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I won

The story part is part one. The sex part is part two. (Check out the story “The Threesome” under her profile for her version of the experience. )

Part one

I had been conversing with Ladyofdarkness for a while when she put up her post “Interview for Paradise”.

If you don’t look at the link then I’ll tell you that it was a call for a guy to join her and her girlfriend for a night of…well… paradise.

Of course I wanted to be the one. I figured that the only chance that I had was to continue our conversations, to be honest and to hope for the best. Even if it didn’t work out, we had some great conversations about shared interests. Anyway when one of her messages said that she and her girlfriend, Mave, wanted to meet me, my heart nearly skipped a beat. I won’t bog this down with uninteresting details so I’ll just say that after a few more messages we agreed to meet in the sitting room of the Hirshhorn museum at five o’clock on Saturday.

In order for them to recognize me I said I would be dressed in all black with a green guitar pick pin on my shirt. I asked how I would know it was them. She said that if two girls approach me, it would be them. Good point. This doesn’t happen to me all the time.

I was prompt. I was early, in fact, so before heading to the rendezvous I went to look at a work of art that she had mentioned in her story about how she met her girlfriend (www.

hirshhorn. si. edu/dynamic/collection_images/full/72. 21. jpg). It was very cool and I had to pull myself away to make sure that I was in time to meet them. The couch in the sitting room faces the window with its back to the hall. I sat down and waited, watching the people walking across the mall. It felt like hours that I sat there. I tried not to stare every time someone entered the room. The sun was setting and the sky toward the Washington Monument was glowing in reds and oranges.

After a while I noticed two girls, one dressed kind of gothy and the other kind of casual artsy. They didn’t approach me at first so I guessed that either they weren’t the ones or they were gauging me. I guess I passed because they walked up to me. The one in the goth clothes asked, “Lupe?” I stood up and answered that I was. She introduced herself as Jay and her friend as Mave.

They were both very attractive. It was strange to meet someone for the first time that I had already had some very meaningful conversations with over chat. “It is a beautiful evening,” I stammered, not really knowing what to say. Jay suggested that we sit and talk for a while. I sat back down on the couch. Jay sat next to me and Mave sat next to her. We were quiet for a while and I was getting nervous that I was making a bad first impression.

I told them that I had just gotten back upstairs from looking at the Balla sculpture Jay talked about in her story and that I thought that it was really quite amazing. This started up a very interesting conversation about art. Mave said that as long as we were talking about art in an art museum, we ought to walk around and look at the art. She also said that she wanted to go see an exhibit on some paintings by Andy Warhol that were only going to be up for another week ( We went back down to the second floor and walked through the Warhol exhibit and then out to the main collection, stopping at the sculpture by Balla.

By this time the museum was about to close. I asked Jay and Mave if they would like to have some dinner. Mave said that she knew a good place on the other side of the mall.

As we walked we continued to talk about the Warhol exhibit. It was extremely satisfying talking about art with Jay and Mave. They are both very smart and creative. In fact the conversation was so interesting that I forgot the reason that we were all there together in the first place.

Unfortunately, I remembered mid-sentence, while saying something about the colors in Warhol’s paintings, and stopped speaking, my brain not being able to accept that these two women were looking for a threesome. I looked at each of them and one phrase echoed in my head: Right of final refusal. This is the phrase that Jay had used when writing up a list of criteria for anyone who wanted to “win” a night with her and Mave.

I was there to have sex with them, but, I might not have sex with them. Finally my brain kicked back in and I was able to finish my sentence, “the… uh… depending on which colored canvases are next to each other the relation of the color to the black brush strokes changes. ” I guess the slip was only really noticeable to me because Mave picked right up and continued talking about color theory and the paintings.

We finally reached the restaurant, a place called Teaism. It was tiny, with a counter and almost no place to sit. Mave told me that we order the food at the counter and then bring it down stairs. Jay and Mave ordered first. I looked at the menu up on the wall above the counter. Most of the food was Japanese or Japanese influenced. I ordered a Bento Box, a main dish with several different sides in a lacquered box.

Jay and Mave had already gotten there food and gone down stairs. I followed and when I got to the landing I saw that there was a coi pond at the bottom of the stairs. It was a cool and intimate room. Jay and Mave were sitting at a table in the corner. I sat down and we all starting eating our food. Dinner conversation consisted mainly of small talk; mostly work and such.

When we had all finished eating, Jay excused herself to the bathroom. Mave went with her. When they sat back down they each looked at the other without saying anything for a long time. I must be pretty dense because it didn’t occur to me until after Jay started speaking that they had gone to discuss whether the threesome would happen.

“We should talk about why we’re here,” Jay said. At first I thought she was starting up a discussion on philosophy; she and I had had many talks like this on our xhamster chats.

She looked at Mave and that is when it dawned on me what was coming next.

“You seem like a nice guy…”

‘Seem’, that sounded like the first part of a rejection.

“And you are really interesting to talk to…”

I knew how this would go. You’re a nice guy and really interesting but I think we should just be friends.

“So Mave and I would like to go forward with this and, you know, take you home with us… If you are still up for it.

