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James’ Cheating Styory

So I am sitting outside this meeting. Sean just went in, and already my mind is racing. What is my slutty wife up to? I can just imagine the truck had barely left the driveway and I know you were looking for some “strange”. I can see this guy on the porch and you already know he has what you need. He grabs you and shoves you to your knees with the door wide open.

You love being this cheating slut. You gasp as he takes out his cock. Fully ready to go standing out at ten inches, you laugh to yourself and remember when you thought your husband was big. You take his huge cock into your mouth and already forget about your husband. He is not there to please you and you know it. He grabs your hair and starts to face fuck you. The tears well up in your eyes as you are finally getting treated like you deserve.

You love every second as he ignores your discomfort and ****s your slutty mouth. He eventually pulls you up by your hair and shoves you onto the bed. No games he immediately pulls up your skirt. You look back to tell him to put a condom on, but think instead; my pussy husband loves a creampie, and I love to be filled, so fuck it. You know your husband will take care of you.

You moan as that split second passes, and you realize he wasn’t going to use a condom anyway. He slides his cock into your very wet pussy and you are fucking thrilled as he fills you. He reminds you that he doesn’t give a fuck about you as he immediately pounds you like your husband used to. He slaps your ass, pulls your hair, and calls you a filthy whore. He doesn’t stop fucking you like that for what feels like eternity.

You have already cum more times with him then you have for your husband all month (REALLY TRUE! How pathetic is that?) He flips you over and chokes you as he slams his dick into you over and over. You beg him to fill you up. You realize that your husband isn’t there and you don’t have to say that, but you realize that is what you want. You love the fact that another man, who is obviously married, cums in you and you don’t even know his name.

You orgasm for the fourth time as he blasts his load into you. As you lay there for a minute you finally look up a minute later as he places money on the table, looks at you and walks out the door that was open the entire time. You lay there until your husband’s key hits the lock. He walks in and suspects something, but you tell him nothing happened. He walks away disappointed looking, as you think, what kind of husband likes his wife cheating on him? You stop him and tell him you want him to eat you out.

He looks surprised as he willing gets on his knees. He is so horny as he takes his cock out, but you tell him no fucking, you are too sore. He eats your pussy without a complaint and you know he is swallowing some strangers cum. You finally cum and squirt and he licks up every drop. You smile and he smiles back, guessing but not knowing for sure. You go out into the living room still in your skirt, knowing his friend is out there.

You don’t want to fuck him, but you tease the fuck out of him. You continuously let him see your naked body. You know your husband is embarrassed. As he walks to the bathroom you run and jump into his friends lap. You can feel his hard cock straining against his jeans. You whisper in his ear that you just cheated on his best friend. He grabs your ass and moans, you laugh and quickly take his cock out.

As you hear the toilet flush you quickly slam your pussy down one time and say now you have too. He looks at you as you jump up and walk over to your husband and kiss him deeply. He can smell the cock on your breath, but absolutely loves this torture. You decide to really be a slut tonight. You quietly arrange another another guy to cum over. You slowly start teasing both men, and convince them you might fuck them both if your husband sucks his friends cock.

Your faggot husband is quickly on his knees. You smile and say there is a catch. Your husband doesn’t say a word as the handcuffs snap shut. As that final click goes into place the door opens and in walks a huge guy who you very sweetly say, **** my pussy. He tears into you with a passion as you lay there and beg your husband to make him stop. You are shoved into him pinning him, as your r****ts fucks you.

You beg your husband to stop him, but its too late. You look in your husbands eyes as the second cock of the night fills you. Truly defeated and humiliated you thank your r****t who is already walking out the door. You finish up the night by instead if uncuffing him, you take his friend into the bedroom and close the door.

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