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Rome was their oyster now, but as Rocco and Liam towelled off and reclothed, they knew their evening was nowhere near over. The ache of his anal fucking continued to course through Liam’s lower half, but it did not dampen his excitement. He was the slightest bit disappointed that this time had been his first, because he was sure that no other time afterwards would be able to compete. But the night was still unfinished, and oh how wrong he would end up being.

The boys left “Stalloni”, nodding to the barman appreciatively as they went. Liam was fully clothed, while Rocco had opted to go topless, knowing how much the sight of his abs and pecs excited the twink. As they walked, with arms around each others’ shoulders, the rest of the patrons of the bar gazed at the two of them, knowing what had gone on (they had heard the screams) and what was to come that night.

Every so often as they walked, Liam leant in and kissed the man again, revelling in each occasion perhaps just as confirmation that this was actually taking place. The street lamps created puddles of clarity along the dark pavement, flooding them with a deep orange light every few paces and giving a spotlight to their lust.

“You never answered me. Where do you want to go? Explore the town or go somewhere more private?” said Rocco as they broke apart again.

That last kiss had made a few elderly women passing in the street glare at them – these were good catholic people and they certainly didn’t approve. He shouted to them: “Pensi che quello sia cattivo? Solo immagina le sue labbra che avvolgono il mio cazzo enorme. Gli va sempre di traverso quando fa un pompino. ” and they ran away in horror. Rocco chuckled to himself as he watched them run, and placed a soothing hand on the twink’s left asscheek so as to remove the worried expression from his face.

“I have an idea. Want to go back to my place?” said Liam. He knew this was a risk. His friends might still be out, it wasn’t yet 10. 30, or they might all be asleep, in which case they could continue to fuck so long as they were quiet. “I like the sound of that. Somewhere much cosier, where I can help you to explore even more you sexy boy,” replied Rocco, now moving his hand around the boy’s body and feeling his now-hardening cock through his shorts again.

The boy sighed again at the feeling of the Italian’s firm grip against his manhood, and looking up at him he said “What did you say to those women earlier? They looked terrified!”

“Only what I’m going to do to you later. Maybe they were scared for you. ” Rocco smirked as he responded cheekily to the question, but Liam was not phased at all, replying: “In which case, I can’t wait. ” With this statement, the passion inside both of them erupted once again, and they walked even faster back to Liam’s apartment, unable to contain themselves for what lie ahead.

* * *

Having arrived at the third floor of Liam’s apartment block, they walked to the end of the corridor and to his front door. Liam was nervous for what might be inside – if they were already back, how would his friends react to this topless Italian hunk? If they weren’t, how long did the pair have until they would be caught? He knew it was a risky game, but enjoyed playing it.

Rocco had noticed that Liam was becoming more nervous, but decided not to mention anything. Instead, licking his lips sexily, just like at the bar, he said “Let me get your keys for you, sir,” and dived his left hand into the twink’s pocket. He rummaged for far longer than he needed to, stroking the boy’s now very full cock through the thin fabric of his pocket. Liam pressed his forearms against the door and his eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head out of pleasure, as Rocco’s large hand ran along the entire length over and over again.

He let out a few audible moans, and Rocco moved forwards and wrapped his arms around him as he continued to stroke. Liam could feel the warmth of the shirtless stud against his body, and picked up on even the slightest of muscle tensions in his chest, making the moment even more sensual.

With a good few minutes of stroking on the doorstep over, Rocco reached into the other pocket and retrieved the keys, saying: “Oops, silly me.

Found them. ” Liam giggled and unlocked the door, allowing his Roman friend into the dimly lit apartment. The lack of light was a relief to Liam, meaning that either they weren’t home yet, or were fast asleep. In other words, they had the space to themselves for a bit. The teen led his lover by the hand down the hallway and opened the door to his own bedroom, which was also unlit and untouched.

Fred definitely hadn’t been in here since Liam had left earlier, but that might mean that the pair didn’t have long. Liam flipped on the light to reveal to Rocco his room for the first time. It was nothing special, with two beds, a cupboard and a window, and clothes strewn all over the floor, but Rocco liked it. It felt more natural than his booth at Stallioni, which he rarely ventured out of for sex.

“This is a big place, it’s not just you staying here, is it?” Rocco asked as he eyed the two beds.

“No, I’m here with four of my mates. But they’ve all gone out without me – I wanted to go to a gay club, but they don’t know I’m gay, so I pretended to be ill. You know…”

Liam feigned coughing and tiredness for a second, and Rocco laughed with his whole mouth.

