I told Chris to relax and not to cry out if he didn’t want no one else to know what we were doing.

I placed my dick head against his tight little rosebud and felt him quivering, I whispered to him relax and take a deep breath. As he did so I pushed my dick head into his asshole, Chris whined and I cautioned him don’t make a sound. Chris quieted down and I slid my dick back and pushed some more of it into his opening asshole.

Chris’ asshole was so tight that I could barely maintain myself, Chris was struggling not to make a sound as I slowly worked the length of my dick all the way into his asshole. I begin to hunch and grind my dick in and out of his butt till I felt my balls begin to ache.

I pushed all my dick as deep into Chris ass as I could and blew my load deep in his ass.

Chris whimpered under his breath as I felt my dick throb and Chris’ tight ass muscles milk my dick. It was then that I knew I wanted to fuck this boys ass again.

As I pulled my dick out his ass I told him that I wanted him to meet me at the front door of the school when the day ended. I also told him that if he didn’t meet me I would tell every one that he was a fuck boy and that he was a sissy.

Chris looked at me with tears in his eyes and I pressed my luck telling him that when he came to me he was to say let’s go fuck. Chris looked at me and dropped his head as he pulled up his pants, I told him go to the toilet and clean your ass up so my cum want be leaking out and some one would find out he’s been fucked.

At three o’clock I was at the front of the school with some friends when I saw Chris coming down the hall. I told my friends that I had something to take care of and would catch up with them latter. Chris slowed his steps to give my friends time to get far enough away so as not to hear our conversation.

Chris walked up to me looking around he lowered his head and softly said let’s go fuck.

I told Chris hold your head up and look me in the eye and ask me again. Chris raised up his face and with a pained look he repeated let’s go fuck.

I asked Chris you really want me to fuck you again? Chris look at me and I said if not I’ll just tell everybody you’re fuck boy. Chris looked at me and said again let’s go fuck. I asked him do you want me to fuck you again?

Chris caught on to what I wanted and said softly I want you to fuck me again.

This time I raised my voice a little and said what do you want me to do? A look of panic crossed Chris’ face as he quickly looked around to see if any one was paying any attention to us. That’s when Chris spoke just above a whisper saying I want you to fuck me again!

I looked at Chris and told him to say please, You could see all the bleed drain from Chris’ face as he said to me please fuck me again.

Just before I could say another word Chris added another please to his sentence.

I smiled at him and said follow behind me not to close but close enough. I lead Chris off campus thru a wooded area to an empty house, we crossed a small field and entered the house and I told Chris to remove his pants and underwear.

Chris slowly removed his clothes and stood there naked holding his hands over his penis I told Chris to get down on his knees.

Chris did so and I undid my pants, my dick was rock hard and ready to explore Chris sweet asshole once again.

I placed my dick head against Chris puckering pinkish rosebud and felt it part just a little before it clinched shut. In doing so Chris squeezed out a small amount of my cum from earlier, I smiled and pressed hard against Chris asshole.

With little resistance then before my dick head slipped right into Chris’ ass.

Chris grunted and tried to pull away I gripped Chris’ hips and pulled him back as I pushed deeper into Chris ass. Chris whined and I said to him cry if you want ain’t no one hear to hear but if you make too much noise some one meet come to see what we are doing.

I rocked my dick back and forth into Chris’ ass till I was all the way in my thighs were slapping against Chris thighs and Chris was grunting and whining like a hot little dick hungry whore.

I fucked Chris twice as long as I did the first time and was just shooting my load into his asshole when I heard a mans voice behind me say leave some for me.

Chris tried to get loos but I held him tight as I continued to shoot my last drops of cum deep in his tight asshole. Chris mad it even better trying to squirm away from me but I held on till I was finished.

I pulled from Chris’ ass and looked spread his ass cheeks to see my cum leaking out his open hole. Chris tried to get up when the man said hold him still I want to fuck something. I told Chris he’s bigger than I am and I ain’t gonna get hurt fighting for you.

Chris sort of sat on his side looking at me tears running down his face, I smiled at him and said don’t worry he’s an old man he can’t last long let him fuck you then go home and sit in a hot tub of water.

I looked at the man as he pulled his dick out his pants stroking it heading for Chris. I wiped my dick off and was pulling up my pants as I heard Chris squeal and knew that he was nailed again. I hurried up and got myself together and as I crossed the same field I passed two or three more guys heading towards the shack. I thought to myself how sweet it was going to be next time I wanted to fuck Chris.


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