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I just read this. It made me so hot!

It began one day when I was feeling really horny in class. I had only General Studies in the afternoon so I decided to skip the afternoon and go home, knowing I could masturbate. Dad and Steve, my elder brother, were out at work, Lucy, my younger sister was still in class. Our Mother had left us years before and had not been seen since, though I suspected Dad had some idea. I didn’t often do that, skip school to bring myself off.

I had once before, but it wasn’t a regular thing.

After I reached home I decided that I would sneak one of Dad’s dirty videos and watch it. I felt bad about skipping school and taking the video but the forbidden was fuelling to my arousal. Upstairs I undressed quickly and put on my new grown up satin wrap and padded downstairs. I could feel my lips thickening and my nipples hardening as I found the videos and choose one.

Bobby our Alsatian wanted to play so I shut him in the kitchen and sat on the sofa in front of the TV. I’d seen it once before but that didn’t matter, it really turned me on. Soon I had opened the robe and was squeezing my tits and rubbing my clit. I was laying back wantonly and my legs had spread out wide. It was all too much, my original sexual frustration, the naughtiness, the feeling of giving in to my lusts and the sights in front of me.

My fingers felt so good on my tits and sliding around my wet cunt. I came once fairly quickly but knew I could get a better one. As I concentrated hard on the thread of the next it just grew and grew, it was going to be a big one, I could tell.

Then it began to overtake me, I was falling, falling into the abyss, over the edge. Oh God! I felt Bobby between my legs.

I saw his hairy back between my legs, I could feel his cool wet nose on my thigh and his muzzle at my cunt, but it was too late. I tried to push him away but it was difficult in the position I was in and I started coming. Fireworks were exploding behind my eyelids and it ripped through me. Bobby must have thought I was playing and he had lifted his paws up onto the sofa.

As I was coming round I tried to push him down again but more lights were in my eyes. It took me a few moments to realise that these weren’t coming from my orgasm!

I looked up to see Steve standing taking photos of me! Frantically, almost crying, I pushed Bobby away and Steve dashed out of the room. Without thinking to cover myself with my wrap I chased after him with Bobby bouncing up the stairs with me.

His room door was locked. I banged frantically on it with no result before realising that I was naked and dashed down for my wrap. Still he wouldn’t come out or answer. Finally I slid down the door and cried, the realisation of what he must have seen dawning on me. He wouldn’t answer me so I went downstairs and put away the video and then put on some clothes.

Steve finally appeared at the door of my room.

I had decided that I was going to give him hell but knew I wasn’t exactly on safe ground. When he stood there leaning on the door jam all I actually did was blush as I looked up at him. Eventually Steve broke the silence and told me to look on my email. There was something in his voice. With that he went and I could hear him going downstairs.

Numbly I opened my computer and watched as the list of emails appeared.

The last one was from Steve. The message simply read – ‘open the attachments and come and see me’. I did and couldn’t believe what I saw!

They were all photos from downstairs. The first showed me sprawled on the sofa, legs splayed, with my fingers obviously at my cunt, my eyes closed, my gratification obvious. The next were even worse! Bobby was now in the frame. His muzzle was between my legs and although I knew I was trying to push him away it actually looked as though I was holding his head to me! The next one looked as though he was either about to mount me or already had and my mouth was open as I orgasmed.

The final one showed my face looking directly at the camera in a state of shock with Bobby still over me. As I looked at them I could feel cold sweat covering my face. I couldn’t believe it. It looked really bad. He must think I was twisted or something. It was so awful that he had seen me like this. If anyone else saw these I would die! I’d never be able to face anyone ever again! I didn’t even know if I could face Steve.

I just didn’t know what to do. I sat there in a state of shock and just didn’t know what to do. In a daze I turned off the computer and went downstairs.

Steve was in the kitchen sitting drinking coffee at the table.

“Steve that’s disgusting I can’t believe you did that!” He just sat looking at me and drinking his coffee. “Look it wasn’t what it looks like.

” I was blushing scarlet.

