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Inter-Relationship Training Meeting Chapt 4

“God man, —what in the hell is going on here?” Tom emphatically
asked as he checked out the scene of Jay, Stan and Darrell, —all standing
there fully bare assed and naked!
“Tom, when in the hell did you come in? Hey man, let me explain
here!” Jay rattlingly asked, and stated, almost all at the same time,
“Tom, let me explain, let me explain!”
“Hey Jay, I don’t think you need to explain anything, but I am real
confused about you being here too Darrell!” Tom stated quite matter of
factly, as he looked at Darrell.

“Wait a minute, —wait a minute!” Jay quite anxiously jumped in.
“Wait a minute! What’d you mean I don’t need to explain anything, but you
are shocked that Darrell’s here too? What do you mean? What are you
“Well, I kind of knew earlier this morning that you and, —- Stan,
—Stan, right?, were obviously going to be doing stuff when I saw you two
leaving the beach shower area, —well, —kinda with your hands all over
each other.

“What, what, what!?” Jay kept asking in a total state of
“Hey! Stan and I met each other over at the lounge the other night,
and I knew then he was gay! Sorry Stan, but the way you were trying to hit
up on me that night, it was pretty damn obvious! So, this morning when I
saw you two showering together, then leaving the area with your hands all
over each other, —hell, I knew it was gonna be play time.

My big shock
though is, that Darrell’s involved. Jay, I thought I was kind of shocked
when I saw you, leaving with Stan, —but I sure never expected to find
Darrell all involved, too!”
“Tom, how in the hell did you see us this morning? Where in the
hell were you? There wasn’t anybody around when we showered!”
“Hey Jay, the outdoor coffee shop is right across the street! If
you just happen to be sitting by the hedge along the front, you can see the
whole shower area and the beach area from there.

I was there and I just
happened to see you two taking a shower, then walking away, —-and should
I say, acting like some pretty close friends?”
“Yea but we didn’t do anything there at the shower! We just
showered and then left!”
“Yea you left, but Jay, —weren’t you aware that Stan here, had
his hand down the back of your trunks? He was grabbing your ass as you two
walked away! Pretty damn obvious you two were headed for a room someplace,
so I stayed away from here, figuring that this is where you’d be headed.

My shock though, like I said, is that Darrell was part of it! Hey guys,
why in the hell didn’t you guys let me know, —way before this, that you
guys play around? I’m game! I’ve done it, —well maybe you guys just
aren’t aware, but, —I’m gay! Shit man, how long you two been playing
with each other?”
Once Tom made the statement that he was gay, the tension
definitely loosened up a bit, well actually, a lot, and a lot of explaining
went on about how everything had just happened that day.

Everybody was
still pretty confused about all the details, but much more relaxed knowing
that nobody was gonna be all up set, —at what was happening, and —had
happened, that day.
During the ensuing talking and explaining of details and
situations, Tom did say, “Yea that was Bobby, —my main man, that came
into the lounge Monday night, that I left with. He travels for his
company, and we had it all arranged, that since he can schedule his own
business trips, we decided that while I was here, it’d be a good time for
him to schedule his trip into his South Carolina territory.

Then, we could
see each other a couple of times this week. I went with him to his motel
room that night and we fucked for a couple of hours. That’s where I was,
that night. Man, too bad you two hadn’t started doing the `boy-toy’ thing
until today! Monday night would’ve been a good time for you two to have
gotten it on, since I was gone until late! And, of course, if you two had
known about me, then I could have just spent the rest of the night with
Bobby and getting my rocks off a couple more times!”
Looking at, and smiling toward Tom, Stan stated, “Gotta tell you
man, you did good for yourself! Is he your partner or just a good, solid,
“No, he’s my partner.

We’ve been together for three years now.
Love the hell out of that guy!”
Looking at Jay and Darrell, Stan added. “He’s got a real hottie
men, —a real hottie! I mean, Tom, you’re a hottie too, but your man
Bobby, now he is a real man! What does he do for a living? Sell barbells
that he carries around with him all day? Men, he is hot guys, —he is
hot! Creamed my jeans over that one, the night I saw him come in and get

Damn, I wanted to go too!”
“Actually he’s a lumber salesman that calls on lumber stores. I
always joke with him that he’s always got a long, stiff, hard, woody
somewhere, close by!”
“Hey man! Speaking of long stiff hard ones,” Jay interjected, “I
will admit we’ve been wondering about yours. I don’t know if you ever saw
this one over here before today, —but we’re wondering how you compare to
that big “swonger” that Darrell’s carrying between his legs!”
Looking over toward Darrell with a big grin on his face, Tom