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “I… uh… yes, that sounds… Yes. ” I couldn’t think of a ‘cool’ way to answer and felt like a complete idiot stammering out my agreement.

We left the restaurant and started walking back across the mall to Mave’s car. For the first time no one said anything. Finally Jay said that just because we were going to have sex doesn’t mean that we couldn’t still talk.

That, then, became the basis of our next conversation; Taboo and societal perceptions of sex. And even though we all agreed that sex shouldn’t be embarrassing, once we arrived and went inside we once again lapsed into silence.

Part Two

Jay said, “Look, we all know why we are here so I am going to be logical. I think that, before we get started we should all take showers. Mave and I will go first.

Mave looked wide eyed at Jay, but nodded in agreement. We all went upstairs, Jay and Mave hand in hand. In the bathroom, Jay turned the shower on. Then she grabbed Mave and pulled her close. They kissed, and as I watched, clothes began to drop to the floor. They kissed and caressed and ended up in the shower with the shower door open. The kissing and caressing continued as they washed each other.

I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. I started to get undressed but Jay told me to wait. “I want to watch you,” she said, “Would you go into the bedroom, take off your underwear and put your pants back on?”

Jay really knew what she wanted. I agreed and walked out. The hall felt cold after the steamy bathroom. At first I wasn’t sure which one was the bedroom since all of the doors were closed.

My first try was a closet. My second was a bedroom but it looked like it was being used as an office. I tried the only other door in the hall and found another bedroom. I took off my pants and underwear and then put my pants back on. Then I wasn’t sure what to do with the underwear. I didn’t want to leave them lying in the middle of the bedroom floor. Finally I decided to push them under a wooden chair in the corner of the room.

I was about to head back when I thought that I should probably take my socks off too. I put them under the chair as well. By the time I got back to the bathroom the shower was still running but Jay and Mave had gotten out and were wrapped in towels. Jay smiled at me and told me it was my turn.

“O. K. ” I said. Then I asked, “But before I take my clothes off, can I kiss you… you two?” Jay stepped up to me wrapped one arm around my back and put other her hand on the back of my head, pulled me close and kissed my very deeply.

As I pressed her into me I was very aware of the wet heat coming from her, the softness of her body and the hard lump where the towel was rolled above her breasts. After a few moments she pulled away slightly. Then she directed Mave and me together. Mave seemed more reluctant. She leaned her face in towards me. I did the same. As our lips met I noticed Jay nudge Mave closer to me.

Then I felt Mave’s arms wrap around me. I did the same and pressed her into me. She was smaller than Jay. I was hit by that same, exciting contrast, the softness of her body and the hard lump of the towel. Mave was really getting into the kissing and it was turning me on so much that I could feel my cock start to push against my jeans. When we finally finished, we were both breathing heavily.

I looked over at Jay and saw that she was breathing heavily too. She pulled me close to her and unbuttoned my shirt. Mave moved behind me. Jay ran her hands up my chest and Mave took my shirt off. Then Mave pulled the pony tail holder out of my hair as Jay unbuckled my belt, opened my jeans and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and waited for a moment to see what would happen next before I realized that I was supposed to shower.

I stepped in and Jay told me not to go too fast. “I want to see you enjoy yourself,” she said and pulled Mave tight against her. It was a little weird to have an audience while I showered but it was also really exciting. Every once in a while, as I washed myself, Mave and Jay would kiss each other. I made sure not to jerk my dick while I washed, I wanted to save it all for them.

I finished rinsing and turned off the water. Then I stepped out and looked around for a towel. Mave pulled hers off and started drying me with it. “Fun!” Jay exclaimed. She pulled hers off as well and stepped behind me and dried my back.

The girls led me back to the bedroom. We stood in front of the bed for a moment. First Mave kissed me, and then Jay kissed me.

Then they kissed each other. We kissed and touched each other. Mave and Jay took turns stroking my cock and fondling my balls while I kissed and sucked their breasts and nipples and rubbed their pussies. Occasionally my fingers would bump Jay or Mave’s fingers already busy with the other’s pussy. After a while of this I gently pushed Jay down to sitting on the edge of the bed. I knelt down in front of her and started to kiss the inside of her thighs.

She told me to wait and slid up to the top of the bed. I followed her up and buried my face in thighs, kissing and nibbling and teasing. She smelled amazing. I love the smell of a woman when she is turned on. She looked amazing as well, such a beautiful pussy. I kissed her labia before gently opening them and licking her clit. Jay moaned wonderfully as I licked her. I glanced up and noticed that Mave had straddled Jay’s face and soon her moans joined Jay’s muffled ones.

I licked and licked until Jay began to tense up and push herself into me. Her moans grew very intense as she climaxed. I rode her thrusts and licked right through her orgasm and, as soon as she finished, I slipped two fingers into her pussy as well. I have found that, sometimes, this can push a woman into a second orgasm. It worked beautifully with Jay. Her moans cut off into a series of strangled gasps and her thighs clamped onto the sides of my head.

It was great but I was glad to come up for air when her thighs relaxed. I looked up and saw that sometime during the past few minutes Mave had lain down next to Jay.