“What does it look like sis’?”


“I take it you didn’t expect me to take the afternoon off as well. “

“Steve! You let Bobby out didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes I did. You do realise that I could send these to all sorts of people? My friends, your friends, even put them on the web. “

“You couldn’t! You wouldn’t! Steve! You wouldn’t do that would you! I wouldn’t be able to look at anyone ever again! Steve! Don’t, I’ll do anything.

“I know you will. “

“What do you mean?” I felt a sudden tightening in my stomach. I felt strange.

“It means, sis’, that you are going to be real nice to me from now on. You are going to do all I tell you or you will be seen by lots of people who are shocked. “

“I’ll be nice to you Steve. “

“Yes I know.

You can begin now. Suck my cock. “

“What! You’re my brother! I can’t do that!”

“Start believing. My prim little sis is going to be really bad for me!”

I couldn’t believe it! It took me a long time to take it in. We sat there in silence as what he was really demanding sink in. What was all too apparent to me was the strange feelings that what he had said had ignited in me.

Steve eventually got up and made us both of us a coffee before speaking again. He told me to begin. Tears could be felt in the corner of my eyes. Eventually I realised I had no choice. I got up and stood, then knelt before him. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’d only done it once before with a boy. Slowly, as if hoping that it would all stop and I’d wake, I began unzipping his trousers.

I opened them up and fumbled to get his erect cock out. He was certainly turned on by me, by what he’d seen. The smell of his masculinity hit my nose. This was my brother! I held it in my hand tentatively, then moved my hand up and down it. It was certainly not a small one.

“Come on sis, in your mouth. “

I moved forward and kissed the knob.

It twitched and I pulled back. He scowled at me and I continued. I licked it once, and then resigning myself to it I carried on, finally taking the end into my mouth. He shuffled a bit in his chair to get comfortable and it went in deeper. His fingers curled into my hair and moved my head up and down. I couldn’t take much, only about half of it at the most with my fist around the base but he was obviously enjoying it.

It felt so big filling my mouth.

Suddenly he told me to stand and let him see my body. At first I was going to argue but I knew he had seen it before. After a while I struggled out of my jeans ridiculously ensuring that my knickers didn’t come down at the same time, before shrugging my T-shirt over my head. Then I had to remove my bra and knickers too.

It was really humiliating. He also made me take a swill of my coffee and hold it in my mouth before continuing. The coffee must have heated up my mouth, when I took him inside again he let out a groan. I thought he was going to come then but he didn’t. He carried on moving my head up and down on him. It began to be a kind of routine and my mind wandered to the cocks in the video and that I must look like some porn actress kneeling on the floor naked.

I was so ashamed but kind of hot too. He passed my coffee to me a couple of times more as I sucked him, so my mouth was hot around him, and though I am ashamed to say so, I got into it as well. I could feel him holding back but then he started coming in my mouth. I couldn’t move away, he held me down on him as I felt his spunk spurting out into my mouth.

At first I gagged a little and thought he would let me off but he held me there until he was through. I just had to adjust to it and swallow. He tasted kind of salty but it wasn’t much like anything other than spunk.

He let me off him and told me to stand up. I had to lick some spunk off my lips and I was still really embarrassed about being naked but he told me off when I tried to cover myself.

His cock was still sticking up and it was covered in my saliva. His hand came forward and he touched me, touched my fanny. I jumped back in horror. He sat back and told me to remember I had said I would do anything, and that I had better learn to accept it. Eventually I edged forward and accepted his hand as it cupped my fanny. I wanted to cry.

“Oh, so little sis is wet!”

“It’s from before,” I sobbed.

“When you were fucking Bobby?”

“No! You know I didn’t! From when…”

“From when you were frigging?”

“Yes. ” My head lowered as my face heated up again.

‘Is that why you’re still hot and wet. From half an hour ago?’

‘Yes. I don’t know. I don’t know. ” When he pushed a couple of fingers inside me I knew I was wet and he began to finger me as I stood before him as though on display.

