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I Got Id

We face many choices in life, different paths to choose from. At nearly every instance I had the willpower, the determination to choose right from wrong. I am not infallible, I have made mistakes but they were small ones. I was able to correct them, apologize, and make amends with the ones I hurt.

However, there was one temptation that I could not turn away from. I was given the opportunity to live out a dream that most people will never obtain.

The consequence to living this dream would be the destruction of three very close friendships. Even with knowing this, I still went into this situation acting on my passions and allowing my id to rule. This is my story.


I started to gain confidence in my early twenties where women were concerned. I was in great shape, outgoing, assertive, and a great storyteller when it came to entertaining.

I went on date after date searching for the woman that would make me swoon and cause my heart to race in her presence. All of this searching was in vain, until I finally met Jane.

Jane came to work at the same retail store I did

She was very different from all of the other women I had met in my life. She was fair skinned, wearing just the lightest of cover-up makeup.

A small studded piercing was in her left nostril (and this was before it was fashionable). Straight brown hair hung past her shoulders framing her face along with short bangs. Her soft brown eyes hid a hunger deep within. Her breasts were C cupped, round and supple often seeming aroused because the nubs of her nipples were often hard and poking out with excitement. She had the body of a porn star, curved in all the right places.

While working together, we spent a lot of time talking and flirting. It took me a month to finally work up the courage to ask her out. Our date was a lot of fun but I was too enamored with her to risk making a move on her. We ended up becoming very close friends.

Jane’s background was a broken and troubled past. She was ****d at the age of 17, by someone that was a casual friend.

Her father abused her and her entire family throughout their lives. She had no self worth, feeling the only reason a man would be attracted to her was because of her ability to suck cock. If I had made a move on that first date, we would have had a few passionate weeks with a relationship ending because of her own self destruction. Instead, we stayed friends because she did not want to lose me and felt this would happen if we were to be intimate with each other.

Our friendship grew over time and we spent almost every night together. We would both become extremely jealous of one another when we dated other people. It seemed like every time we started a conversation it turned to sex. She asked me all types of explicit questions about the past women I was with, how I masturbated, what was my technique for oral sex etc. I would ask in return questions but she often did not answer them.

During these conversations I would get so worked up that I would have to excuse myself, go to the bathroom, and wipe all of the pre-cum off of my cock and out of my boxers.

A little while after Jane started working with me, a new girl started. Her name was Sarah and she was strikingly beautiful. She was a little shorter than Jane and unlike Jane had a very athletic build.

Her tits were small and pert. Her stomach was flat and her abs defined. She had tanned skin and her muscles were well defined. Her hair was long, straight, and soft. Her eyes were a cool light blue, like a refreshing breeze on a dry hot summer day. Whenever she would laugh it was like a contagious disease and I could not help but laugh as well.

Sarah was always flirting with me.

If we were in the same room she would need to be next to me and touching me in some way. She often had boyfriends and more noticeably she seemed to date virgins. Sarah liked to take their virginity thus ensuring she had complete control over them. Even with these pastimes, she was obsessed with me.

I can remember an incident at one of the numerous parties that our friends threw.

I was laying on the couch and was poking fun at Sarah, teasing her over and over. Finally, she had enough and jumped on top of me. Before I could push her off, her finger danced up and down my side tickling me mercilessly. I could not catch my breath nor gather the strength to push her off. She knew my strength and positioned herself so that she could grab my cock without others seeing her.

Her boyfriend stood there watching this entire scene. He would not act because he knew if he did it would anger her. So here was Sarah, basically rubbing me off in front of her boyfriend and the rest of the party. I was laughing uncontrollably which just made my cock more sesitive while Sarah rubbed me off.

I was finally able to yell out for her boyfriend to get her off of me.

He was conditioned to follow orders and did so quickly. Once off me she was both embarrassed and furious. She stormed off in a huff. I left the party soon after because she had me so worked up so much that I could not get my cock to soften.

When I arrived home that night I quickly stripped. My cock bounced out of my pants and it wagged up and down like a puppies tail in anticipation of being played with.

Red, angry, and slick with pre-cum my cock took over and dominated my thoughts. I started to stroke furiously and with a tight grip, mad at how turned on Sarah had gotten me. My pumping was erratic and varied as I was dwelling on being humiliated and taken advantage of in front of everyone at the party. Soon my thoughts strayed to Jane though and my pace evened out.

