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Intimate Inquiry #1: Initiation

In this try to an intimate inquiry I invite female friends and readers to tell about their initiation
I am curious for first erotic experiences, sexual encounters and finally first fully sexy satisfaction

I pave the way by telling from memory some teen time extreme experiences by my (former) female friends
I invite brave great girls and warm women to tell us about their first disappoints and sexy successes

I have the sad impression that for many their first time was in their years at some secondary school
I paint the standard picture from some casual accounts: a great guy, usually a few years their senior

In most cases the guy looks like an experienced lover, but turns out to be an incompetent selfish guy
In some cases, much more rare unfortunately, their first lover was their first love, lasting for years

First findings from some earlier erotic intimate inquiries about masturbation and early experience

A few years ago I filed my answers in a long list of questions, mainly about masturbation in a comment
A few months later I started some intimate inquiries on my own account, which got a lot of responses!

From memory I summarise my main findings of female answers, also men sent some answers which I forgot
Most discover pleasuring their pussies about the time their nipples starts to bud and pubic hair grows

A few discover it only a few years later – after first fondles and caresses with a friend for instance
A few find out quite a bit earlier and even had their first orgasm, some girls are luckier than others

For the rest my first inquiry is rather boring – although less than the very technical original was
My next two lists of questions bring better focus to the matter also got good response in a few days

First time of sexual satisfaction is not always the first time ever making love with a first lover

Focus matters, so for this intimate inquiry I concentrate on the experience of making love first time
From casual questions to female friends here I conclude that for most first time is often a deception

It seems the average teen girl gives up virginity after a party during her years in secondary school
It is always a boy or guy a bit older but too clumsy hastedly to care about giving his love pleasure

I like to contrast that standard disappointment with a few much more positive memories for inspiration
All are unusual in each their own special way: shy sex of a late lesbian longing desperately for it

Another female friend whom I got to know very well sent me in french her unusual sexual autobiography
And much later a hottie in Holland informs me in detail of her hot holiday at a nudist beach as teen

Shy sweet sensual blonde beautiful Dutch dyke looks for lesbian love first time in the internet

The female friend I know best is autistic, hence terribly shy expressing her feelings for females
She is still in love with her best girlfriend from their years as neighbours in kindergarten days

Her best friend never finds out about that burning love, not even after they – finally – ‘did’ it!
My best friend gets desperate, almost twenty, still never kissed … she decides on unusual action

In the internet she looks for a big breasted blonde beauty who looks friendly enough to contact her
Her first time almost goes wrong – no reach by phone at the place to meet … – but all goes great!

Sexual satisfaction guaranteed – as she bought her hour of love at a lovely looking professional
Sexy start … but ‘love’ for money is no real love, nor even friendship, as she finds out later

Slender sexy sweet tasty teen beautiful blonde Betty seduced by bio’s girlfriend, next by him!

My foxy French friend grows up in a household of nudists – holidays are always at naturist campsites
She is a slender blonde beauty and easily gets first sexual experiences with a few elder boys as teen

Great experience for those boys, but they are not able at all to provide her any real sexual pleasure
The solution usually comes when one expects it least, last few days of her camping holiday in Ardeche

Blonde beauty Betty is a bit bored, relaxes in her half open tent as the girlfriend of her bio comes
The gorgeous girl seduces beauty Betty to first kisses between gals, soon the she-devil dives deeper

Blue Betty is coming first time in sexual encounter, when her bio starts looking for his girlfriend
He finds her engaged in licking that tight twat … she gestures to him: take her and make her come!

Big bang by two elder men of brunette beauty lovely looking lass Louisa at bare bodies beach

A fresh female friend here pretends at her profile to be still only nineteen, good old memories sake
We talk a lot, open honest and hot … she confesses to be a bit over thirty, like Betty when we met

Lovely Louisa tells me extensively about her hottest holiday as a teen … also at a nudist campsite!
Last week of her holiday at the beach with her mom, not far from a lovely large nudist beach where …

Two elder men talk her up, take her into the dunes, drench her mouth and hair with a long sperm shower
Next day she goes back to meet their meat more at the beach and they bang her hard, also at their camp

The guys proudly present their triumph bride to their wives and they take her into the caravan of one
The most dominant man takes her anal cherry, she cries and shouts, the others just laugh: she loves it

I invite my dear readers to share their experiences or those of their close lady lover friends

I invite female readers to inform us about their private early erotic encounters and satisfying sex
I invite all to tell whatever they want to share any sexy experiences from female friends they have

I know many started not long after developing budding boobies and bushes growing between their legs
I have some additional questions, like whether they shave down there often, very rarely or not at all

I am also very curious about any experiences around age twenty, when many seem to go wild for a while
I scetch the cliche scenario: first long love breaks after a few years and she starts to fool around

I know it lasts usually a few years to stabilise with a new longer time trusted love, living together
I postpone questions about that till the next installment in this series of sexually sounding you out.

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