It was incredible! I couldn’t be doing this. I couldn’t accept this. But I was standing there as he fingered me! Stark naked! I had to sit on his lap. I could feel the wetness of his cock on my leg and his hand on my buttocks. I could see my nipples hard on my breasts. He pushed my thighs apart and felt me again. At least on his lap I could look away.

“It’s your turn now sis”. You want to come for me don’t you?’

“No!” But even though I didn’t want to do this I knew my body seemed to think otherwise as his fingers slowly moved in and out of me. He began to play with my breasts too, my nipples ignoring my anger and embarrassment hardened even more under his wet touch. His fingers rotated between playing with my breasts and playing with my fanny until I was so aroused.

My eyes closed to hide me from the humiliation of knowing. I just couldn’t help it and finally he fucked an orgasm from me. I cried out and grabbed his wrist, not certain if I were holding it to me or attempting to remove it, but whatever my hips continued to jerk against him and my orgasm just rolled on and on.

“There, there sis”. I sagged against him, panting, my head on his shoulder.

“That’s a good girl. I told you that you wanted to come. You must learn to trust my judgement. Now say thank you. “

“What! Thank you. What have I thanked you for?” My voice sounded weak even to me.

“For giving you pleasure of course. If you’re good you’ll get lots of pleasure. “

That night in bed I couldn’t believe what I’d done. I couldn’t see a way out.

I just hoped that Steve would see sense and realise we had to stop. Nothing happened the next day and I began to hope, but the evening after I had to use my mouth on him again. This time Dad and Lucy were in the next room! They could have come in at any moment! I baulked at it, trying to make him change his mind, arguing with him. Steve told me that I was a naughty girl who was going back on her word and that he thought he should send one of the pictures as a punishment.

I was devastated. I begged him not to, told him I would suck him off and that I promised to be good. At least he didn’t make me undress this time when I did it, being naked would have been difficult to explain even if I could get his cock out of my mouth in time. Afterwards he had me admit I had been a bad girl.

“Bad girls are punished. “

“No! No! Don’t send the pictures, please.

“OK, but you must accept the consequence. “


“You must be naked for the first three hours after noon on Saturday. “

“But Dad and Lucy!?”

“Dad’s going out all day to one of his antique auctions, Lucy will be out all day on a revision course. You’ll accept the consequences of not doing as I told you?”

“Yes. ”

“This will be your last chance you know.

“Yes. Steve, I’ll be good I promise. “

Did I really have to do what he said? Couldn’t I have called his bluff? How could I face all the people that I knew if even one of them had got out? There was nothing I could do! I realised I had to simply do as Steve wanted and hope that he would tire of his game.

On Saturday Dad took Lucy out and returned before departing again.

I had slept late and was completing schoolwork at the dinning room table. Of course I remembered but hoped he’d forget. But of course he didn’t. A few minutes after noon he wandered in dressed in a pair of shorts and T-shirt and looked at what I was doing. Then he asked me why I was wearing clothes when I had promised him.

“But Steve… Bobby’s here. ” I couldn’t think of anything better.

“I don’t think Bobby will tell anyone, do you? Besides I’m sure you can behave yourself with Bobby if I’m here. ” He grinned.

“Steve! That’s not fair! You know!”

We seemed to look at each other for a long time, and then I stood up slowly and began the inevitable. It didn’t take long, I was wearing shorts and a top. Soon I was standing there without any clothes on, my body on display for him, totally and utterly embarrassed.

I expected to have to suck him off there and then, but he surprised me. He calmly suggested that I get on with my work and went back into the lounge. Thankfully Bobby trotted after him as he always did. It was strange sitting there with no clothes on. The seat of the chair was tickling my lips, my nipples were hardening, I couldn’t fully concentrate on my work. After about fifteen minutes he called me through to where he was sitting.

He was naked! Sitting on the sofa, watching one of Dads videos. Steve’s body was quite good I had to admit, a sudden unwanted thought, and he was slowly rubbing his very hard cock. I trembled when I remembered sucking that cock. I was told to sit next to him and watch the video. I sat on the edge with my knees together and stared at the scene of a woman being fucked from behind.

