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Jackie and her rent adventure

Jackie came home from a long day to see a note hanging from her front door. She walked into her apartment, sat her belongings on the table and then sat down on her couch to read the note. Inside the folded note read: Miss Jackie Quinn, it seems to appear you are three months behind on your rent. You will have thirty days to find a new place to live or to pay your rent.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me or come to my office. Thank you, Henry Jansen.

Jackie sighed and then grabbed her phone to call her father. She explained she was late on her rent and if he could help her. Her father said she should figure out how to get the money on her own. He hung up on her. Jackie began to cry as she checked her bank account to see if she had any spare money to hand over for rent.

She seen in her savings she could take out one months rent.

When Jackie was ready to walk out of the door to take the rent down, her father was knocking on her door. “Hi honey,” he said. “I’m sorry I hung up on you. I have a small check for your rent, but you must work for it. ” Jackie looked up to her father knowing what he meant. She could see he wasn’t fooling around about this check.

Jackie worked with his belt, ant then his button and zipper. She pulled his pants to his ankles, then began to kiss his dick thru his boxer shorts. The man was already hard when she traced his thickness thru his shorts. Her father grunted when she pulled his shorts down. His dick sprang to freedom, with a drop of precum on his knobby head. Jackie licked his cum and swallowed. She then began to give her father a blow job.

Her father moved to sit on the couch. He then instructed Jackie to take her clothes off. She didn’t want to but she knew if she didn’t, she didn’t get the money. Slowly, Jackie took each piece of clothing off until she got to her undies. Her father said she looked like a little whore with that sexy body with sexy undies. She looked at her father and said, “I’m your little cock and cum whore, daddy.

” She walked closer to him, bent over to lick his dick again. Long licks from the base to the tip and her father moaning.

“Come over to the couch, get your pussy up to my face and suck my dick. Jackie began to take her panties off, when her father demanded she kept them on. He wants her to act like the whore working for her money. Jackie got on her knees, and stuck her pussy close to his face.. Her father rubbed her wet panties as she sucked his dick hard.

She moaned when he pulled the side of her panties over and stuck two fingers deep into her.

“Suck my balls, bitch” her father said with an angry voice. Jackie cupped his balls and sucked each one then sucked both of them into her cheeks. “Yes, that feels so damned good, does my fingers feel good in your hot cunt?” he said. “They would feel better in my ass and pussy, daddy.

” Jackie said when she let his balls fall form her mouth. Her father didn’t take long pulling from her pussy, then slid his first finger in her ass and the next two fingers deep in her pussy.

“Oh gosh yes, you know what I like daddy, fuck my holes and lick my cum,” Jackie says. Jackie continued sucking her father until he told her to slide her ass on his dick.

She pulled her panties to the side and slide with ease down his thick shaft. “I can tell you’ve been fucked once today, whore. How much did you make? Apparently not enough to pay your rent. Or have you been fucking for free, again” her father said with anger.

“Yes daddy I had been fucked in the ass today, my boss fucked me hard. He said I deserved to have his cock buried deep inside me, when I wouldn’t suck his friends dick.

” Jackie continued humping her father and then told him, “The guy’s dick stunk when I started to go down on him, so I pulled away and refused to suck on it. That’s when my boss and his friend pulled me and took my pants down and fingered and fucked my ass. ”

Jackie’s father wasn’t pleased with her boss, but was enjoying his daughter’s ass. Jackie paused for a short minute to catch her breath, then told her father she didn’t know if she would have a job after all this crap that happened.

Her father said for her to get on her knees and lean over the back of the couch. Her father pulled her panties to her knees, spread her ass cheeks and licked her gaping hole. The man moaned as he licked her, then slid a couple of fingers back into her pussy. Jackie begged him to fuck her, “Please daddy, please fuck my cunt. ” “Did you like when your boss fucked you?” her father said.

Jackie shook her head no, then replied “I like the way you fuck me, daddy. My boss and his friend had small dicks, I don’t even think I got off for them. You know how to make me cum, daddy. Please give me your thick cock. ”

Jackie’s father grabbed her ass cheeks and shoved his dick deep into her pussy. Nothing smooth or slow, but a quick, hard thrust slapping her ass with his hips.

