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Isabel, my friend’s mom, too many lost chance

I know their are a bunch of stories on here, a lot don’t seem real, this one is, i’m a 20 something y. o. in LA, I can assure you, this is all true, some names might be changed, maybe not, but the content is real

When I was 18 I met my friend Jay, who liked to do music and stay in his room all day,(important info), he stayed at his mom’s house,(Isabel, single Mom),with his older sis Nina & younger sis behind some apartments, in the parking lots his uncle used to own.

I would always hang out at his house and lust over his older sister Nina, whom I would tend to flirt with. She was 27 or 26 and was a MILF, Mexican, brown hair, light skin, big juicy thighs, bigger booty, each cheek was the size of my head, a tramp stamp on her lower back and a beautiful camel toe that would show do to her always wearing tight sweatpants.

His mom, Isabel, was there too, but I didn’t pay attention to her at the time.

Isabel had to go to her jail for a bit, when she returned I remember entering the apartment lobby heading to the pk lots, and saw jay’s sister in the laundry room, she was there w/ her mom, she was exactly like Nina in the body, except maybe a better ass and her legs were to die for, she didn’t resemble Nina or Jay. I greeted her asking for a hug and she accepted, the entire time Nina wouldn’t stop looking at us in a cynical way.

Time past, I would keep going to Jay’s house hanging w/ him, one day I went w/ a friend and knocked on his room door, he wasn’t there I heard someone in the back yard and saw his mom bending over, my friend asked me who that was w/ the fat ass. Since that day, I saw Jay’s mom in a different way, a day or two later I go to get water while Jay’s in his room, his siters are there on the laptop, I see his mom heading to the kitchen and notice her amazing ass, she wears tight workout sweats and thongs so when she comes up to me asking if I’d like water, it’s obvious i’m looking at her camel toe, she catches me and smiles.

Later on in the week Jay has a court date, I accompany y him and his mom whom got riled up with Nina over borrowing the car, she screamed at her “I’ll show you who has balls” as I tried calming her down. We get in the car and head out, the pk lots to the building is underground, idk how, but at some point the tip of my finger end up touching Isabel’s ass as Jay’s right next to her, she turns and looks at me then keeps walking.

When were in the building I see her sitting at a bench on the phone facing the window, I sit behind her and slowly begin to slip the tip of my fingers under her ass, mind you she’s sitting. She turns around while on the phone and smiles at me…I continue.

While my friend is speaking to the man with the little hammer I sit next to Isabel pinching her ass, noticed she was wearing a thong, she didn’t flinch once nor show proof that I was groping her.

When we leave, I’m in the back seat of their 2 door car and am still pinching her ass, she would take quick glance, see ,my hand and continue driving w/ Jay next to her oblivious to what was happening.

We arrive to there empty house, Nina having left, and Jay decides to take a shower, meantime his mom is in the kitchen washing dishes as I talk to her I slowly touch her ass w/ my index finger, I look at her and she continues talking to me as though nothing is happening, I begin to put my entire hand on her ass for a second, when I moved it my palm picked up her cheek, still no reaction.

I got down on my knees and gave her right ass cheek a kiss her, she doesn’t look back, at me or nothing…this goes on for months and escalades, I end up looking at her dirty panties and see cum stains on them which I stick in my mouth instantly, then cum on’em and return them, just so she can wash them and leave them in the same spot I left them.

One day it was Isabel, Jay and I alone in the house, jay in the room I was taking to his mom whom would always do dishes as I groped her…this time I didn ‘t grope her, I pulled my dick out and began to jack off, I thought she wouldn’t turn around as I lusted over her ass, but she did and looked right down at my dick. I was still on good terms with her.

I continued groping her but never got the balls to actually fuck her…don’t make my mistake

I assure this entry is true

To be Continued.

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