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I Love You, Mommy

I popped a boner as my step-mom rushed through the kitchen, her heels clicking on the tile floor. She looked fabulous. Cantaloupe-size tits. Tight ass. Black mascara. A little blush on the cheeks. Not bad, for a 40 year old redhead with two biological children and a step son.
My dad was honking the horn, and she was running late as usual. Her tits bounced joyously inside her tight black evening dress until she stopped in front of a wall mirror to check her make-up.

She reached into her purse for a gold tube. After uncapping it, she twisted the bottom, pushing up cherry red lipstick. I discreetly rubbed my hard cock through my jeans as she spread the lipstick over her lips and smacked her them together. Then she turned toward me.

“Got anything planned for tonight, hon?” she asked.

“Just doing a little laundry,” I said, yanking my hand away from my crotch.

“Good idea,” she said. “Get it out of the way before you go back to school. “

I’m almost sure she caught me wanking myself, but apparently she didn’t care.

The horn blared for the fourth time.

“Well, I better not keep your father waiting,” she said, smiling with those bright, red lips.

She slammed the door shut and I went to the window to watch my dad’s Cadillac back out of the driveway.

When I saw their taillights disappear around the corner, I dashed up to my parent’s bedroom for my weekly fashion show.

My step mom’s jasmine perfume still lingered in the room, as if it were stuck to the satin bed sheets. I sat on the edge of the bed in front of a chest of drawers. My step mom’s vast collection of lace, silk and leather lingerie filled the second drawer from the bottom.

I felt a deep, burning need to wear her clothes. I loved her so much that I couldn’t express it through mere words. I had to show it. But making love to her would have been a sin because she is, after all, my father’s wife. The only other way I knew how to become one with her was to share her underwear.

On that particular night, I wanted to be pure and virginal for my step mom, so I plucked a white bra-and-panty set from the drawer.

A single strand of red hair stuck to the bra’s lacy flower design. I pulled it off and pressed it against my face. Oh, if I could only be with her!

After shedding my manly clothes, I strapped on the bra and pulled on the panties. The wire undercups pressed against my chest, and the French-cut design of the panties left my hips exposed. I felt feminine and sexy. My step mom and I were getting closer already.

I sashayed into the walk-in closet to find a dress. My step mom has lots of clothes, from sexy mini-skirts to dazzling sequin gowns. I chose a pretty, blue sun dress emblazoned with sunflowers.

I slipped it over my head and evaluated myself in the mirror on the closet door. I was starting to look so cute. My step mother would be proud. If she only knew, if she only knew, I thought.

Make-up was next. In the bathroom, I took my step mom’s make up kit from the closet and set it on the counter. Eyeliner went on first — heavy black eyeliner. Then lots of mascara. A bit of blush on the cheeks. Finally, I spread on some rose-red lipstick and stepped back for a look in the mirror.

I was hot, which meant it was show time.

I took the video camera off the shelf of my parent’s closet, set it on a tripod in the corner of the room and hit record.

At first, I was nervous in front of the camera, but I knew it was something I had to do. My step mom had to know how I felt.

I waved at the camera daintily.

“Hi mommy,” I said with my voice as high and feminine as it would go. “I love you very much, and I’m going to show you the only way I know how. “

With my ass perched on the edge of my parents’ bed, I pulled up the sun dress and whipped my cock out of the panties.

Stroking myself, I puckered my lips at the camera. Occasionally, I would whisper sweet, little reminders.

“This is for you, mommy,” I said. “We’re together now. “

Just before I came, I slipped off the sun dress so I wouldn’t soil it with my cum. Then, sitting on the bed, I leaned over and opened my mouth. My own hot jizz spurted onto my face. Licking the milky white juice off my lips, I smiled at the camera for my step mom.

She would be happy. I just knew she would.

I cleaned my face and folded up the lingerie. I put the video tape next to the bra and panties in her lingerie drawer, along with a note that said ‘Watch Me. ‘

My parents found the tape later that night. They were quite shocked, but not in the good way, as I had expected. They told me I needed help and took me to the Crustwood Mental Hospital immediately.

Everyone seems to think what I did was sick. I think I was just creative.

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