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I fuck my brothers elder wife

Helo guys .. I would like to share my experience with my elder brothers wife .. She was my masturbating queen since i started masturbation… I was so attracted to her .. She is 25 years old.. With curvy ass and boobs .. My brother is working abroad .. So they wont have sex usually.. When i was 20 the incident happened … She came to my home and no one was in my home … We had some conversation .. After sometime we talked about my girlfriend .. And she asked me weather i had sex with her or not … I said no… I was surprised to hear that.. Then she told why not? I told iam not interested in her … Then she asked me then whome you are interested having sex … I said ”you” in a joking manner .. She was stunned and after that she laughed and told .. Really ? I said yes … Then she told me if yu dare then touch my boobs .. I was surprised to hear that from her … I went to her … And touched her boobs .. She closed her eyes and i huged her …she didnt move .. Then i started kissing her in lips .. She was still closing her eyes … After that she pushed me back and said this is wrong … She went to the bedroom… But i also went behind her and hold her from behind .. My dick became errect as it touched her ass .. I squeezed her breast from behind … She was moaning … Then i slowly removed her bra from behind … And i took both boobs in my hand … And sucked it … She told me my brother didnt sucked them yet … And i sucked and bit nipple .. She cried in pain….

After that i kissed her on lips and slowly removed her underwear …. She said ”no yar dont do this to me” i said ” now you are my wife.. Ill fuck you hardly”…
I slowly sucked her pussy and she was moaning in pleasure …. she said this is the first time her pussy been sucked …tell me do it for a long time …. After that i finished sucking .. I took my dick and inserted in her mouth .. She resisted but i facefully inserted and she began to suck … She sucked it for 10 mins and i started to cum ,… Then i took it from her mouth and sprayed all over her face ….

She really loved it … I cleaned her face with a towel and my dick again become hard …
I postioned her in doggy style and tried to insert in her virgin asshole … But its too tight … She is crying in pain… Then i quickly went to kitchen and took some oil and applied to her ass .. And in my dick… I slowly inserted in her ass .. It was going smoothly … But its too tight … She was moaning ” dont fuck my ass honey ” i said ” ill tear your ass ” i started stroking her ass her boobs was bouncing like hell ….

I stroked for 15 mins and started to cum … I said her were yu want my cum? She said” load inside my ass itself” i spread my cum all over her ass and she was crying … We both lied in bed holding each other in that night …. morning when i got up she was sucking my cock … When i cumed she drink all my cum and she laughed at me….

Then she went to bathroom … She didnt shut the door .. I went there behind her and saw she was taking bath … I went there and told i want to fuck you in your ass once more .. She said ” no honey .. We can do this some other day” but my cock became hard again… I went there and facefully bent her down in doggy position and inserted my dick .. It was smooth.. She moaning” dont fuck me its too paining ” but i didnt listen .. I fucked her for 20 mins in her ass and cumed her face … And that day we both bathed toghether and after that we have sex usually ….


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