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I got leid!

I was at a local bar near downtown. The bartender was leing people that nite, and I happened to be at that same bar the previous weekend. I stepped outside to go for a smoke, I was talking to a girl I had just met and he came outside, remembered who I was because we had introduced ourselves the previous weekend as mentioned before. While in conversation with that girl he walks up and says ” you have been leid” then placed it around my neck.

The girl laughs and said to me “
come home with me if you really want to get laid. ” I chuckle and say ” alright” thinking she was joking around with me. She got up and went back inside, I went back in a short period of time. I walked around talking to those I did know, when I got done conversing I went to sit done in this spot by the door so I could see the karaoke singers.

She then showed up to where I was sitting and we conversed a little more. She’s then ready to leave and go home so we can fuck. I told her I will follow you back to your place.. I did. The way over I was thinking to myself do I really want to go through with this? I had convinced myself with the answer yes. We arrived at her place. We turned on the movie Scream 3, in the first 10 minutes we couldn’t resist anymore.

We tore off each other’s clothes like a****ls, she had even broke the button on my shorts trying to get my cock out and when she did she started sucking as if it was the last cock she would ever suck. We formed a safe word “Oklahoma” in case I got to rough for her.. I fingered her little pussy to get her all wet and moist. By that time she was ready to fuck, I placed a condom on and went at it.

Before I had begun she said to me “I’m a virgin” I didn’t believe it, still won’t for the simple fact of how easy it was for her to be picked up, but as soon as I put my cock inside her pussy, she kept resisting as I inched further but never yelled out the safe word we formed, I felt her tight little pussy stretch the deeper I went and hearing her moan was the best sound I’ve ever heard.

The more she took the harder I pounded her, it was such a great feeling. She turned over, we did it doggystyle and just hitting from behind in that position I sill had more to give her, I gave all that I could to her and she let out some whimpering moans that I really enjoyed hearing that nite. I pulled out, took my condom off and had her suck my cock to get me off.

I still hadn’t came once in that time, she had multiple times. As she was sucking me, she kept getting worn out so I figured I would give her a break and finish this up, I put my cock back inside her pussy this time with no condom, it felt so amazing at that point, we were facing each other at that moment, I thrusted hard and then slowed it down to hear the soft moans(one of my weaknesses) I could feel that rush of me about to cum so I kept going I then pulled out and there it went.

I busted all over her pussy and stomach. The movie at that time had reached the credits same time as my climax. She then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I went in after she was done. After, we had sat next to each other and I asked her if she was ready for a second go.. Her eyes lit up and she said “no I can’t take that anymore.

” I proceeded to get my clothes on so I could get ready to head home, it was 4 in the morning at that time so I was still a bit tipsy from the nite. I got home and went to be I had to be at work at 8 in the morning. As I was getting ready for work I realized I had left my wallet at her place, so I had to drive back to her place to get it.

She was the first girl I had left with from a bar, I learned a lesson from that experience, make sure I have everything I came with and not to leave behind my things when in a one night stand. Haha. I had the time of my life and will continue to create new memories as such. I hope you enjoy this story of mine as many more are to soon come.

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