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i want to have sex again

it’s been a while since i had sex for the last time and it’s weird how much it becomes more and more a desire to have sex with a woman again, even so i please myself frequently.

i miss to touch the warm skin of a woman i love, to caress and kiss her naked body, to give her a full body massage and slowly start to become sexual with her. like massaging her boobs, turning into playing with her erect nipples, slightly twisting, licking and sucking them until they become all sensitive.

and when she starts to moan and to touch me, we start to make out and i slip my hand between her legs, starting to massage her clit with one finger. i want to feel her again moaning into my mouth while we make out.
when she spreads her legs more, she signals me to move on with my hand and i slowly push one finger deep inside her. the other fingers massage the slightly swelling outside of her that becomes moist more and more.

the moment i can feel and hear how wet she is i push more fingers into her. two more, after a while maybe even three more. and my fingers become faster. i love to hear that “squishing” noise between her legs and to feel her hands grabing my back while we still make out passionately. moaning she whispers somehow real dirty the f-word but i don’t give her what she wants right now.
instead i kiss down her body, sucking her hard and sensitive nipples, kissing down her chest, licking her belly button, which makes her laugh and begging to stop, to finally bury my head between her wide spread legs.

i open my mouth and press my lips onto her dripping wet rose. i let my tongue enter as deep as possible and lift it up inside her. licking forwards and backwards makes her moan again. she plays with her boobies, closes her eyes. i raise my head a little bit so my mouth is right over her clit. my tongue slips out of her and starts to massage her clit. also i start to suck it slightly into my mouth.

she moans a louder as i let my tongue massage her clit like crazy.
after a few minutes i slighty turn my head without stopping to lick her but to clear the space for my fingers to enter her again. i push two fingers into her and start to rub the upper side of her inside while rushing my fingers in and out quickly. that’s the moment when she starts to grab the bed sheet and slighty squirms and moans of lust.

i keep on pleasuring her with my tongue and my wet fingers, even after she starts to wince. i also try to increase the pleasuring efforts until she grabs my hair and presses her legs so hard together that my hand starts to hurt.
i lay myself right next to her and we start to make out again. i can feel her breathing heavily through her nose while we french kiss. i give her a couple of minutes of kissing and caressing her hot body.

then it’s my turn to mention the f-word and she willingly turns around for me to take her from behind. she is still wet and so am i as my boner is constantly producing precum. i caress and slightly squeeze her ass-cheeks with one hand while i rub my boner through her wet zone with the other hand. then i slowly push it inside her and she throws her head back. i grab her ass to pull her towards me and start to do her.

her boobies start to bounce as i do it faster and harder. we start dirty talk like “oooh f… me, please, f… me” or “baby you’re so damn hot, i want you so bad!” until i feel close, but i don’t want to cum this way.
i lay down on my back and she jumps on me, ready to ride me hard. i grab her boobs and play with her nipples as she starts to move her hips forwards and backwards.

i love feeling her this way, especially when she starts to move her hips up and down and i can hear her ass slapping down on my hips. time for me to tense my muscles so i don’t come to early and unwanted. i put my hand on her belly and press my thumb onto her clit, starting to rub it quite fast. she nearly claws her hands into my thighs as she rides me.

her boobs are bouncing up and down, her ass wobbles and we both moan load and breath heavily. after a few very intense minutes i can’t hold it back any longer and it shoots into her as i moan loud and so does she. a bit exhausted but totally happy and excited she lays down on me and we start making out again. my boner is still inside her and i caress her ass and her back.

i’m a bit disappointed as she tells me that she didn’t come a second time. but it doesn’t really matter as we both know, this night isn’t over yet …

long story, i admit, but now you know what i desire and what my hand isn’t capable of giving to me.

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