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I dreamed of her last night

This is a dream i had last night abt my classmate, have a huge crush for her. Shes Latin, black hair brown eyes. In the dream she was wearing a nighty and a pair of sleepers. Excuse my English but enjoy its a real dream not made up.

The dream started with me walking with some guys who were my friends , although i didnt quite like them the dream sort of forc_ed me to walk with them.

So we walked to this quiet playground and i noticed her sitting by herself on some beautiful green grass still wearing a nightie since it was in the morning. I was preparing to make my first move and go to her and ask her why she is came in this playground so early in the morning. As i was preparing to make my move one of my Unknown friends decided to go first so i sat and watched.

He talked with her for just abt a minute and the next minute he was wrestling with her on the grass playing with her like as if they were little kds! I was worried her nighty skirt might lift up and her panties would show. My heart was beating fast, i was angry, i was jealous i couldnt do anything but watch.
He continued wrestling with her and he was letting her win the wrestle so that she would climb over him.

I pretended not to watch but i couldn’t help and her nighty skirt kept lifting up bit by bit through the wrestle. She was sitting over him on his belly holding his hands and pushing them to the ground screaming “I win i win!!”, and i was thankful that it was finally over i couldn’t take any more of this she is the girl of my dreams.
All of a sudden the tables turned, he no longer played nice with her, he stopped letting her win and overpowered himself to her and pushed her to the ground removing her from his belly.

Her panties started showing a bit and they were satin and gold in color, i could here the guys next to me mumbling, laughing and i already knew they talking abt the panties. They cheered her on “You can do it baby we on your side”, and i knew they were just making fun of her the crush of my life.
At this point the wrestle was getting more rough by the minute.

I noticed how she put her nightie skirt between the legs so that it does not lift up again. They tousled one another rolling on the grass, the guys laughing at her angry and disgusted face expression as they kept rolling with hands clasped to one another. He managed to get his knee between her thighs fighting to squeeze in the other knee so that his legs would both be in between her legs.

I was boiling with anger but didn’t want them to notice because i was afraid they would make fun of me, my eyes were wide open, filled with mixed emotions and skin burning with anger.
The rolling stopped, before i knew it his other knee was between her legs just like he wanted. She had very little room to move around so she decided to spit on his face, and she spit back with a huge load of saliva on her forehead! The spitting fight continued, since she was at the bottom her shots didnt do much, and he had major advantage on top and landed loads on her face covering mostly rolling down her cheeks.

At this point i thought she would surrender, i was shocked by the saliva that was covering her face. She was still angry struggling and seeking revenge, she grabbed him by his dick and squeezed it and the guys laughed out cheering her on. When he got off her his dick was pulled accidentally pulled outside and the guys went crazy still cheering her on and laughing. She started crawling away from him and her hair was a mess not to mention both of her sleepers was off.

Hes quickly tuck his dick back in his pants and was on her again seeking revenge! He jumped on her back as she was crawling away and started tickling her. She couldn’t help but laugh out real loud struggling to free herself in the process. He turned her over so that she would be on top of him and have have her body facing the sky. He tickled her and had her giggling trying her best to be free.

She grabed his hands and fucked her way out and managed to quickly stand up while he was stil on the ground. Before i knew it he quickly grabbed both her legs tackled her down and pulled her. Her legs were slippery he kept crawling away and he would pull her back again. He decide to only hold one leg and let go the other. She took advantage and used her free leg to kick him in the groin, as she did so he didnt feel much pain instead he forc_ed his foot in her legs.

The guys were having a time of their lives enjoying this. I was shaking and wished this would have stopped long ago. They continued, forcing each others legs in each others groins. She was still lying on her stomach trying to crawl away and he was in a sitting position with her leg in his groin. She pushed harder and harder expecting him to scream. Suddenly he decided to push back, i could see his toe right in her nighty skirt as had big long legs.

He pushed harder every now and then and said “Im gonna kick that ass of yours!”. I was so angry wishing i was him or i was not here at all. He continued asking her as they struggled “You trying to get away from me?”, she replied “Im gonna bust your balls if u dont surrender”. I could not believe my ears, it was as if she is enjoying this.
Now he started pushing his leg in her groin real hard and she started pushing hers too! It looked as if they were actually fighting right now.

She was not doing much crawling now as she was pushing her leg trying to bust his balls and Boom it happened, her panties were showing again just a little and her skirt was trapped in his big toes. Suddenly he took advantage of that and said “What u got under here?”. He grabbed her nighty skirt and pulled it up for all to see, hes foot tucked in her gold satin panty ass.

And the guys went silent and looked at one another in enjoyment. She begged him to stop but he wouldn’t until she yelled “Im done playing please let me go!”. He then asked while laughing at her “First tell me who won?”, she quickly replied “Yes you won please now let me go…”. Then he let her go, and i could see in her eyes she was so angry. Then i woke up horny as Hell !!.

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