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Jayashree fucked by neighbourhood boy

Hello this is Jayashree. I am doing my post-graduation in Anna University right now. This story happened when I was studying my 11th standard. We used to live in government flats and there were four houses in each floor with the doors of each house facing each other.

There was a boy near my house who was at least 3 to 4 years elder to me. Let us call him smy. He was very calm and he used to only smile at everyone but establishing a conversation with him was very difficult.

Everybody knew him as a good boy in the neighborhood. I also had the same opinion that he was a soft and silent boy.

I used to sit near the door of my house and study so that I can watch the people who go and come when I get bored. Smy was living on our next house. The door used to be closed always. On a fine day when I was studying sitting near our door, the door of the house near my house opened very little.

I was looking for somebody to come out but nobody came out. It closed again and opened after some time. Again this time it opened only a little and closed again. This happened for many times. Only after some time I noted something like the thumb poking out from that door.

It was looking like a thumb but it was longer and thicker. I was not able to comprehend it.

This happened for so many times that day. I did not mind it and continued studying. Again the next day when I started studying I noticed a thumb like thing (of course longer and thicker) projecting out from the door.

I was not able to control my curiosity so I stood up and went and pushed that door and after some initial resistance it opened and smy was standing there and smiling but I was able to find nothing of that sort.

I told him that I saw something like a thumb from the door and it was bigger than a thumb.

He did not tell what it was. After repeated questioning he told that it was part of the body. I asked him whether I have it. He told no only males have it. I was a bit confused and left. I got a hint that it was something bad. So I again knocked the door and asked him what it was and he told me that it will be in my biology book.

I asked him in what chapter and he told that it would be in reproductive physiology. I came back to my house and I came to my senses and I understood that it was a penis. I was not able to sit after that. I went again and I told him that I was not able to find what it was and I wanted to look

at it again and he asked me to sit in my house and he again showed it to me.

I was looking at it a long time and I was enjoying the view. I acted as if I was not able to find out what it was and this happened daily and I ask him to show it to me and he would show it to me from behind his

door and he also started showing his balls to me and it was clearly visible that he was opening his pants and showing his tool but I acted as if I did not know what it is.

I was weak in math and he was good in math and everybody in my house knew it.

So I went to his house daily on the pretext of asking him doubt in math and I used to beg him to tell what it was that he was showing to me. He used to say that you go to your house and sit and I will show it through the door. But I started begging him daily to show it in his room.

After about two weeks of begging and assurance to him that I will not tell it to any body he agreed. He pulled down the zip in front of me and I acted as if I was shocked and asked him what he was doing. He asked me whether I wanted to see it or not I said I wanted to see it.

Then he pulled down his pants and showed it to me.

It was a real pleasure looking at it. I touched it with my hands and enjoyed it. He then tried to hug me but I was afraid to do anything more than that and left that place. But again the next day the same time I wanted to see it.

So I went there and asked him to show it he told that he wanted to hug me and I left him to hug me and then he showed it to me.

as the days went by and this continued daily, he used my weakness and did everything like kissing me, making me naked, squeezing my breast,

playing with my nipple, pinching my navel and with great reluctance I even agreed to suck my vagina. All was pleasurable and this continued even till my first year in college. I used to go to his house without my panty and bra and with only my nighty on.

We used to lift the nighty and do all sorts of things. He tried to make me to suck his penis which I hated to do. He also tried many time to push his penis in to my vagina, which I was afraid to do and we did not do it. This continued till his family left the place.

It has been five years since then and I am craving to do these things again and to have a nice fuck also but I am afraid to disclose my weakness to any body and I am waiting for my old smy.


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