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In The Club

It was my Fiances Birthday and i thought to myself what could i do to treat the woman i love. I decided on a nice meal, then a few drinks in the trendiest bar in town,. i was waiting in the kitchen while she was getting ready thinking “come on we are going to be late” when the door opened and in she walked in. She looked beautiful but a little conservatively dressed.

I gave her a kiss and said you look nice, then i whispered in her ear maybe we can be naughty tonight, which she replied i’m not that kind of girl.

That annoyed me a little as i want some more excitement from her, but hey lets see what the night brings.

so after our amazing meal we head to the bar, we take a table and order our drinks, i scan the bar to see if there is anyone we know in when this girl catches my eye, this asian girl wearing this short black shirt and tight black top, she was dressed how i wish my fiance would dress.

i watched her dance with her friends, she moved so sexy, swinging her hips, flicking her hair running her hands over her tits knowing all the guys wanted to fuck her. many guys made there move on her, she knocked them all back. i thought if i was single i would be one of those guys.

i tried to concentrate on my fiance but my eyes where drawn to you, watching you made me horny so i started to kiss my fiance passionately wishing it was you, i slid my hand under our table and put my hand to my fiances pussy to which she slapped it away and said are you crazy.

i thought you are so fucking boring.

A few of her friends arrived and they joined us at the table. They are all so boring, i just watched you shake that sexy ass and tease the guys around you, i thought that looks like so much fun, i saw you walk to the bar and said to my fiance i’m going to get myself a drink. the bar was busy but i managed to get myself just behind you, i looked at those stunning legs with those high heels you wear wearing and it made my cock start to get stiff.

i lent towards the bar just pressing my cock against your tight ass when i felt you push back a little. you turned and gave me this dirty little smile and said should you being doing that with that ring on your finger, i was a little taken back but i replied sometimes life gets the better of you. i asked you where your boyfriend was and you said i don’t have time for a boyfriend.

i said ‘a sexy girl like you must have a boyfriend’ to which you replied ‘i get all the cock i need and if you want any extra fun you know where i am’ then you walked back to the dance floor. my cock had turned fully hard and i felt so fucking horny.

I went back to our table and i was watching you make out with this guy on the dance floor, i was so jealous.. i could see you looking at me then kissing this guy, you knew i wanted you and you where gonna make me test myself, my fiance kept asking what are you looking at all the time, i had to lie and said ‘oh i thought i saw a friend’.

My fiance asked me to dance so i let her down to where you where dancing, it was busy on the dance floor so i moved my hand toward your tight ass and had a little feel, it felt so firm. you turned to me and smiled, i knew i had to have you,. my fiances friends joined us on the dance floor and i said loud enough so you could hear i’m going to get some air.

I waited at the other side of the dance floor when you arrived,, you walked towards me and i took you by the hand and pulled you towards me. we started to dance together, you where grinding your ass into my cock and i started to get hard again, i ran my hands over your tits and started to kiss your neck, i could just see my fiance through the other dancers but it just made me more horny.

i turned you around and kissed you deep and hard our tongues fighting inside each others mouths. you moved your hand down to my cock over my trousers and begin to rub my cock. i moan with pleasure. i whispered to you ‘i want you now’, to which you said ‘take me’

I led you by the hand to the toilets and we entered the ladies toliets, we went into the cubicle and started to kiss again.

telling you how sexy you are in that sexy black dress and i wished my fiance looked and acted like you, to whch you replied ‘i will do things that you wish your fiance would do’. i slid my hand down your body over your tits and down your stomach and under your skirt expecting to find your panties to my surprise you weren’t wearing any, just this dripping pussy, to which you said, ‘dirty little sluts don’t wear panties’.

i smiled and thought i was dreaming.

My finger was deep in your pussy by now and you felt so wet, so i took my finger out and tasted your pussy on my finger, i slid my finger back in your wet pussy and you moaned with pleasure. i moved my other hand to your tits and ripped your top open to get to those sexy little tits, i started to suck and bite your nipples to which you reacted by pulling my hair.

i slide another finger in your pussy and you yelled ‘fuck yeah’ i finger you hard and deep until you came over my fingers. you sat down on the toilet seat and i had to taste you, i got on my knees and started to lick the outside of your legs moving closer and closer to your dripping pussy, i started to lick you pussy lips then moving to your clit i slowly move down from your clit past your lips and start to lick your ass, u replied by saying ‘yes you dirty bastard, does your fiance let you lick her ass, to which the answer was no, my tongue is deep buried in your ass with my 2 finger inside your wet cunt.

You tell me i want your cock, i stand up and you start to undo my zip and pull out my throbbing cock, you start to lick the shaft of my dick while rubbing my balls. you take my cock deep in your mouth and wank my cock at the same time, you look at me and say, ‘does your fiance ever spit on your cock’. ‘no’ you spit on my cock and start to deepthroat me moving your hands to my balls then to my ass, you play with my ass and i im so turned on i cum in your mouth.

You say to me with cum dripping from your mouth ‘you better be able to fuck me still’ looking down, my cock is still hard as ever i pull you up and pin you to the door with your ass in the air, i slide my cock deep into your dripping pussy, i start by fucking you slow to which you say ‘fuck me hard like a slut’. i increase the pace and fuck you fast and deep, my cock wanting to explode with every thrust, hearing you moan makes me harder and harder.

You turn to me and say i want to ride your cock. i sit down and you open you pussy lips and i push my dick in you pussy, you start to ride harder and harder i can feel the juices running down my cock. The more turned on you get the dirtier you become, you begin to slap my face as you start to climax and i grab and squeeze you ass sliding a finger in your ass.

The main toilet door opens and we still keep fucking hard as ever, They hear us fucking as we can hear them giggling, i hear a voice say ‘slut’ i know this voice, it’s my fiances voice. i tell you to be quiet to which you moan even louder and scream fuck me in the ass. the thought of fucking you in the ass is to much of a turn on to resist so i push my cock balls deep into your ass, it feels so tight compared to the pounding your pussy has just received, with my cock deep in your ass you scream ‘ i bet your fiance doesn’t let you fuck her in the ass’ i’m shocked as my girl is still in the toilets, i hear here say poor woman, my fiance would never cheat on me, if only she knew.

They leave the toilet and i pull my cock out of your ass and say ‘ what the fuck are you doing are you trying to get caught” to which you say ‘you are the one cheating not me” you have this dirty little smile and i think i’m gonna fuck you so hard you dirty little whore, i bend you over the toilet and put my cock in your cunt, my cock is really stretching your pussy and you moan ‘fuck me harder’ i give it all i’ve got, my cock gliding in and out of your pussy pulling your hair back so i can thrust my cock in you as hard as i can.

‘I need to pull out i’m gonna cum’, “it’s ok it’s ok cum inside me, i think for a second and think fuck it, i can feel my cock wanting to explode in your tight wet pussy, the head of my cock in throbbing and i release this fountain of cum deep inside you. i take my cock out of you and see the cum dripping down your legs. thinking about what i’ve done i say, i guess you are on the pill right’? to which you begin to laugh and say “no, enjoy your marriage with an asian baby, ‘you bitch’ i reply and storm out the cubicle with you still laughing with cum dripping out of your cunt.


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