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Just a lil something

I crawled closer to her and met her with a kiss. As we kissed she followed me down to the mattress. Tongues entwined with one another as her hands slid down my arms and her fingers locked around mine. I Kiss the side of her neck as she allowed me to place her hands above her head. One by one each cuff secured around her wrist. She closed her eyes as I slid my hand up and down her body from her shoulders to her ankles.

As she laid there bound to my bed I got up and closed the curtains in my room making it pitch black. At that moment that feeling you get when your going to the highest point on the roller coaster was starting to come over her. That feeling of second guessing. That moment where you’re questioning whether or not this was good idea, but regardless there was no turning back. The point of no return was here.

Pandora’s box was opened as soon as the cuffs were on. With the exception of horizontal beams of light coming through my window blinds from the street lights that were even dimmed down by my curtains, it was as if we where blind folded. She felt the weight of my body coming down next to her so she adjusted her body. The hook to her applebottoms detached. My warm hand sliding underneath the fabrics.

Middle finger caressing her clit. Her legs started squirming to escape the intense pleasure, but would only cause her to open her legs wider then close my hand between her legs making that attempt a failure. The sensation seemed to became more intense when she felt the restraint from the handcuffs. She couldn’t escape. She couldn’t contain her reaction. I had her at my mercy. There was nothing she could do to stop herself from those dramatic reactions.

From moaning. She tried to hold her breath, but her need for air would not only f***e her to take a breath but cause her to moan even louder. she liked it. she felt free. Because there was nothing she could do to keep from being noticed, it fucked her to just let go and except whatever the outcome was. By accepting the outcome she seemed to feel a sense of sexual freedom.

She didn’t care if the city of New York could hear her because she was too busy basking in her freedom. A freedom that she ironically achieved from physical restraint. she lifted her legs up as soon as she felt her pants around her ankles. she opened her legs as wide as she could for me to fill her with whatever she desired just so long as it made her sing a song of sexual freedom.

she felt my finger sliding in as deep as it could go. my fingers slowly searching for the spot. Moving back and forth until i found that spot that the bruised male ego said did not exist. Fingers poking her g-spot as my tongue went in tornados around her clit. Her fingers wrapped around the bars of my bed as her legs wrapped firmly around my shoulders to fulfill her need to grab a grip on something.

Hips attempting to escape the intense stimulation. Deep arches taking formation in her back. Still nowhere to run. No where to hide. Nor was there any longer a desire to hide. My fingers and tongue danced within her pool until my thirst was quenched. Her body shivering as my tongue rolled up her stomach pushing her shirt toward her chin. my finger tips gently twisting her nipples as i kissed her on her cheek.

I kissed her gently to comfort the insecurities that she pushed out bit by bit with each breath and breathing in a new sense of freedom and confidence. Confidence she didn’t even realize she was lacking until tonight. When she finally came down, she felt me filling her wall space. Legs wrapped around my hips as I gyrated between her legs. My movement and speed was versatile. speed going from slow and sensual to fast and powerful enough to have her head bobbing from every thrust.

The restraint making it more intense. It was so different from what she was used to. she couldn’t dig her nails into my back the way she wanted to. she couldn’t bite me. All she could do was cry out in blissful pleasure as her inner thighs became sore and weak. she felt her right leg propped up on his shoulder. my thumb playing with her clit. she laid there giving off pleasure sirens I was sure the neighbors could hear.

I placed her leg on the mattress having her in a position were she laid sideways. Her hands still above her head. Pleasure sirens echoing through the room leaking though the crack in the doors and into my ears. With my hand swiping across her ass hard enough to send a charge through her body…

“Cum for me BABY. ” She moaned

“Not yet it feels too good. ”

“Days not done yet you still have to do what I say the entire day remember and I want you to cum.

” She said before she was interrupted by her own orgasm

“It’s eleven fifty-seven. ”

“What the fuck does that mean!?” she barked at me

“If I don’t bust by mid-night the day is over and I don’t have to do what you say anymore. ”

“So that’s how you wanna play it?”

“That’s how it is. ”


she tightened her vaginal muscles on my dick.


“Oh shit. Hell no dats cheatin’!” I said

“No dats what you get for trying to out smart me, and don’t try to slow down and resist the nut either. ”

She moaned vulgarities in Jamaican Patios as the clock hit eleven fifty nine. My movements lost it’s rhythm as midnight hit. By twelve O’ one, I could no longer continue. I turned her over and took the hand cuffs off her wrist.

I slid my hand under her back and picked her up and held her tight. Her head fell on my shoulder because she was so exhausted. she placed her arms around my shoulders as she basked in her freedom.

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