Jane had made so many hints, in the past, that she wanted to watch me masturbate but I could never bring myself to actually do the act.

I dreamed about just whipping it out and jerking off in front of her.

Now my imagination took over all of my conscious thought and I pictured that she was sitting in the room with me watching intently. I wanted to impress her and last a decent amount of time, so my pace slowed again but I was still quickly building up to an explosive release. Up and down, enjoying each one of my fingers bump over the edge of my cock head.

When I reached the top I would circle the head with the middle of my palm and then stroke down again.

With my eyes squeezed shut my fantasy moved forward and my need to cum had built to an uncontrollable level. I pictured Jane sitting right across from me. She sensed that my climax was eminent and leaned forward. This caused the neck line of her shirt to fall and I could see the outline of her fair supple breasts.

Those hard pink nipples and the soft outline of tits spurred on my stroking. I was breathing heavy and sweat coated my body. The slurping noise from my stroking was increasing as my pace picked up.

All of the teasing from Sarah was being channeled through my cock as I reached the peak of orgasm. On the up-stroke the first load of my cum sprayed out of my sensitive head. If only my fantasy had been true and Jane was right in front of me, it would have hit her right on her lips.

Load after load pumped out of my throbbing and tortured cock. I could feel the frustrations from Sarah’s ministrations slipping away.

After the last warm load shot out I pumped a few more times, like a warm-down from an extreme workout. I wiped myself off and folded back in a heap on my bed. I started to drift off to sleep and the final image of the fantasy played in my head, Jane licking my cum off of her lips and thanking me.

Jane and Sarah were tentative friends and there was always a tension between them. That tension, I suspect, was caused by me. I often talked about my feelings for Jane with Sarah. Jane knew that Sarah had feelings for me, in fact most people did.

A great display of this tension came from a party that I was taking Sarah too because her boyfriend was working. Jane was going to show up at this party once she finished work.

I drove up to Sarah’s house and she was waiting on her front steps. I stepped out to open the car door for her. She was jogging up to the car with a certain gleam in her eyes and enthusiasm in her step. She was holding a hand behind her back and when she was close she presented me with a flower. A girl had never given me a flower before. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I could feel my cheeks flush.

I would have thought that this was a lame gesture but it actually really touched me. I gave her a big hug, kissed her on the cheek, and thanked her. We got into my car, headed to the party, and I placed the flower on my dashboard.

The party was the usual, pool, music, video games, and drinking. We all were laughing and having fun, but this fun ended early when Sarah’s boyfriend showed up.

He started pouting over something and Sarah had to placate his fragile ego. This brought me down a bit because I was really enjoying her company. At the time I was thinking that maybe I made a mistake and Sarah was someone I could have romantic affection for. Then Jane arrived and all my feelings for Sarah were washed away.

Jane and I talked for a bit but she said that she wanted to leave because she really wanted to spend some time alone with me.

She seemed caring, even emotional, which was not like her. We said our good byes and left the party early.

We got to my car and I started driving. Jane’s head cocked to the side and she noticed the flower. She made the comment that I knew that she hated flowers. I told her that the flower was for me and that Sarah had given it to me. I went on for a bit about how flattered I was and how much it meant to me.

While I was talking and driving I was to distracted to notice that Jane had knocked the flower on to the floor. The entire drive back to her house she was grinding the flower into the floor with her shoe. When we arrived at her house she said she had changed her mind and just wanted to go to bed. She left my car in a huff. This was when I noticed the smashed up flower on the floor.

At the time I didn’t know it but this was a symbol of the relationship the three of us had.

The summer went on and we enjoyed a lot of parties and other activities together. Sarah and Jane started to spend more time together at these summer time events. Sarah decided to ask Jane over for a girls night in. They were going to watch movies and get d***k together. I thought it was a great idea because it may ease some tension between the three of us.

They picked a Saturday night, which was usually party night. I went to the party but left early because it just wasn’t that fun without either of them there. I sat at home reading and listening to some Soundgarden. At about 11 P. M. my phone rang and it was Jane.

The call started off with giggling from Jane and Sarah. She asked me what I was doing, I could tell they were pretty tipsy.

We talked a little bit about the party and what they were doing. Jane asked if I wanted to come over to Sarah’s?

Before I could answer the conversation changed quickly and Sarah blurted out, “Carl, did you jerk off yet tonight?” followed by more giggling. Jane obviously still had the phone and Sarah was yelling over her shoulder. I was about to answer but Sarah wrestled the phone away from Jane.