It was either that or look at the real life cock only touching distance away.

“You’ve a good body sis”. I tried to ignore him. “Yes you have. I didn’t fully realise before but I do now. Really good tits and bum, nice legs. You give good head too. ” I was blushing ridiculously again due to his words. Blushing at his words when I was sitting stark naked with my brother!

‘Watch the movie sis.

Remember what you did last time you watched one?’

It was so humiliating, I was trembling all over. I looked over at the TV. An ugly man was licking a woman’s fanny. It was wet and puffy looking as he pulled her apart and licked over her flesh. She certainly appeared to be enjoying it. He made me play with my tits for him to watch. I swallowed, my mouth dry. Arguing seemed futile.

I knew I wasn’t going to win. I felt like the slut on the video. My hands found my nipples hard and secretly I felt a shudder run through my nerve systems. I wondered what it felt like to have someone’s mouth at my fanny, wondered if it tasted foul. The ugly man seemed happy enough to do it and the woman was beginning to jerk around on the bed. I was squeezing my tits and I sighed.

Suddenly remembering where I was and what I was doing. Sitting naked and feeling my tits with my naked brother. I looked at him. He was watching me not the screen.

“Now between your legs. Rub your cunt. ” The harshness of that word not lost on me, even in the circumstances.

“I can’t Steve. I just can’t. “

“I’ve seen you do it before. “

“I didn’t know though.

I couldn’t have done it if I knew. And you’re my brother. “

“I’m beginning to get a little annoyed at your reticence. If you can’t be a good girl you might as well go and get dressed. Just know the consequences. “

I was beginning to understand what he meant by being a good girl. It meant doing exactly as he ordered. Being a bad girl. Being dirty. Acting like a slut.

‘You can’t just make me do things, rude things, time after time. ‘

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. You cant. You just cant. “

“I can. “

He pulled my shoulders back and down until I was laying back in the same position as I had been when he caught me. I was still holding my tits, my hips high at the edge of the sofa. I saw Steve’s erection wobble as he moved me.

On the screen the ugly man was fucking the young girl now. My legs parted slightly, then more.

“That’s right, you’re going to do as I tell you. You know the consequences. “

I closed my eyes to the young girl writhing in orgasm. My hands slid down my body and reached my mound. I was laying naked in front of my brother. The images of the ugly man fucking the young girl cascaded behind my closed eyes.

The man became Steve. I became the girl. A shudder ran through me. I had touched myself softly. My body responded with a jerk and a sigh escaped my mouth. I did it again with the same result.

“That’s better isn’t it?” I knew my brother could see this. It began to take on a new significance. It was arousing me. I couldn’t escape the fact. I opened my thighs wider, offering him a better view, though my own eyes were still firmly closed.

I was wet too, maybe he saw. My fingers began their work on my flesh, scooping all the juices I could get onto my clit. It was so embarrassing and yet so exciting. Teasing my clit, going round and round, my body beginning to really respond to this ludicrous situation. It was exciting doing this for Steve to watch, Steve my brother. It was so wicked.

“That’s a good little girl. Get all wet for me.

Get that little cunt of yours wet sis. Think of your brother’s cock. ” His rude words, the words of my audience pushing me further. The hand at my breast now squeezing my nipple hard. My pussy and nipples seemed connected. Somehow I was getting near to coming I realised. Whimpers were coming from my mouth. I could visualise his hard cock. It looked so big and vibrant. He was watching me frig myself! I was such a slut! He was right, I was such a slut! I was doing it for him! I was pushing up desperately now, up to my fingers, up to his eyes.

I wanted to wee, I wanted to come. I wanted to come for my brother to see!

My body suddenly went rigid, time and motion ceased for a moment. Then crying out as the fireworks exploded and I felt my head thrashing from side to side totally out of my control. I heard noises, suddenly panicking until I realised that they were mine, me grunting like an a****l. Steve was holding his hard cock next to me.

