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jagerbomb stories pt 1

One of my favorite drinks is the jagerbomb, for those of you who never had this drink , it when you mix red bull and jager together. I know the Germans must haven taken the lost in WWII in good spirit because they made one hell of a liquor with Jagermeister. It one night and a crazy booty call to make this drink shoot to the top of my all time favorite list of drinks.

I was living back in NYC in 2008 , and I been talking to this cute dark skin latina woman , I think I meet her on tagged , or one of those social media sites. I had her cell number and talk to her about meeting up. She finally agreed to meet that night. She asked me to to brings some drinks over , I asked her what would she like , “E&J brandy” she replied.

I was like wow this chick has cheap taste good , I like cheap , because she was sexy , but not like top shelf liquor sexy. She give her address out in Brooklyn around this time I was driving my SUV so I entered the address in my GPS and made my way there. When I arrived to the address I notice it was the project , which would explain her cheap taste in liquor.

I know it never good to judge some just because of their financial status but , some project chick have champagne taste , living on EPT money , and some have EPT money and beer taste. Sometimes you just gotta live with what you got , and never inspire for too much greatest.

I call here and asked what was her apartment and she informed it was on the top floor , which can sometime be a bad in the project in NYC , because there might a likely chance Both elevators aren’t working and you might have the god awful task of walking 20+ flights of stairs , but on this both elevators worked and they both reeked stale piss.

Once I got to her apartment it model what most a chick living in the project living at or below proverty, clothes hanging from makeshift clothes lines ,multiple k**s sl**ping in a single room, electronics dating back to the 90’s and maybe the 80’s. I mean I seen worst especially after working for Rent a Center in Charleston , but I came to drink and hopefully fuck , let this be the next man problem, if he wanna marry her and inherited her bastard c***dren in tow and move them out the ghetto , more power to him.

My goals are very short term in her case. We made our way to her bedroom , she have a laptop which was a very recent model (don’t ask..). I started pouring us some drinks , talk for a while. We keep drinking and talking for a while , in the meantime she was playing some music off my Zune at the time , when and old school song came one, we both agree we love the song and start dancing in our d***k state.

Then it happen towards the end of song we went from dancing to d***ken kissing , to on the bed peeling our clothes off. The next thing we’re full-on fucking either brains out. It seem we must’ve fucked on and off all night. I would eventually black out.

I wake freezing because she left the window open and it dead cold winter outside , I got a monster hangover headache , and because I’m naked exposed to the dry cold air my dick looks like the Pillsbury dough boy had given me a handjob.

I walk around the room picking up my clothes , used condoms and the wrappers they came in off the floor. That when she wakes up and hugs me from behind and said”damn papi you had squirting last nite !” that when I figured that why the bed was wet , I figured I might have blackout and pissed the bed , or maybe she did it. But I know it wasn’t pissed I know like that smell that.


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