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Liz awoke to discover herself naked, her taut nude body obscenely suspended spread-eagle between two curved metal posts, the toes of her high heels barely able to touch the floor.
It had been late Friday evening, as usual she’d stayed late at the law firm, where she was a senior partner, before calling for the limo to take her home. She remembered arriving home, taking the elevator to the penthouse and changing out of her business attire.

She’d poured a glass of Chardonnay and walked out onto the balcony of her central park west penthouse to admire the breathtaking view when a sudden feeling of dizziness overwhelmed her senses and then nothing.
The last thing Liz remembered was taking a sip of her wine and thinking that it tasted odd, almost bitter, d**gged.
As the powerful sedatives gradually wore off Liz started to worry about the nefarious intentions of her kidnappers, she knew her company would gladly pay almost any ransom demands but even if the ransom was paid would her captors release her unharmed? And why had they stripped her naked and chained her up like this? It was in that moment that a sharp metallic click interrupted her thoughts.

Glancing down Liz noticed that a small cover had snapped open on the floor directly beneath her. She was just beginning to wonder about its purpose when her growing curiosity suddenly turned to abject terror as she helplessly watched the smooth pointed tip of an impalement post begin to slowly slide upward out of the opening beneath her.
Unable to look away Liz stared in horror as that terrifying impalement post continued its relentless slide upward toward her wantonly vulnerable crotch.

Helplessly watching as the post’s pointed tip slowly disappeared from view beneath her Liz knew with utter terrifying certainty that she was about to be sexually violated, she just wasn’t sure if it was going happen vaginally or anally.
A faint gasp escaped Liz’s lips as she felt the cold steel tip of the impalement post pressing upward, spreading the folds of her sex, as it relentlessly started to move upward into her vagina.

The chilling sensation of cold hard steel slowly filling her, like nothing she’d ever imagined.
A sudden dull throbbing pain confirmed that the cold steel shaft completely filled vagina, it’s smoothly pointed tip pressing unpleasantly upward against her cervix. Liz instinctively knew the moment of truth had finally arrived, if her captor’s goal was to merely humiliate and degrade her then impalement post would stop rising at this point, if on the other hand it continued upward they intended to kill her.

Liz held her breath as she felt the pressure against her cervix slowly continuing to grow and knew that if that impalement post didn’t in the next few seconds it wasn’t going to stop. Suddenly, deep inside her belly, Liz felt something give and an overwhelming tidal wave of pain exploded through her tautly stretched body, her sudden high pitched scream of pure unadulterated agony echoing off the chamber’s metal walls.
Her eyes open in horrified disbelief, Liz finally accepted that she was going to die in this awful terrifying place.

She could already feel the cold steel presence of the impalement post’s shaft pushing smoothly and relentlessly upward through her guts.
Liz didn’t understand how could still be alive let alone conscious, the pain was like nothing she’d even imagined possible and with every passing second is grew worse. She’d been sure she was going to die when the tip of the impalement post had reached her heart but she felt the tip of the post slide smoothly past and continued upward though her chest.

She couldn’t imagine how her torment could possibly get worst, and then it did. It felt like she was gagging, that she desperately wanted to throw up but couldn’t. It was then that she suddenly felt something in her throat, something hard, metallic and utterly cold. Liz tried to scream but all that came out was a faint gurgling sound, the tip of the impalement post was already blocking her esophagus as it slid upward into her throat.

The unyielding steel of the impalement post filled her throat, forcing her head back as it advanced past her tonsils. Watching as that cold steel impalement post rose from from between her lips Liz desperately wanted to believe this wasn’t truly happening but the agonizing sensation of cold hard steel sliding through her obscenely violated body said otherwise.
She desperately wanted to die, to escape this agonizing unrelenting torment but somehow she was still alive and fully aware of every unspeakable abuse she was suffering.

The pain went far beyond anything she’d ever imagined enduring even in her worst nightmares.

Meanwhile, out in the control room Elizabeth’s kidnappers silently applauded her stamina, the steady rise and fall of Elizabeth’s full breasts and the gurgling sound of each desperate breath she took confirmed this young lady’s torment was far from over.
Although difficult to produce, impalement remained the most popular genera of snuff films and productions were the victim manages to remain conscious commanded the highest premium.

Even with the massive injections of stimulates they gave their victims before they awoke it was rare for a woman to not only survive impalement but to remain conscious throughout the ordeal. However, for the rare unfortunate woman who manages to survive impalement, death often comes hours, sometimes even days later, and Elizabeth looked like she was ready to go the distance. Everyone watching from the control room already knew for Elizabeth there would be no merciful quick death, and the longer she lived the more money her torturous death would bring.

Liz stared up at the now motionless tip of the impalement post protruding from her mouth, her mind awash in a steady roar of overwhelming agony, inescapable unrelenting pain….

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