His body naked. I was naked. Waves crashed through me, tossing me around wildly. I felt hands pulling me. I didn’t want to move but couldn’t resist. My body was moved, I felt the warmth of his skin, his body. Lifted over his thighs with my legs spread I opened my eyes looking at him. I was so hot and throbbing. I couldn’t stop shaking as I squatted obscenely over him. My hand was moved, to his cock.

It was so hot, burning my hand, my mind not focusing properly. I clasped it and he moved my body down. I was holding it up, toward me, toward my pussy as it throbbed between my legs. I felt his hardness at my pussy.

“Steve we can’t do this! We can’t! I’m a virgin! You’re my brother!” My body refused to accept what I was saying, I continued to rub the head of his cock over my pussy lips, I even moved so I was kneeling over him more.

“Steve please!” I began to cry. Tears welled in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks but still I rubbed him over my wetness. Suddenly his cock was just inside me! I knelt still as I felt the stretching of my entrance, felt him just inside. “Steve!” I cried out as I lowered myself onto him further. Oh the stretching of my pussy! He was taking as little notice of my words as my body was.

He held my hips and pulled me further onto him. My breathing almost ceased, just shallow gasps came as I began to feel the stretching and fullness of another persons body intruding within mine. My brothers cock! It filled me like nothing I’d ever known. Suddenly pain hit me, stabbing, tearing inside, but was gone in seconds as he slid fully into my tight sheath, stretching me almost unbearably. Oh god it was so good to be full of him! I pressed further wanting all of him, until I could feel our mounds rubbing against each other.

Hands took my breasts, squeezing and exploring. They explored further, coming back to my breasts each time as I knelt caught on his flesh like a butterfly on a pin unable and unwilling to move. I began to feel him move in and out of me slightly, my juices lubricating him. In and out with movements of his hips which mine echoed naturally in this unnatural union. I lowered my hands to my stomach and pressed in.

I could feel him inside me! His cock pressing against my insides, pressing against the top of my vagina.

“Now come on sis, do some work, fuck me now, fuck your brother well. ” I began to slide up and down him loving every movement. I was really wet now but still stretched around him tightly. I leant forward and braced myself on his shoulders as I moved now. I needed it now.

Once at the top of my movement up his cock I overestimated my control and he slipped out. I could hear the flesh spring wetly against his stomach as a feeling of pure emptiness took me. I grabbed it quickly and returned it into me without the need to be told. My fingers were covered in my juices where I had touched him. I carried on with desperation gripping me. He took my head and pulled it forward and kissed me.

My brother kissing me in ways he shouldn’t as he fucked me! His tongue took my mouth, his cock in me as I frantically pumped myself up and down him..

My previous orgasm was still echoing around as a new one made itself evident in me. I heard myself whimpering when my mouth was released for seconds. I was being fucked. My brother! I was going to come with cock for the first time.

His body felt good against me, so hot and hard. I ground my groin down hard onto him. It was coming, so near. A precipice. So ready to fall over. Then it hit me. My body feeling as though it would never move again, then the frantic movements almost fit like, jerking desperately as my body was overcome with electricity. I flailed around, vaguely aware that his hands held me in place, helping me.

His movements too becoming totally a****l like as we bucked together, fucking unrestrained. He must have come too, though I couldn’t tell. When I became aware, my pussy was awash with sticky liquids. I lay on him as we both gradually calmed. It was amazing, but it had been my brother.

Steve seemed to get over it far quicker than me, within minutes he had rolled me off him and gone to shower.

I needed a cuddle. Eventually I needed to rouse myself and wipe myself before it all leaked onto the sofa. I went upstairs feeling a little sore and lay down on my bed. Thinking about what had happened was difficult, I couldn’t cope and eventually I fell asleep, still naked, on top of the covers.

I don’t know how long I had slept but I woke gradually becoming aware that Steve was with me and playing with my breasts.

