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oh yea, thats a nice sweet cock you got there, now grab hold of it and get your self hard, that’s it, your a big big boy ain’t ya? You love wanking don’t ya? Spit on your hand and rub that big fat helmet, you dirty fucker stroke that fat cock, up and down up and down, toss yourself nice and slow all the way down baby, that’s it, grab those big hairy balls, fucking grab e’m man, squeeze them, rub them hard and look at that fucking hard cock, you wanna cum, don’t ya? You wanna shoot that big fat load all over the place, don’t ya, you filthy fuck, how naughty are ya? You wanna show me how filthy you are, you dirty dirty wanker, go on show me, get that middle finger of yours all nice and wet, suck it like its a little cock, dribble your spit on it, that’s it, you ready to get naughty? 
Good, now either bend over or open your legs up and rub that tight little bum hole of yours, get it all nice and wet, yea baby, now stick that finger right up that tight ass hole, go on, do it, trust me, you’ll fucking love it, oh fuck yea, feel that virgin hole open up, you like that don’t you! That’s nice init, don’t forget that cock, keep wanking it you filthy prick, feels nicer now don’t it, wiggle that finger around, oh yea, you wanna cum? Don’t ya you little faggot, you ain’t cumming yet! Your cum when I want you to, now finger that dirty little hole of yours, keep your finger nice and wet, suck it! Taste that ass hole, you dirty little fuck, that tastes good don’t it? I want you to get two fingers up there now, open that hole right up, stretch it good, good boy now fucking wank that big sweet cock of yours faster and faster.

I want you to shoot that big fat load, go on, go on, that’s it fucking cum for me you wanka, shoot that spunk, shoot it where ever you want to, if you wanna shoot it all over yourself then do it, shoot it in your fucking face if you got the balls, come on I wanna see that hot load, yeeeah, look at that spunk, taste it! Lick it off your lips and swallow the lot taste it, taste the sweet salty cum you know you want it, you think about it all the time, fucking eat it, lick those ass covered fingers too, oh yea, I love the taste of my ass juices and I bet you do now too, suck those fingers clean, take them all the way down your throat, you filthy filthy prick, you dirty little pervert, your fucked up dirty little mind is gonna make you do this all the time, your girlfriends gonna leave you when she realises how filthy you are, you wont care though will you, you got your fingers and your hand, you got your tasty little bum hole and endless amounts of cum to eat, get the rest of that cum off your cock and rub it over your lips, you love that taste dont ya? You wanna start wanking all over again just to get more of that sweet sweet cum down your throat.

Do it, fucking go for it, get those fingers back up your ass and do it, you want something bigger don’t you? I know you do, find it! Find something bigger, get that hole all loose and wet, you dirty prick, get that cock hard again and get that sweet spunk you crave.


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