The English boy looked so cute when he did that, and Rocco couldn’t help himself. He moved towards him and kissed him for what felt like both the thousandth time that night, and the very first – each new kiss for Liam was a new experience, a new thrill, a new jolt in his groin. The battle of their tongues resumed, and Liam could still taste himself on the Italian stud’s lips, left over from their earlier escapades.

They walked as they kissed, their arms exploring each others’ backs. Liam savoured the feeling of every muscle tensing and relaxing, recognising the sheer strength of his partner. Rocco loved how small Liam felt, getting aroused at the sensation of power he would feel when pounding this twink again. Their kiss reached the bed, with Rocco lying on his back and Liam d****d over him, but they both recognised something important getting in their way.

That thing was clothes, but the two were quick to rectify that problem. Rocco’s jockstrap was still dripping with oil and sweat, and when the stud removed it, Liam snatched it out of his hand, giving it an almighty sniff. The scent caused his mind to jolt back to the electrifying nailing that he had been given earlier, and made him even more hasty to get nailed again.

With the two of them naked on the bed, Rocco lay back, putting his hands behind his head and tensing his muscular biceps once more.

Liam crawled back down the bed and held his huge boner once more, stroking it up and down and feeling it pulsate in his hand. Rocco smiled in pleasure, and made it jolt a few times to throw the teen off. But Liam worked hard to make sure that it didn’t leave his grip, and that the Italian god was fully satisfied. The rubbing continued, with Liam teasing the hunk by occasionally licking the tip, and withdrawing his mouth with a grin.

He knew that Rocco wanted to be inside him once more, but he was going to draw this second time out as long as he could. By now, both of Liam’s hands were stroking the shaft, but there was still room for movement, and perhaps for a third hand, such was Rocco’s immense size. Liam pulled the stiff Italian sausage down as far as possible so that it pointed towards the stud’s feet. Then he let go, allowing it to spring back and thwack against those smooth washboard abs, producing a satisfying thud as it landed.

The f***e of the thud had caught Rocco off guard, and a sensual shiver ran throughout his body. That he had not expected from the only recently de-virgined boy, so he decided to take him by surprise too. “Right, get up English, and face the wall. I wanna lick your balls and your sexy hole now. ”

Naturally, Liam did exactly as he was told, and crawled over the Italian’s huge body until he was positioned above his sexy face, himself staring at the wall with his palms flat against it.

The cool wallpaper provided a great contrast with the heat of the couple’s bodies, and Liam could feel that heat radiating off him as he sat on top of his partner. He stared up at the ceiling and imagined the sight which Rocco had, of his smooth ballsack and tight hole close to his mouth. As he stared upwards, he suddenly felt wet and warm down below, as a tongue worked its way around.

Rocco moved his head too, so that he could explore the boy’s nether-regions even better. He started at the boy’s front, licking softly the loose sack dangling below the teen’s cock. He knocked each ball with his tongue, and kissed the warm skin. But Rocco still had surprises in store, and in one smooth motion, unexpectedly took his entire sack in his mouth.

Liam gasped as he felt his balls suddenly plunged into the wet cavern of Rocco’s mouth.

He felt the stud’s large tongue continue to lick the sweaty sack, and reached down to pleasure his swelling cock. The wet sound of Rocco’s lips making contact with his skin, and the kisses that his balls were being given were making Liam even harder. He made a few strokes, which playfully made the hanging sack bounce in Rocco’s mouth, and Rocco laughed and attempted to say “Oh yes, you sexy slut”. The words came out too muffled, however, since a large portion of the Italian’s mouth was occupied.

Liam replied in an almost authoritative tone: “Huh, didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to speak with your mouth full?”

The tables seemed to be turning, and the question of who was in control was becoming more and more ambiguous. Rocco liked it, he never had customers speak to him like this – it was normally clear from his size that he was the one in charge. Rocco sucked and swallowed one more time, allowing for a sexy tug from his mouth on the nicely-sized balls, then then he released them.

Now Rocco rolled over onto his front, letting his own ass cheeks feel the cool air of the room, which was getting more humid with their sweat by the second. Liam knew what was coming this time, and felt the Italian’s firm hands grip and knead his asscheeks. He felt the man’s fingernails clawing against them, loving the slight pain that he was causing, and then felt his cheeks spread apart with some f***e.