“I don’t know! When I came in, and kind of shocked the hell out
of all three of you guys, Darrell, —you grabbed that pair of shorts so
damn fast I never really got a good look at it. I do remember one day in
the men’s room at the company I almost got a glimpse of it, well anyway
enough that I’ve always wondered about it ever since then, –so come on
man, pull it out, let me finally see it! From the big bulge in the crotch
you’re showing there, I assume it’s a big one, right? Is it big guys?”
“Hey man, `big’ ain’t a big enough word for that thing!” Jay
emphatically stated! “Come on Darrell, you just might as well let Tom see
it now! The rest of us are standing here bare assed naked, and letting it
all show, let him see it!”
Hearing Jay’s encouragement to just take it out and let Tom see it,
he finally did, but then commented, “But it’s soft now.

It’s not so big
when it’s soft. “
Unfastening his own pants, pulling them open, pulling his briefs
down, and then pulling his own rod out, Tom said, “Hey, here’s mine, grab
it, —let me grab yours, and we’ll just get both of `em hard, then do a
little compare, OK?”
Now with Darrell and Tom, —dick in hand, —Stan and Jay took an
identical position, and four dicks were being jerked on all at the same

“Oh yes man! Oh yes!” Stan emphatically stated, as he got Jay’s
meat good and stiff, and then knelt down in front of it and swallowed the
full length.
Looking over at Stan’s actions on Jay’s rod, Tom stated, “Hey, that
looks like the thing to do! Look at the size of this fucker guys! Don’t
know if I can take all of it or not, so give me oxygen if I pass out on it,
but I’m gonna try!” And with that stated, Tom too was down on his knees
and was now pushing his mouth onto Darrell’s cock stick! It took a couple
of deep breaths to finally get the entire length down into the back of his
throat, but with his excitement and his anxiety of having a hold of this
much meat, and being white meat too, just made Tom that much more
determined to take the whole, stiff, thick, thing!
“Oh my God man! Oh my God!” Darrell almost shouted out in glee!
“Oh man, do me, do me! Oh I’ve never had something like this done on my
dick before! Oh Tom, suck me man, suck me!”
Tom had managed to swallow just about three fourths of Darrell’s
rod, and he was sucking on it as hard as he could! He knew from what he
had been told, this was Darrell’s first blow job, and he wanted it to be a
good one! He wanted Darrell to remember this with good thoughts, and
besides, once they were back in Philly, Tom knew he was gonna want this big
cock stuck back in his throat more than just one!
Once again, as had just happened a short time earlier, Stan was now
completely on Jay’s shaft, and he was sucking everything out of it