His balls slapped her as he fucked her. Her father then slid a couple of fingers deep into her ass. Jackie wanted to tell him she would really like for him to fuck her ass with her chocolate dildo, but she knew he’d be mad.

When her father was ready to cum, he pulled from her and told her to turn around and suck him off. Jackie hurried around and got on her knees.

She sucked his dick as he kept thrusting into her mouth. She released him to catch her breath, when her father took his dick and stroked his dick. Ribbons of cum came from him landing on her face. Jackie had her mouth open, but he refused to give her the pleasure of tasting his cum. Jackie wiped her face with her fingers and sucked the cum that way.

Her father got himself dressed and then told her, “Don’t you say a word to your mother about this.

I will tell her we helped you with your rent. ” the man turned and walked out of her apartment. Jackie got herself cleaned up and dressed. She just thru on a sundress and headed for Henry’s office. When she got there, the door was locked. Jackie knocked and heard someone say to wait just a minute.

A few minutes later, the door opened and her neighbor from across the courtyard came out.

She looked at Jackie with a smile and told her good luck. Jackie walked in and seen Henry with a pair of shorts and no shirt. Jackie handed over the check from her father and explained that he was paying her rent. Henry looked as horny as her father did, when he walked by her.

“I know your father, I know how you fuck him to get the money. Do you like fucking your daddy, little girl?” Henry said with question.

“I really don’t need to answer that, Henry. Actually it’s none of your business, how I get the money. You have my rent money, paid up until the end of next month. ” Jackie replied as she walked towards the door. Jackie turned to say good bye, when Dottie came to pay her rent.

“Oh goody, now I have two renters to pay their rent. Please come in and shut the door.

” he said. Dottie looked at Jackie and said, “If you fuck him with me, we can get our rent free. ” Jackie looked at her then said she wasn’t sure. Henry answered his phone when it rang. That’s when Dottie said she’s been sucking and fucking her rent off.

Henry turned and seen the girls talking, he hung up and told Jackie, “If you fuck me, I will make it, where you won’t pay rent.

” “How do I know that you won’t come back on me and say I didn’t pay?” Jackie asked. Dotty replied quickly, “He gives me a receipt for the month. I keep the receipts so he can’t come back. ” Jackie thought in her head that she was nuts, but said she would fuck him.

The girls took their clothes off at the same time as Henry took his shorts off.

Dotty went over to him and began to kiss him and to stroke his chest. Jackie knew exactly what to do, she just pretended he was her father and began to suck his cock. Henry spread his legs some as Jackie rubbed his ass, while she took all of his cock into her throat. Dottie walked away to sit on a barstool and began to finger her wet pussy. Squishing noises came from her as she fingered harder.

Jackie turned to watch Dottie, then crawled over to be watching her close up. Jackie licked her lips as she pulled Dottie’s fingers out and sucked them. Henry moaned and said for them to continue. Jackie licked Dottie’s clit as she fingered her pussy. The faster Jackie licked and fingered her pussy, the more Henry moaned and stroked his dick.

“Put two more fingers in me,” Dottie cried to Jackie.

“Mmm, yes I will” Jackie whispered. Three fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy, as the girl came. “Lick her cunt, bitch!” Henry yelled. Jackie licked and sucked Dottie’s pussy. Jackie moaned with delight as she got a mouthful of her cum. When Jackie felt she had enough of Dottie’s cum, she stood up and walked back over to Henry. She bent over to give him a kiss. He licked her lips that tasted of cum.

Dottie walked over and slid her hands around Jackie’s waist, then down her thighs. The girls moaned together when Henry moved to lay on the floor. Dottie stood facing Jackie as she sat on Henry’s cock. Jackie then sat her wet pussy on Henry’s face.

The two girls ground their pussies all over the man. A few times Henry would gasp for air, then pull Jackie back for more licking. The girls fondled each other’s tits and kissed a lot.

After a short time the girls traded places, only that Jackie sat on his dick with her ass. Even with her ass being stretched from her father, Henry’s dick struggled to get in. Jackie licked her fingers, shoved them in her ass and then slid down on him again.

