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Jessica’s wild naked night

Ok so im new to this whole story thing so send me feedback thanx.

Ok so it was dec. 16 2011. I had just moved in to my new house so it was empty besides my bed in my room nd a table n the kitchen nd sum chairs.

So as it being my new house i decided to have a little kickback (mini party). It was me and my girlfriend Jessica and my three good friends Tom, Pat, and Jas.

So all five of us were in the kitchen playing kings cup. We wer on our 3rd game and Jessica was pretty wasted by then and couldnt hang with us so she decided to go up stairs and take a shower and laydown.

So mean wyle my boys and i continued drinkng and chatting. About an hour passed being around 1am. The four of us decided to go upstairs planing to catch her throwing up.

So we quietly walked upstairs nd checked the hallway bathroom, no sign of Jessica. So we quietly opend our bedroom door and BAM!! There was Jessica laying on the bed passed out d***k BUTT ASS NAKED!! I was not expectn that at all neither wer my boys. As in shock i stood there with the door wide open with my 3 friends behind me pushing eachother to get a view on her. And i was mad that they all seen her butt naked but then it kind of excited me as it being a fantasy.

We all stood there for a few minutes looking at Jessica lay there sleeping naked on her side, her smooth silky brown skin, long brown hair, nice thick thighs, her wide hips sticking up being supported by her nice firm huge ass, and a nice view of her medium size boobs nd perfect brown circle areolas. Man it was an amazing sight for all of us.

I wisperd to my boys “so now that you all had a good look at my girl what do yall think?”

They all said “dam bio thats you, she’s hella fine! Your hella lucky!” “Is she any good with that big ass though” said Pat.

I replyed “The best!” We all laughed a little. So i told them all to stay at the door and to watch some things i was going to do.

I walkd to Jessica and slid my hand up her naked silky brown skin till i reached her face. She didnt move at all. I wispered in her ear to see if shed wake up and nope nothing. So i started poking her big butt and still nothing, so i pinched her little brown nipples and still nothing.

So i slapped her ass ‘SMACK’ her ass jiggled and still nothing. I laughed, and signed my boys over and said screw it yall seen her touch her up now. So as they waited in line like good boys haha… they all had their turn carresing her juicy bubble butt her nice titties as i drank my beer and watched from the other side of the bed. As i watched i seen bulges in their jeans as i had a hard on too.

I told them to stand back and watch again. I aproached her face and wiped my cock out. I grabed her hand and placed it on my dick and u decided since she never once gave me a blowjob this would be my chance so i moved her face over toward me and she still hasnt woke up. I slid my dick all around her face and slapping her halfway open mouth a little.

Then i fucked my hard cock in her mouth and bam now i got a semi blowjob lol. After a few minutes of sliding my dick in and out of her mouth i told my boys yall wana try im cool with it. So again they lined up and pulld their hard ons out. They slid there cocks in and out and all decided to suround her head as they all touched her face with their cocks.

As they wer doin that i was fingering her juicy wet pussy.

I layed her flat on her back with her legs spread open and positioned myself infront of her and i slid my dick in she moved a little but did not wake up. So i slowly slid myself in till i was all 8inches in. As my friends wer all touching her nd sliding their pricks in her mouth as i slowly fucked Jessica.

Then i told them lets all take turns why not. As we did and it went on for about an hour and i told them lets dump our loads anywhere on her body i got her face tom got her titties pat got her stomache and jas got her other tittie. We all blew gallons of hot cumm on her in her sleep. Then we put our jeans back on and stared a little and left.

After they left around 4am. Jessica woke up confused and asked wat heppend i passed out huh. I said u sure did and laughed she asked wat was so funny and realized she was all sticky and said wat the [email protected]#ck is this! Ewww ewww ew eww is this wat i think it is!! I said yea as i laughed. But nvr told her from who or how many other guys. She yelld at me and i told her im sorry u were so dam sexxxy laying ther i couldnt help it.

So thats the quick short story of Jessicas gangbang[image]jpmarie [/image].

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