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In like with my affair

One Saturday I was outside cleaning the gutter it was filed with leaves n dirt n water. It rained yesterday. My husband was working. It was hot and my neighborhood is quiet I live on a cul de sac. I have a pink tank top no bra, white shorts no panties & flip flops. Hair was wet from a shower and twisted up in a loose bun.
I’m on a ladder scooping piles of leaves… I went dont the ladder got the hose turned the water on and the attached nozzle I bought had 4 settings I tried for ing the leaves out.

Bucause there mustve been too much gunk and the added water from the hose my gutter fell.
A driver pulled over on my front lawn got out the car. Asked did you need help I said no its ok. He said I can mount it back. I said it really is ok my husband can fix it later. He said hose it down, from falling it lossened all the grit. I hosed it and accidently wet the kind sir and he wrestled me for the hose and noticed I had no bra.

Nipples hard his eyes pierced on my chest. I went inside while he climbed the ladder. To continue to fix my gutter. I made him lunch invited him in to wash his hands. My neighbor to the left ms. Leigh shes nosey. He washed his hands sat on my dinning room chair, he said ur beautiful. I said thNks your only saying tgat cuz my boobs were in your face, he laughed he said i wish they were we flirted.

I stood in front of him my ass sort of sitting on my table he lifted one leg an noticed I had no panties his head went down slpped his tongue between my short and lightly licked my lips. My front door is open & my husband can come home when ever. He lefted my other leg over his shoulder and my ass was on the table he told me to relax and I did i laid back while he devoured my pussy… My hair filtered thru his grabbing it closer n closer.

I exploded in his mouth. Wanting to fuck the front door jiggled hunny? My husband said… I came unlocked the screen door & I introduced hunny this guy saw me struggling with the gutter that fell. My husband said thanks & gave my husband the business card if u ever need a carpenter i live on the other side kf ur yard with my wife and son. I drove over this way looking for his ball.

If i didnt find it my plan was to buy another. My husband looked relieved after he heard he was married. The guy “david” left. My husband suspected nothing.
A few weeks we had a barbacue and he was fixing something in his yard, i peeked in and said you and your family are more than welcome to come by. He came close to the gate and said will do.
The guy helped on the grill his wife was the nicedt and his son went to school with our daughter 15 year olds.

When our guests were leaving, his wife n son left. He stayed behind with my husband. Playing pool down stairs, I decide let me join the boys. My husband seemed tired he said he was calling it a night… David said me too see you tomorrow. When i walked dave to the back & he said…ill be sittin on yiur front porch. My fron has big trees covering… My husband showered we went to bed, had routine sex eith him and whrn heard the d***ken snore I knew he was fast asleep i went down stairs in a robe slowly opened the door snd David was there sitting.

He said I couldnt grt you and ur pussy out of my head. I giggled…he undid my robe and bendt me over my railing grabbed my breast and inserted his swollen manhood inside me I moaned loadly and he said im claiming this and I said yes he asked you love it like this, your so tight… Your husband is going to know u belong to another. His words made me come faster and harder.

I decided to step it up a notch. Ms leigh may be up. I guided him to my house took him to my guest room where my room was right next to it. I ws truly daring. I dropped the robe…
He asked me to lay down he spread my legs and ate me.
When I came hard yet again he got on top lifted one leg and guided himslef between the lips and into the wetness I gasped.

He felt amazing as he pumped my pussy he was slow and firm. He let my leg go and laid on top of me and said say my name… I said no… Shhh he said do i make u feel good yes,,say my name i said no and now He whispered are u on biryhcontrol i said no…he said say my fucking name I said noo he say im going to fuck u every night til u have my baby i whisoered oh
yes he said say my name i said david stop and he said pumping harder n deeper n faster u want me stop.

U want me to stop and hes fucking fastert n deeper. I said no dont stop… Im cumming david says I say fuck me and we hear a door ajar, my bedroom door… We hear urinating and davings cock is in side me pulsating as his cum firtilizes my vagina I wanted to push him off but i couldnt the bed is a squeaky bed and davin pump as his cock grew limp the whole 2 seconds and grew inside me He was slipping and is so horny I say david stop we gotta get going he said get going he saud tell me u never wanna see me again.

David stop it with these games. You came in me… He understood got up got dressed. He asked r u mad? No… I dont even know u. He said the day u met me i ate u and thats ok. I said no but Im trying to get pregnant idont want to complicate things. He said I can help u get pregnant if u pinky promise to be mine also. Ill help in any way….

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