I tried to stop him but, as before my body did not respond to the words I said to him any better than he did. Soon his hands had wandered all over me, especially exploring in my wet liquid filled pussy. Arousal filled me again regardless of my soreness at being taken for the first time not long before. He turned me over and positioned me on my hands and knees as I groaned at his ministrations.

“You must realise little sister that you are my fuck toy now. You have to understand that you are to be available for me. Not only that you must make sure that you make that you are available for me whenever I choose. We are going to fuck a lot, me and you. You had better learn how to please me. Then you will enjoy our little i****t games much more because I’ll consider pleasing you more too.

All the time his hands played me like a violin, arousing me to new height, leaving me incapable of disagreement even though the words sank slowly in. His shorts and top were quickly discarded while I waited in position and he climbed on the bed behind me. His hands took my hips and he opened me in the most disgusting manner before he again sunk into me. In fact I realised that in this position he seemed to be further inside me than before.

I felt like I was some a****l to be rutted, some a****l being rutted. My face was in the covers, my breasts rubbing the covers, yet my hips were thrust up wantonly to him as he plundered my cunt again.

All the time he kept up a litany of dirty obscene words, describing me, what I was doing, what I looked like, what he was going to make me do. His cock ploughed into me savagely.

Yet I was unable to hide from the fact that whatever crude words he used , however harshly he used me I could not stop from getting more and more excited by it all. Just before we both orgasmed again he had me repeating over and over to him, ‘I am your fuck toy, I am my brothers fuck toy’ , until we both came yet again and with the orgasm the words seemed to be imprinted onto my mind.

After he had finished I had to clean his cock with my mouth, kneeling between his legs and sucking off our combined juices from his still hard cock. My own liquids and his. As I took him in my mouth his spunk dribbled obscenely down my thighs making me feel so obviously a thing to be used.

In the coming days that feeling became much stronger. My period started a day after so at least I wasn’t pregnant but Steve sent me down to the health centre to fix myself up with birth control pills and condoms for the period until they were effective.

Even during my period I was required to use my mouth on him and to be touched whenever and wherever he felt like it.

The second occasion he fucked me was when I was babysitting. He came round, after the children had gone to sleep, totally unexpectedly. When I answered the door to him he took me into his arms and whilst kissing pushed his hand down the inside of my joggers.

“Please Steve not here. ” I was afraid the children would see us in the hallway from the stairs. Then it suddenly hit me I wasn’t asking him to not do it but it was simply a matter of geography. He pushed me into the living room and continued and thoughts of this type simply disappeared as his fingers opened me and I became quickly receptive both physically and mentally. He stripped me and took me on my knees again on the floor, I was soon to learn that this was his favoured position.

I didn’t have the pain of losing my virginity this time and he fucked me into accepting the pleasure that soon built up inside me. Two full orgasms hit me as he used me. After his cock had opened and stretched me to accommodate him deep inside my body he began a slow rhythmic thrusting alternated with a teasing of me by only moving a fraction inside my pussy. It drove me to distraction.

It fucked me to beg him to finish me off. It was so humiliating.

He would use me about twice a week. There was no routine though, I was always on edge waiting or surprised at his sudden demands. He would always refer to me as sis, his fuck toy, his bitch on heat or some such name when we were alone, never use my name. It made me ashamed yet strangely hot.

Initially I fought my position but gradually I came to accept it in a strange way, and though I would never admit it to him there were many times I began to look forward to the times he used me like this. He was, after all, giving me regular sexual fulfilment even though it was a type that I knew to be wrong. However he must have noticed the change. At times he would even gently tease me about my eagerness which I found embarrassing but was unable to disagree with him.

Inside, I am ashamed to note, I realised my ready acceptance. The threat of exposure that he threatened me with the first time disappeared. He must have been aware it wasn’t necessary.

In fact, I made little objection when he wished to add to his collection of photographs of me and on a couple of the many times I was told to masturbate for him he took the most disgustingly erotic pictures.

