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Im here 4 u if u need me.

Back in 2003, I got locked up for the first time. I only did county time thou. Shackle to others who look scared. Not me thou as the co’s put us in the cells we would be doing our time in. My celly wasn’t in at the time. I had to get the boat on the floor. I put my Matt in it, made myself at home. It never settle in on me that im locked up yet & this where I’d be for 6 months.

So, I went 2 sleep & tried to get this day over with. Later on I heard the cell door open. The co said to my celly, you have a thug ass roommate waiting for you. My celly said ok. The door was slam shut. My eyes wasn’t completely open yet. But, what I saw was something crazy or atleast I thought so.

My celly stood there in some county made boy booty shorts, with a tied up t-shirt & a pair of flip flops on.

I wipe my eyes like wtf! I thought they put a woman in my cell for a minute. My celly spoke. “Hi, my name is TSAlexis”. And yo name is. I said Hank. Well since we’re cellies make yo self comfortable. I said ok as I sat up. Alexis asked me if this was my first time being in the can. I said yeah. Alexis said same here. I got 6 mths, Alexis had a year.

Alexis told me the ends n outs just mine yo bizness & errything will be ok. Alexis was already 4 mths in. Alexis said “Im here for you if you need me”. Im like ok. Now as I zoom in on Alexis, I notice this wasn’t a woman at all. But, the features Alexis had would make alot of women jealous. Alexis had some real nice breasts & a nice bubble booty with nice long legs.

Alexis asked if I needed another pillow & some more covers. I said sure. I laid back down & Alexis laid on her rack with ass sticking up. Alexis most’ve knew I was lookin, cause she turn & caught me starring. What do you perfer me to address you as I said. Think of me as a female with a man’s penis. Then she smile at me. We went to sleep.

Several mths later we got real cool & maybe to close.

She help me out wit errything. All the stress & b. s. I been going thru. Alexis had pull so if we needed something she made it happen. We would talk & talk bout errything including her being that way. As we were talking befo breakfast. I said “Man I’d do anything for a blunt & a drink now”. She said really, becareful on what you ask for cause I can make that happen for you.

That sounded awkward to me so I never paid it no mine. So after breakfast I went back in our cell & she went to do jail duties & stuff. Alexis been gone all day. I just got bad news from home & I wasn’t feeling nuthin. She came in & look at my face and said” what’s wrong. You looking like somebody had died”. I just look at her then the ceiling. She must’ve felt my pain cause she sat down next to me & rub my back.

Alexis grab her bag & said I can cheer you up. I said oh yeah. She handed me a joint & a bottle of hooch. Jail liquor that ppl make. Alexis told me its all mines. She don’t smoke or drink. She had a lighter & errything! Told me 2 smoke by the window. I did. I hit that joint & d***k some of the hooch. I was hi ass fuck feeling good with no pain.

I sat back down n my boat she sat next to me. Feel better she ask me I said yeah! She knew I was hi ass fuck that’s when she rub my back some more.

Im sitting in my boxers & t-shirt not noticing her moves on me. Feel better “I told her yeah”. But, the hi kick it up another notch & I was turnt up.

She kept caressing me it felt good. I lean my head back on the wall. She was rubbing on my thigh & my dick got hard. She move her hand & grab my dick. I said what are you doing. She was like im tryna make u relax & kiss me on the lips. I was so stuck it was like I was glue to the wall. Her tongue parted my lips as I felt her tongue in my mouth.

She never remove her hand from my bbc. She started slowly kissing my neck to my chest down my stomach til she reach her destination. She was like damn I never seen a cock big like this. She started kissing my head then using her tongue. Then she went ham on my cock. Spit no hands hands the works. I busted all in her mouth. I said sorry. She said its ok don’t worry.

She swallow my cum & kept sucking it. She pull my boxers off push me down on the boat then started sucking in licking my balls. She stuck her tongue in my ass & gave me a nice rim job. She was Jacking me off at the same time. Then she asked me do I stay hard like this all the time. I told her yeah.

She was like Im go love this bbc.

She remove her wife beater then shorts. I seen her lil cock but it was no match for me. I said wait what are you doing. I don’t suck cock or give up booty. She was like ik. Im gonna ride you like you never seen before. She was like sit back & relax. She got on top of my hard on & was riding it like a horse. Minutes later she reverse cowgirl & rode me even more.

Her ass was so wet that her ass cream on my cock as she moan “I love yo bbc oh it feels good in my boipussy”! She said “Can you slap & smack my ass plz”. I did she kept riding away. It felted so good that I didn’t even care no more. So I raise up & turn her on her side & pumped away. She was like yes oooh this yours daddy.

That turn me on even more. She was like I love this bbc inside of me. Im your bitch daddy. I was about to cum again so I was tryna pull out. She was like no let me feel your warm inside of me. I came all inside her too as I pull my cock out. You can see my cum loosing outta her. She grab my head pull me down & kiss me on the lips.

Then she said ” I told you im here for you if you need me”.

We had sex til I got out. We stayed in touch with each other til she got out. She had became my lil bitch. Alexis is ready to have the sex change just to be my wifey. It never happen cause somebody killed her. I never had another experience with a tg since that encounter.

R. I. P TSAlexis ten yrs & counting.

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