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I love to play with words and You!

I love to play with tasty tongues and also with You

I love to play with languages and I love to play with you
I love to get you on your wrong foot and drive you mad

I love to mix my many languages and twist your tongues
I love drive you really mad – Ich treibe es hier mit Ihnen!

Ik drijf van pret in bed met mijn mooie blote blondines
I drive them as mad as wet while they trib their pussies

I love to lick long and feel their tasty twats before I fill them
Ich liebe lecken und sie zu schmecken die geile Schnecken!

Four foreign tongues in only five frivolous lines by me!

J’aime bien jouer avec mes mots, quelques bon-mots et vous!
Ich mag es Ihnen an der Nase herum zu führen und zu verführen

Ik mag U graag om mijn vinger winden en wat om de tuin leiden
I like to show you my garden where weeds blossom for my joy!

I call all my seven sweet sexy dear weeds there my Mary Janes
I harvest my dear doddies every early Autumn and let them dry

It is like a sexy story as they ferment free for me in a dark room!
It is their sexy smell since early Summer which makes me smile

I love my seven sexy dear doddies – wait for their womanhood

I smell my mighty warm women in the evenings as I sit outside
I smell my mighty warm women while they all ripen in the night

I smell my great girls when they dry and slowly get more sexy
I smell my great girls ferment for my joy for all next year long

I wait for X-mas, when I do not need a tree nor any presents!
I wait for my wives to be ready for me to use them very hotly

I wait for them to disappear in smoke causing sexy dreams in me
I wait for them patiently – as I know they will not disappoint me

I play with words in English and in Polish – po Polsku

I love to play with words and with all my dear readers here
I love to have fun in crossing borders without any passport

I only need to be here and never forget my pretty password
I only need to remember her name, my last love from Poland

Aniu nigdy nie zapomnie tobie slodki Szaciu zawsze mojo
Ann I’ll never forget you my sweet sweetheart forever mine

I only know two large long loves: my ladies and my languages!
I guess you know by now how I learned to love Polish language

I play with words in all my sexy stories, some are songs

I write almost only in verses which is a bit more difficult
I write almost only in verses as it is definitively more fun

I know many men look straight for the sexy action of a story
I know many men read too fast and all overlook all the puns!

I write with rythm and some rhyme – I just write the way I want
I write with inspiration more than transpiration, be it by beer

I never knew I write songs sometimes until a lady told me so!
I never know where I will end when I start a fresh sexy story

I love my muses – the sexy surprises they cause in my mind

I write my verses with only a few openings lines in my head
I write my verses with only a vague idea where I might land

I have many muses most are around twenty only, but not me
I have many muses who inspire my fantasy and long longing

I write with a vague hope the power of my mind seduces them
I write with a vague idea where my sexy scenario will lead me

I have a lot of hot and sexy surprises here – all by myself
I have a lot of hot experiences here in tasty conversations

I love to be a bit dominant and dirty in my sexy scenarios

I write public stories after my first female friend’s seduction
I read a spanking story by her about her only 18 and Mr.


I read next my personal messages from my friend Jennifer of 30
I read the owner of an adult bookshop chap old Peterson is me!

I write my first sexy series for her and her lesbian love Tanya
I write many more stories, most are into BDSM and some voyeurism

I am a very lucky guy as I can do what I want with all my muses
I am a very lucky man having all the time in the world to write.

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