“He’s pretty good,” Jay said to Mave, still breathless and then, “Why don’t you do her,” to me. I moved over to between Mave’s thighs. I began to nibble and kiss and tease her. Her pussy was also very beautiful.

She was already wet from Jay starting her out. I opened her labia and began licking her clit. She must have been more excited than I realized because it didn’t take her very long to reach her climax. As she orgasmed she rolled over onto her side and almost took me off of the bed. I licked through her orgasm as well. Once she had finished I tried the finger trick with her, but she was so tight I could only fit one finger in her pussy.

It didn’t make her come again but I could tell she enjoyed it. She pushed my head away but she was grinding her pussy on my finger like crazy. And when I looked up I saw that she and Jay were kissing very passionately. Between kisses Jay told me to come to the top of the bed with them. They made a space and I lay down between them. Mave took hold of my cock at once and stroked me until I was hard.

Jay slid down the bed and took my cock into her mouth and Mave moved her hand to my balls. Jay sucked up and down the length of my cock while Mave played with my balls until Jay told Mave to come to her. She sucked on my cock again and then offered it to Mave. Mave took me into her mouth more slowly but soon she was sucking up and down on me.

They took turns, back and forth, sucking on my cock, occasionally stopping to kiss each other. I was in heaven. It looked great and felt even better. Then Jay straddled my waist facing away from me. She leaned back and started to rub my cock head on her clit. It felt very intense. Just when I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore Jay told Mave she should try it. They switched positions.

Mave was gentler but it was still pretty intense. After watching us for a bit Jay climbed onto me, straddling my legs, pushing them together. I could only sort of see what was going on. Then I felt Jay push her pussy onto the other side of my cock, pushing me hard against Mave. They were each grinding their clits against my cock. Slowly, like music, they found a rhythm together and began sliding in unison up and down my cock.

It was like their two pussies formed one shared pussy and they were fucking me with it. It felt amazing. They were so slippery and soft. They pushed so hard against me that the shared pussy was nice and tight. I wanted to thrust into it but with both of them on top of me, I couldn’t move. Then all of a sudden Jay pulled away and said, “Sorry, Mave. ” She grabbed my cock and slid herself down onto it with a gasp.

Jay thrust her hips back and forth, hard, but slow, sliding my cock inside her pussy. Mave climbed off and lay down next to me on the bed. I reached up and caressed Jay’s breasts. Her eyes were shut tight and she was breathing deeply with each thrust. After a few minutes she leaned down and kissed me. Her breasts felt wonderful pressing against my chest. Then she rolled over onto her back, pulling me on top of her.

She kissed Mave and, as I fucked her, I went back and forth between them, licking and sucking their breasts and nipples. Then I shifted up to my knees so that I could reach Mave’s pussy. I rubbed her clit as I kept on fucking Jay. Mave then got up and I could see that she was going to go down on Jay while I was fucking her. I leaned back to make room for Mave to reach Jay’s pussy.

But as soon as she started, Jay pushed her away saying it was too much. She said that she was finished and that it was Mave’s turn.

I moved out from between Jay’s legs and as I got between Mave’s legs, Jay moved around behind me. She pressed herself tight against my back with her chin on my shoulder. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it very slowly and gently.

Jay said that she wanted to put it in. I nodded and said, ”O. K. ” She rubbed the head of my cock up and down on Mave’s slit. Then she pushed her hips against my ass, pushing me inside Mave’s pussy. Now, I’m not very big, but Mave is TIGHT. She moaned loudly as I went inside her, Jay pushing against me, holding me in place inside Mave. Then Jay said, “Let me do it.

Relax and just go with it. ” She pulled back on my hips until I was about to come out and I resisted against her. Then she pushed me back in again with her hips. She was using me to fuck Mave. It didn’t take very long for us to find our rhythm. Mostly, I just tried to let her know when I was going to come out by providing a little resistance. Mave was moaning every time Jay pushed me into her.

The more Mave moaned, the harder Jay fucked me into her. It didn’t take too long until I knew I was going to cum and I said so. She pulled my cock out of Mave’s pussy and jerked me off with long, hard strokes. I came all over Mave. The first shot hit her on the bottom of her chin. I don’t think she liked that because she flinched when it hit. The rest landed between her breasts and down her belly.

Jay kissed my neck once and then lay down next to Mave. I climbed out from between Mave’s thighs and lay down next on the other side of her. Jay cleaned Mave off with some tissues from a box on the bedside table. We lay there for a while until Mave said that she wanted to wash off again. Jay laughed at that.

While Mave was in the shower Jay invited me to spend the night.

She said that she was glad that tonight turned out so well. I said that I was too and that I would make them breakfast in the morning. Then I asked her if she thought Mave would mind if I joined her in the shower. She said that I’d have to ask Mave and that she would also be in in a few minutes, after she got some water to drink.

Well, I think I’ll end it here.

Nothing else really sexy happened after that. No, let me rephrase. Taking a shower with two beautiful women was very sexy. Nothing else SEX happened after that besides a little kissing. Of course I hope this happens again, but even if it doesn’t Jay and Mave were so much fun to hang out with I hope that we can at least maintain a nice friendship.

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