Henry licked Dottie’s pussy and ass, as she came. Henry moved Dottie off his face, grabbed Jackie’s waist and fucked her. Dottie got down by Jackie’s crotch, licked Henry’s balls and licked Jackie’s pussy.

Henry grunted and said he was going to cum in her ass and wants Dottie to suck the cum from her ass. Dottie moved away as he rammed his dick hard in and out of Jackie’s ass. Moments later, then man let out a sigh of relief as he shot his cum, filling her ass.

When Henry let his dick fall from her ass, Dottie scooted close to suck his cum from her used hole.

Jackie told Dottie that her tongue felt good. Henry replied, “her tongue always feels good. ” When Dottie was finished with his cum, the girls got up and held onto each other’s waist and kissed each other. Henry watched as they pinched and groped each other.

The man got himself dressed again, then walked to the desk to write them a receipt for the rent. Henry told Jackie he would cash the check and give her the money.

Jackie asked why would he do that? He said that he never expected to get fucked by two sexy women at one time and to enjoy watching them pleasure each other. Jackie thanked him and said she would see him tomorrow to get her money.

The girls walked out of his apartment together laughing; Henry was exhausted from fucking the girls and collapsed on his couch. Jackie and Dottie agreed from then on, they would go together and pay their rent.

Later that night, Dottie came over to Jackie’s to chat. She had on a pair of daisy duke shorts, so short that you could see her pussy lips. Her cut off t-shirt was cut to show the bottom of her round tits. Jackie was glad to see her. Dottie instantly turned and gave Jackie a passionate kiss, then said “I had fun this afternoon, that I had to come over and get more of your sweet ass.

Jackie winked at her then led her into her bedroom. The sliding glass door was open letting the cool breeze fill the room. Jackie slid her shirt over her head to reveal her perky titties and for Dottie to see her very swollen pussy. Dottie followed Jackie’s actions. The girls touched and groped each other’s tits.

Dottie told Jackie she was bi and really enjoyed pussy. Jackie kissed Dottie, while fingering her clit.

Dottie cooed as she came on Jackie’s hand. That’s when Jackie moved to let Dottie lay on her bed, spread her legs and went down to feast on her now dripping wet pussy. Dottie grabbed hand full fists of hair and pulled Jackie in tighter for more licking.

Once Dottie had her orgasm, Jackie kissed her way to Dottie’s lips. Dottie licked the cum from around her mouth. Jackie laid on top of her grinding her pussy with Dottie’s.

The girls giggled and moaned together. Jackie got up to use the bathroom, then came back out with a double dick strap-on. Dottie licked her lips and said she was ready to be fucked in the ass.

The girl got on her hands and knees. Jackie then got in position, lubed up Dottie’s ass and slid the dildo’s into both of her hungry holes. In and out making Dottie scream with ecstasy wanting more.

Jackie pulled the top dildo from her ass and slid it into her pussy. Dottie told Jackie that felt wonderful. Jackie slapped her ass and then slid two fingers into her ass. When she realized that she had more room, Jackie then inserted two more fingers.

Dottie screamed, “YES, Put your hand in me!!” Jackie squirted more lube in her ass and on her hand. With an oiled hand, she was able to slide in her ass.

She’s only did this once before, but she was fisting Dottie’s ass. Dottie moaned then wiggled her bottom as she had another orgasm. Jackie pulled from her ass and pussy.

Dottie turned to Jackie and said it was her turn for some dick. Jackie told her she had enough dick for the day and she was done. Dottie spread Jackie’s legs and went in for some licking. Jackie came quickly as Dottie’s tongue flicked and teased her clit.

A couple of fingers went in her pussy. Jackie was beginning to squirt her love juices. Dottie pulled back but continued teasing her clit.

Jackie totally drenched Dottie’s face, as she rubbed hard on her nub. Dottie then proceeded to slide a finger deep into Jackie’s ass. Jackie unbuckled the strap on and handed it to Dottie. She didn’t put it on, but she did fill Jackie’s holes.

The girls played with each other until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Jackie got up to shower and get ready for work, when Dottie came in to join her. They washed and played with one another. The girls parted after getting dressed saying, “See you at the end of next month. ”.

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