I could hear Jane laughing and yelling in the background, “No don’t tell him, don’t say it!” Sarah was also laughing and could barely form the words, “Jane… hahaha… wants to watch… god, Jane stop tickling me! Jane wants to watch you stroke your cock!” There was a large bang as the phone was dropped and I could here the two girls wrestling and tickling each other.

After about five minutes of this, Sarah finally picked the phone back up.

“Jane is in the bathroom right now, so I’m going to make this quick,” Sarah said with an urgency. A clarity seemed to set in and she sounded far more sober than she did a few minutes ago.

“You need to get over hear tonight. I know you have wanted Jane for a long time and you will never have a better chance than tonight,” Sarah said with a hint of desperation in her voice.

I gulped and through a cracking voice said, “But we are just friends, she doesn’t want anything more from me. She doesn’t want to have sex with me. “

Sarah’s voice changed and became much more commanding, “Carl, right now there is nothing more in the world that she wants than to see your cock. Now stop being afraid and get over here. ” With that she hung up the phone.

I sat there for 10 minutes contemplating what Sarah said. A part of my mind was screaming at me to run to my car and speed over to Sarah’s. My heart was telling me that there would be consequences if I went over there. I knew I shouldn’t go, I knew that I should have made the moral choice. I could not think straight any more. I kept hearing their voices, giggling while they wrestled and tickled each other and I pictured my self in between them.

My legs moved on their own acord, guided by a part of my anatomy that wasn’t my brain, and I was headed to my car. I had made my decision and there was no turning back. I got into my car and made the short drive to Sarah’s house. I walked up the yard and headed to the back door. The night was humid and the air was still. I reached the back door and headed into the basement to Sarah’s room.

I reached her door and knocked.

I heard Sarah answer my knock, “Come in. “

I opened the door and laying on a beanbag and a bunch of large pillows were Jane and Sarah. Empty bottles of Zima littered the room. Jane was wearing a short pair of shorts and a tight white tee shirt. She obviously did not have a bra on because I could see the pink of her nipples showing through the shirt.

Sarah was wearing a very long shirt and I could not tell if she had any thing on underneath.

Mazzy Star was playing in the background and Jane and Sarah moved away from each other. Jane looked Sarah in the eyes and she understood this unspoken message. Sarah motioned for me and then padded the place in between them with her hand. I shut the door, took my shoes off, and moved to lay down in between them.

As I settled in Sarah ran her fingers up and down my right arm and was gazing into my eyes. Jane seemed to be frozen and was looking right at the bulge in my shorts, like she was mesmerized.

“We are so happy that you came by. Jane was getting bored and needed something to play with. ” Sarah cooed.

Jane seemed to be in a different world.

Sarah moved closer, her firm body was now pressed up against mine. I could feel her hard nipples poking into my side. She started to nuzzle up to my neck kissing her way up to my ear.

Jane took this as a sign and started to unsnap and unzip my shorts. Sarah stopped what she was doing and looked down. Jane slid my shorts down my hips and then reached up and grabbed the top of my boxers also.

In one quick motion she pulled them all the way down and off my feet. My cock sprung back and forth as the waist line past it and a little bit of pre-cum sprayed us.

This changed the seriousness of the room because we all laughed and wiped the little splashes off us. Jane reached out slowly, like she was trying to catch an elusive a****l. Her hand reached my cock and rubbed her palm up and down the back of my hot throbbing dick.

Sarah and I watched, both mesmerized by her slow sweeping motions. Her hand moved around and then firmly gripped me one finger closing around my cock at a time. She jerked up and down three times then continued using just her index finger and thumb.

It was like watching a skilled musician playing a stringed instrument, and it almost sounded like one with the low moans she was causing me to produce.

This was really turning Sarah on because she pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it across the room. Her tan hard body was amazing, but I had little time to think about that. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and roughly pulled it over my head throwing it into the same corner as hers. Sarah d****d her body across mine, took my head in her hands, and began to passionately kiss me.

Her soft hair, which smelled like lilacs, hung to the side. I could no longer see what Jane was doing but I could definitely feel it.

This was too much to take, my mind was drowning in a sea of their feminine desires. They could have done anything to me and I would have eagerly went along. My cock was straining and Jane never did more than five firm strokes at a time.