He had Jay backed up against a wall so that when he fucked his
face forward, Jay’s body was locked into position and could not move back
any. Stan was taking all of it, and Jay was helping him by grabbing hold
of the sides of his head and pulling him forward as much as possible.
Suddenly, the almost total silence of the room, excusing the
moaning and the groaning that Darrell and Jay were so emphatically
expressing, Darrell slapped Tom on the shoulder and quite emphatically
said, “Tom, Tom! Tom, —I gotta shoot! Hey guy, guy, I gotta shoot!”
With his head firmly positioned without any movement possible, Tom
uttered a weak, “Ok, Ok!” He attempted to shake his head up and down, in
an attempt to tell Darrell to unload, and unload in his throat!
“Oh shit! Oh shit! Me too!” Jay firmly stated as he heard
Darrell make his statement of climax! “Oh Stan, get ready, —get ready,
—I’m just about there! Oh man—here it commmmmmes, here it commmmmmes!
Oh man, oh shit! Oh man! I thought I was empty already! Oh shit man,
what a feeling! Oh man, oh Stan, thanks! Thanks! Oh my dick is so
fucking happy, so fucking happy! Happy, but drained! Wow man, wow!”
Stan pulled off of Jay, looked up at him, smiled, wiped his mouth
and said, “Hot! Fucking hot man, —you are fucking hot! Damn man, you
have got good cum! Good fresh, new cum! Good tasking cum! Thanks again,
thanks again! I love to suck your cock!”
Just as Stan was expounding the sweet praises of Jay’s male juices,
Darrell let out an unidentifiable yell, grabbed Tom’s head on each side,
and locked himself onto, and into, Tom’s mouth as he thrust his body
forward and unloaded all of his hot, sweet, thick, man cum into Tom’s
throat! “Oh man! Oh man! Oh Tom, Oh Thomas, —Thomas, —Thomas! Oh
man, oh shit! Oh guy, —you OK? Oh, —I have never shot off in someone
else’s mouth before! Oh shit man, what a great feeling! Oh shit,-oh crap,
oh what can I say! Oh man, I gotta sit down! I gotta sit down!”
As Darrell was stating that his legs were about to give out and he
needed to sit down someplace, Tom pulled off of Darrell’s cum covered rod,
wiped the sides of his mouth with the back of his hand, and said, “Well, I
hope that was good cum going down my throat, since it was so fucking far
back in my throat, I never tasted it! Shit man, I’m glad I told you guys
to give me oxygen if I needed it, cause I have never had a dick stuck down
inside of my throat as far as that one was! We sure as hell don’t need to
compare dicks now, —I bow to the king of lengths! Darrell, how in the
hell do you keep that thing hidden! No wonder I never got to see it that
day in the restroom! Man, how in the hell can your wife take that!”
“How in the hell can his wife take that!” Jay almost screamed!
“Didn’t I tell you he had that fucker up in my ass earlier today?! He had
that whole damned thing up inside of me!”
“Well, no wonder you got such a happy smile on your face man!
How’s your ass feeling? Feeling pretty good?”
“Yea, man, damn good! It’s feeling damn good! I was scared to
hell before it happened, but Stan kept telling me it’d be OK, and it was!
Man, was it! He got that up in me, and right away I knew why you gay guys
do it! Shit man, I was pissed at myself, and still am, that I hadn’t been
doing that for years now! Tom, about how many times you been fucked in
that ass? Got any idea?”
Grinning, Tom looked at Jay and replied, “Well, -never really
thought about that any.

Hey—maybe couple hundred times a year since I
was bout s*******n or eighteen, so maybe about two thousand times, give or
take a guy or two! Hell, never thought about it, but, —not so often when
I was younger, but just as often as possible once I got a little older and
could find some eager guys that needed to blow a wad or two! Hey, when I
was in college, I was the town’s gay whore on campus.

If you had a dick, I
had an ass! Why in the hell am I telling you guys this? Guess, —the
thinking back, —well it’s fun! Yea-probably about that! Yea. Probably
couple of thousand. Most of `em, were repeats. Either I really liked what
they had as a tool, or they really liked what I had for `em to stick their
dick into! Now,—having Bobby in the house, well-now every night unless
he’s on the road, and then we make up for lost time when he gets back.

was gone once for four nights, and I counted that week-end, I got it in the
ass five times in on day! We ran around naked the whole week-end, and hell
I could have been standing at the kitchen sink, and all of a sudden I had a
dick up in my ass! Believe me guys, did not bitch about that once, either!
He loves to fuck me, and I gotta admit, I love it too! Now you talk about
a dick! Typical muscular black man, with the typical yard stick for a
dick, but of course a hell of a lot thicker!”
“Hey men!” Tom, then stated, to the other three that were all
glowing in their respective glory from that activity, that they had just

“The time is definitely marching on, and unless we’re gonna
involve the other three guys and tell `em just what’s going on in here, I
think we better get ready for cocktail hour and some supper. I think we
all kinda need to shower down again, and then maybe think about, maybe,
resuming this later after the others crash out for the night? What do you
guys think?”
Jay looked at Stan and Darrell, grinned, and asked, “Hey guys! Ok
with you two? I sure want to! I’m definitely into this! But hey, Tom!
What about you? You need to meet your man someplace tonight?”

Bobby’s not close by tonight! He’s on the other side of the
state, so I’m game if you guys are! Everybody wanna? I sure as the hell
do! I need my ass fucked, and I think getting fucked by a couple of my
married co-workers and a university coach will just about make my day!
Hey, a good four-way! I haven’t been in a four-way in months!”
“A four-way? Jay rather timidly asked.

“All four of us playing
with each other, all at the same time? Oh shit man, oh, I’ve never done
that before, —well of course! Of crap man, do we really need to go to
supper? I’m gonna have a raging hard-on, thinking about that the whole
supper time! Shit man, I’m not sure I’ve got any pants loose enough for
that! Damn, I’m gonna be showing a major hard-on the entire time, oh I’m
sure! Oh man, I wanna do it now! Oh God man, I’m gonna get fucked in the
ole butt some more, ain’t I? Oh, I am so glad this is all happening!”.

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