Rocco’s face plunged into the cavern between them, and he began to devour the right boy-pussy between them. Liam was moaning again, louder this time, as Rocco tongue-fucked him, reaching further and further inside the boy with each thrust.

The wet tongue, which had only recently been surrounding his nuts, was now tasting the thin walls of his hole. The Italian groaned inside of him, taking so much pleasure in tasting the remains of his own cock’s musk on the boy.

His hands were working faster and faster, and Rocco was now adding f***e to the tonguing, removing and thrusting his mouth into the hole each time. The rhythm increased, their energy was like nothing before, and Liam was nearly screaming again with the pleasure now being sent from his ass to his brain. He placed his hand on his own meat and began to beat it again, pulsing with the electrifying rhythm of the Italian eating him out.

They were in perfect sync, accelerating further and further until…

The door of the bedroom opened and Fred yelled as he saw the passionate fucking before him. Liam turned and gasped, a mortified expression on his face as he realised what was happening. Rocco was oblivious to it all, and continued to devour the boy’s hole with the same f***e.

“Dude, what the fuck are you…”

“Fred, I can explain.

It’s not what it looks like, I promise. ”

Finally Rocco came up for air and winked at the new occupant of the room. “Don’t listen to English here. It’s exactly what it looks like. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of him again in a second. ”

Then something happened which only Rocco had predicted when he first laid eyes upon Liam’s equally sexy friend. Fred began to undress. The young brunette, equally as twinky and possibly more sexy than his blonde friend, removed his shirt to reveal some sexy, barely-there abs below and small arms.

Then he kicked off his shoes and removed his shorts, with only one piece of clothing left to go. Liam finally clocked what was going on when he saw the reasonable bulge in his friend’s tight, hot pink boxers.

“Fred, how long have you been…”

“Gay? Years mate, I thought you might have been. To be honest, I was planning on telling you, and getting you to tell me this week.

I honestly didn’t expect us to be having this kind of fun so soon. And with such a fantastic guest…” Fred trailed off as his eyes wandered to the tanned and raised cheeks of his friend’s lover, now glistening once more with sweat. He removed the final item of clothing, those briefs, and his hardened cock bobbed up and down, freed of its fabric confines. It was not as long as Liam’s, but only just, standing tall at a good 6 inches.

But it was thicker, much thicker, and Liam knew well that it would stretch his hole very well. Rocco smiled again upon seeing a new cock, made happier by the fact that he still outsized both of these little English sluts. And in a second they would be begging him to let them ride it.

Rocco beckoned to the bed, and Fred walked over while Liam got down from his raised position.

He was kneeling with his hands on his hips, as if presenting the enormous dick to the room. Fred joined Liam at the head of the bed, and kissed him briefly – he had waited many years to taste his friend’s mouth, and for Liam it was a dream come true as well. They broke apart, having tasted not just lust but love as well on each others’ tongues, and shared a thought through their fixed gaze.

As if they had planned this beforehand, they bent over in sync, stuck their sexy white asses into the air, and moved their desirous mouths towards the Italian meat.

The Italian groaned deeply as he felt not one, but two small mouths now kissing and embracing his thick cock. They both licked the entire length over and over, making sure that it reflected the light of the room in its wetness. However, their oral sandwich had slightly different kinds of bread on each side – Liam was wide mouthed and tried to cover as much of the surface with his lips at once, while Fred’s technique was different.

He pulled his lips back slightly, so that his teeth were far forwards and scr****g along the skin to tickle and delight. The sounds of licking and lips smacking continued to fill the room, as did the gasps and groans of its occupants. Since they were so close to the stud’s body, as close as the could be, his sweaty stench filled their nostrils, arousing them and making them shift and shiver with anticipation for what would come later.

The teens met at the tip and kissed on the head, but then the fight began. Liam had already felt the delights of the 8. 5 inches inside his mouth, but wanted another go, while Fred wanted to deep throat the beast for the first time. Their mouths did battle, and it was impossible for the two to decide who would go first. Rocco grew tired of waiting and put one hand on the head of each boy, pulling their hair back so that their heads were level with his cock.

Then he bucked his hips and manipulated Fred’s head so that it was fucked onto the meat pole, back and forth and making the teen gag. Then it was Liam’s go, and despite seeing what was in store mere seconds before, he was still unprepared, and gagged even louder.