While Sarah and I were making out she would move just so allowing me a glimpse at the expression on Jane’s face. She wasn’t trying to jerk me off or tease me, she was playing with me, experimenting with so many different touches.

My cock was straining and my balls ached more than they ever have in my life. I could no longer take it so I broke away from Sarah’s lips and pushed her to the side.

“Fuck Jane, stop playing with me I need to cum so bad!” I yelled in desperation. I reached for the bottom of her shirt and demanded, “Take your shirt off too. ” She looked at me and then reluctantly pulled her top off.

Finally I saw those large creamy globes tipped by spear like nipples. I started to reach out for them and then I felt a hand against my chest pushing me down.

“No you don’t. Now it’s my turn. ” Sarah exclaimed and used more f***e than I thought she was capable of. She slammed me back and straddled my shoulders. Now she was completely naked and I could smell her excitement. She had a small wisp of hair at the top of her pussy and her lips were pink and slick with excitement. Her clit peaked just out of it’s hood and she moved closer as she lowered herself to my lips.

I reached out with my tongue and touched just the tip of her clit. I could feel Sarah’s body slightly shudder. Her body slowly eased down and closer to me like her entire weight was balanced on the tip of my tongue. Closer and closer until now she was pressed against my mouth. I circled my lips around her hot nub and sucked it in. While sucking I began to flick with my tongue and moved my lips back and forth.

I could feel Sarah writhing above me and could hear muffled moans. It was getting hard to concentrate now because Jane was playing roughly with my cock. It had to have been at least 30 minutes now that she had been playing like a k** on Christmas with her new favorite toy.

My desire was at the boiling point and I could feel my tortured balls pulling up into me.

Jane had one hand twirling my head like it was a door knob and the index finger of her other hand was rubbing right over my sweet spot. Muscles started to contract and the sperm that had been boiling in my balls rushed out for release. After all of the torturous playing, I finally came thrusting my hips with each spurt. I could faintly hear Jane, she sounded like she was cheering.

I had been ignoring Sarah while I was cumming and could feel her body protest at the lack of attention.

Now without any distraction I pushed up and over and flopped Sarah on her back.

“Jane up here,” I said motioning her to sit up next to Sarah. She did and I guided her hand to Sarah’s breast.

“Just like you would like it,” I encouraged moving her hand around Sarah’s breast. Sarah had a wide eyed looked when I did this and seemed like she was about to protest until I moved back between her legs.

This time I started by tracing her very moist lips with two finger. They quickly became lubricated with Sarah’s juices and I slowly inserted them into her tight pussy. I slowly moved them in and out and then started to curve them up making a ‘come here’ motion with both fingers.

Once I had built up a slow rhythm I lowered my lips to her red aching clit.

Jane was pinching Sarah’s nipples and lightly tracing patterns across her body. She then lowered her head and tasted another woman’s nipples for the first time. Sarah reached out and cupped Jane’s pussy making rough movements with her hand. Jane began to rock her body in response.

With all the stimulation Sarah quickly moved to her first orgasm. I could feel her muscles clinching my fingers over and over. I didn’t stop though and she was screaming now.

“Fucking god, Yes!” Sarah screamed in ecstasy.

I moved my mouth and pursed my lips against her clit then returned to sucking and flicking my tongue. It was so much for her that she burst into another orgasm. Sarah almost sounded like she was crying now. She pushed against my forehead and I realized it was too much for her, I needed to stop.

I pulled away and Sarah had a huge smile on her face and tears in the corners of her eyes.

Her chest was still heaving up and down and she was absentmindedly playing with Jane. Jane and I laid down next to Sarah and we were slowly caressing her. I was hard again and when Jane noticed this she reached over and started to stroke my cock.

“Jane! You’ve played with me enough don’t you think?” I chided her.

“Aww, I could play with it all night long.

” she pouted.

“It’s my turn to play,” Sarah said sitting up.

She moved me to a chair and moved up between my legs. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and cupped my balls with her left. Sarah smiled at me and then stuck out her tongue. Sarah began licking me like a lollie pop. This wasn’t enough to make me cum but set my balls to boiling again.

I looked over and Jane had her eyes closed and her hand between her legs. Her fingers were moving in a circle over her clit and her other hand trailed up her body. She was cupping her breast, like she had cupped Sarah’s earlier, and started to pinch her nipple. She was moving her hands quickly now and her face flushed in passion.