These he too posted to my email address but they did not have the same effect on me as the first. The sight of me submitting to his wishes, the recollection of him fucking me afterwards simply made me horny again. Being fucked like a slut was bad enough but knowing I was being fucked by my brother made it really wrong. However I found that this feeling of being a wicked girl added immensely to my excitement.

I also enjoyed the fact that he didn’t use a contraceptive now, relying on the pill which was now working. I could feel him better and it gave him a greater freedom to use me in unexpected situations.

The one thing that always worried me was being found out by Lucy or Dad. I also became quite jealous of the time that Steve spent with Lucy. I hadn’t noticed before how much time he spent with her.

Now there were many times when I was feeling horny when he appeared to be unaware and spent time with Dad or his youngest sister. Still I was never left frustrated for long. He fucked me at home, in his car, even outside in the countryside. I liked it outside, it was even more wicked of me. We even did it in his bed when Lucy and Dad were asleep.

One afternoon he made me bunk school again.

He picked me up from home. He had told me to change into a skirt and wear no underwear. I knew he would fuck me. I was even eager. We drove into the countryside and parked by a wood. We took a path and soon the sounds of town life receded and the outside world seemed unreal. My breasts bounced slightly as we walked, my nipples rubbing against my top. I felt the air wafting against my damp lips.

After a while he took something from his pocket. It was like one of those eye covers that you get on planes when you want to sleep. He made me put it on. It was tight the elastic strong around me, I could see nothing. This was new. I felt a little panicky but he was resolute and then calmed me. The feeling of helplessness overcoming me. Strangely with Steve there it made me hot.

I felt him lead me by the arm. It was strange, other people could theoretically come on the path and see me without me being aware.

I felt the floor change in a little while from hard soil to soft grass underfoot. I felt the sun on me again.

“We’re in a clearing. Strip. “

“Steve, please. “

“Please what?”

“Can I remove the blindfold?”


“I feel scared. “


“It don’t know. ” I admitted. I began to undress. It didn’t take long wearing so little. The grass felt good between my toes. His hands played with my breasts then over my stomach and down. My mouth opened a closed a few times in response to his touch, I trembled and I moved my thighs apart a little.

“Eager little slut now aren’t you sis?”


Yes. ” I was. God I was.

His fingers found my wetness and he laughed. His fingers took me, inside and out. I was so easily subdued by them, his fingers, his use of me. I knew I was a slut. I knew it and didn’t care. I imagined others watching, others seeing me being so sluttish. See my naked body, my excitement on view obviously. I liked the idea, it excited me.

His fingers on and in me had me bucking before he stopped.


“No I want to watch you. “

I’d done it often by then. I even enjoyed his enjoyment of my acting obscenely for him, in front of my fantasy audience as well. I did what he wanted. I fingered my cunt openly for him as I stood not being able to see. I wanted to see his cock.

Before I could cum I was told to get into position. I knew without being told what position. I wasn’t fucked into it any more. I wanted my brother to fuck me. I knelt for him, pushing up obscenely, the sun hot on my flesh, my flesh hot for him.

I heard him move and undress. Juices dribbled from me I was sure. His hands on me, on my back, splaying my hips even more.

His cock felt even bigger as it stretched me. Oh I loved it. I loved the feeling of his long cock invading and possessing my body. He took me. God it was good. His cock so hard. So demanding of my body yet so giving in its pleasure. My breasts rubbed over the grass as I began to lose control, my fingers clasping the warm damp of the grass. His cock hard and using me, so big inside me.

Oh God. I cried out. Everything overtaking me. Whimpering into the grass, thrashing around impaled on him. On my brothers cock. Such a wonderful cock. Grunting another climax hit me before making me jerk again. I was simply full of cock. Simply a receptacle for his cock.

I felt myself suddenly warm and fill inside with his cum. I was half sobbing with pleasure. The blindfold came off. Light hit my eyes even through my eyelids.

Eventually I could open them. Steve was in front of me. But I was still full of cock!! I cried out, my eyes wide in shock. “Steve!” I pulled forward off the still hard flesh and liquids spewed from me. I looked around frantic.


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