Their system continued so that each got an equal share of the beautiful member that stood proudly at the Italian’s waist. The f***e of Rocco’s hands tugging at their hair made the pleasure of tasting his sex even more sensual, and the moans and groans continued throughout.

But he was done impaling the pair’s faces on his cock, so he let them go. Liam noticed that Fred’s cock was the only one that had gone untouched so far that evening, however, so he turned around to face his friend, and pushed him onto his back so that the thick meat stood on end. Fred’s dick stretched Liam’s mouth as much as Rocco’s had, and his lips smacked against the skin constantly, adding to the sensory overload that was the bedroom.

As Liam’s mouth worked, and Fred moaned in pleasure upon feeling his friend’s mouth in contact with his body, Rocco was feeling left out. But not for long, as he realised that one hole was now open and unused. He hastily crawled back behind Liam, and spat down towards the twink’s hole, which would now have to re-accomodate for the huge meat. This time, however, Rocco wasted no time in preparing, knowing that Liam would be able to prepare slightly for what was about to happen.

Liam didn’t see the stud behind him, but felt the sudden wetness collide with his hole. He screwed up his eyes once again as he devoured his friend’s thick meat, and gasped into it as he felt the stud plunge inside him for the second time that evening.

Rocco’s hips rocked back and forth as the mattress shook with the movements of the three. He started with a smaller portion of his huge length, only the tip and an inch more.

The gradually he increased that, five, then six, building up to seven, until finally the entire rod was filling him with every hump. He placed his large hands on Liam’s hips so that he could stabilise and control the fucking to start off with, making sure that he didn’t put too much in too soon. Liam’s moans made the blow job into his friend’s uncut cock even more pleasurable, and he began to work faster too so that Fred could barely withhold his own excitement.

He may have received a few blow-jobs here and there from closeted school friends, but nothing as good as this. His face contorted with excitement, and this was spotted by Rocco opposite him. The Italian knew that Fred was close to bursting, and chuckled to himself as he knew what would get him to complete. Rocco put both hands behind his head once more, tensing all of his enormous muscles and continuing to pound the boy, now hands-free.

Fred had closed his eyes for a second, but suddenly opened them and saw the Italian god’s pounding actions in front of him, gasping at the incredible muscular hunk who was nearly hurting his friend.

Fred couldn’t take it anymore. He bellowed a manly groan, and ejaculated all over Liam’s unprepared face. Thick strands of sticky white cum covered the boy, and Liam loved its warm temperature against his skin. His tongue poked out of his mouth to lap up as much of it as it could reach, but it didn’t go far enough.

He beckoned to Fred, who now lowered his face so that he could help his friend clear up. Fred saw that Liam, who had returned to his hands and knees, was nearly done too, and got off the bed to kneel at the side. He reached a hand out and began to jack off the boy in a similar motion to the Italian’s actions.

“Oh yeah that’s so good Fred. Jack me off.

You’ve gotta feel this Italian stallion in a minute, his cock is soooo fuuuckiing biiig”. The final words were elongated by an extremely f***eful few pounds from the stud, which pushed him over the edge. He crawled forwards, taking himself off the Italian’s cock and rolled over so that he came facefully all over his own stomach. Fred returned the favour from before, and lapped up Liam’s cum hungrily, enjoying the salty taste against his tongue.

It was only now that he was no longer being pounded that Liam realised how sore his ass was, and he started at Rocco’s hard cock, still amazed that its enormity had fit inside him.

The teens were cleaned and pleasured, but there was one person still unfinished. The hunk stood up and took his meat in his hand. He cleared his throat to catch the twinks’ attentions, and they scurried to the floor in front of him, kneeling before the almighty member.

Rocco stroked fast and long, and the two boys could nearly feel the heat emitted from the burning loins of the man. He was nearly finished, only a couple more strokes until…

Rocco too erupted, with more cum than the other two combined. It shot far and smacked the teens in the face with an unexpected might. They were almost caught off guard, and for the continuing ropes being hurled towards them, they moved their mouths to try and catch as much as possible.

His jizz tasted so good, and the pair kissed again so that they could share in as much as possible. They were exhausted, having never before felt the kind of pleasure which they had experienced that evening. Their sweaty, naked bodies lay back on the bed, buzzing with excitement and lust, but wearied by the f***e which their Italian friend had.

The stud stood at the end of the bed, and they looked at him.

He was so strong, so much tanned muscle rippling around his body. But as they looked lower down on him, they could see one thing very clearly. His cock was hard once again, and he was far from finished with them….

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