Sarah sucked the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth.

She sucked and moved her tongue along the bottom of my throbbing cock. Sarah began bobbing her head up and down and kept looking into my eyes. She was cupping my balls and would squeeze slightly every 5-6 head bobs.

Jane was throwing her head from side to side and little whimpers escaped her lips. I could tell that she was building herself up slowly, teasing herself before she would let herself cum.

It turned me on so much and was one of the most arousing things I’ve ever witnessed.

Watching Jane pushed me over the edge and I erupted into Sarah’s mouth. My cum dribbled out the corners of Sarah’s lips while I spasmed. Sarah didn’t stop and sucked every last drop out of my cock. She stood up and wiped my cum from her chin and lips.

Sarah and I stood there watching Jane pleasure herself.

Jane’s eyes were shut and she had drifted off into her own world. I wrapped my arms around Sarah and she rested her head on my shoulder. We just watched until her whimpers turned into pleading moans and her pale skin had all turned flush. Her fingers work furiously and then the dam burst and she came yelling out the entire time.

Jane opened her eyes and she seemed embarrassed by the show she had given us.

We motioned for her and she stood up. The three of us embraced holding each other up like a tripod. I cared for them both so much at that moment. I don’t know if it is possible but at that moment the three of us were in love with each other. We savored the moment but then our lust started to take over again.

My cock was hard again and both girls were looking at it hungrily.

“Fuck me,” Sarah said looking into my eyes.

I moved towards the pillows and had her get on all fours. I knelt behind her and started rubbing my cock up and down her wet and very sensitive pussy. Sarah gasped and looked over her shoulder at me. Jane moved around us and laid down in front of Sarah. She scooted down a bit and spread her legs wide open.

Sarah and Jane’s gaze met and Jane nodded an approving yes.

I slowly eased my cock into Sarah’s pussy and it seemed to suck me in. I plunged all the way in and my hips pressed up against her ass. Sarah lowered herself on to her elbows and brought her mouth to Jane’s pussy.

I started to fuck Sarah faster now. Even though I was hard again I had cum two times already and it was taking me a long time to build up to my next orgasm.

I was fucking hard and fast now trying to cum but I was feeling a bit numb. Sarah was slamming herself back against me and yelling but I barely noticed.

Sarah finally moved off of me. I hadn’t noticed that she had cum already because I was so distracted by trying to get off. Sarah wasn’t able to concentrate on Jane, so she was left wanting laying in front of me with her legs spread and her pussy drenched.

My cock pulled me towards Jane’s cunt. So many of my dreams and fantasies and here was the moment. My body was pulled along by my cock and I knelt between her legs. She didn’t say a word as my cock moved it’s way to her pussy. My engorged dick rubbed up her lips and I started to part her hot slick folds. I slipped easily into her and back out again.

Sarah was still laying next to Jane to exhausted to move. I was still full of sexual energy and started to pass this to Jane. My thrusting moved to a fast but steady pace.

“Fuck me Carl, yes fuck, fuck, fuck Me…” she burst out.

This seemed to awaken Sarah out of her sex d***k state. She leaned next to Jane and cupped her breasts keeping them from bouncing from the pounding I was giving Jane.

She sucked on to one of Jane’s nipples which caused her to gasp. Sarah’s hand started to drift down Jane’s stomach and reached the top of her sex. Her middle finger passed over Jane’s clit and started to circle it.

I fucked Jane harder now and Sarah rubbed her hand over Jane building her close to an orgasm. I could feel Jane’s muscles start to milk my cock and this was the encouragement that my overworked member needed.

Muscles spasmed and my balls released their cum. I could feel it as my semen rushed up me in filled Jane’s cunt. Jane was babbling now as she came harder than she ever had. Her entire body clenched as her body and mind was shattered by pleasure.

We all collapsed on to the pillows and bean bag. We were a tangled sweaty mass of bodies, panting and trying to recover from our sexual exhaustion.

We stayed there, in each others arms, clinging to on another. I realized later that we were clinging not just out of love but because deep down after tonight everything would change.

We all woke up early the next morning and retrieved our clothes in silence. We dressed, gave each other a few platitudes, and parted for the day.

After that night everything was awkward between us. It was never the same, there was never that connection again between us.

Slowly we all drifted apart, and after a few years we stopped seeing each other. I never ran into them again nor have I ever found the connection and love the three of us shared that night.

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