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I became totally his pet

I was waiting at bus stand to catch Bangalore bus in bus station. It seemed to be very few people at that time in bus stand. After some time, one aged person may be above 50 years with dhoti came and sat on the bench before me. It seems he was looking at me I turned my face. Here I have to say about myself. My name was Raghunath, aged about 23 studying Engineering couse.

I used to see sex movies at internet cafe. Gratually, It turned to gaysex movies. I was much attracted towards it. I used to like mature persons with strong body , male dominatig. As there was no chance, I had controlled my desires and not tried any where so far. When I saw him after few minutes, he, was opened his dhoti to one side and showing his cock to me. It was too big in size and also very fat.

r. On seeing his big lund, my mind changes its feelings at once. Even if I want to control my self, it was not possible for me at that time. Again my mind instructed me to look at that side. I saw him again with curiacity. He was musturbating his cock and his looks were upon me. He called me to sit besides him. There were no passengers at that place nearby. I stood myself but stayed there only.

He came to me and placed his hand on my shoulders and asked me where was I going. I replied. He smiled at me and said you were so good looking and very sexy..He removed his erected big fat cock from his dhoti and by showing it asked me do you like it. I did not reply to him. He said to me if you like me, you can come with him to enjoy,He promised , he show me where the heaven will be.

Duly talking with me he took my hand and placed it on his erected cock. It was very hot. I pressed it slowly. It jumped. He came very close to me and hugged me and kissed me. He said let us go now. I had forgotten my journey and followed him. He took me behind cycle stand and opened his dhoti. It was full of forest. He cock was uncut and semi erected. I never bathered about sorroundings.

I kneeled before his lovely cock and opened my mouth. He inserted his cock in my mouth. It was salty, smelled, but that smell gave me emotion. I sucked his lund shamelly. I played with it as I liked. He did not said any thing. Finally he made cum inside my mouth and pulled his cock outside. I swallowed it completly. Both came into bus stand and took tea. I asked him what was his name.

He said that his name was Govindu working as watchman at Govt college which was adjustant to busstand. I asked him can I contact him ? He had given me his cell number and asked me do you like inter course. I said yes. We desparsed ourselves. I That day was sunday. I phoned to Govindu. He felt very much happy. I asked him to contact me. He said better I come to his quarters at college late in the night.

some other bus and went to Bangalore and came back. I agreed. I went to night show picture and came out by 11. 00pm and reached the college premises. He was waiting at college gate. We both went to back side the college premises. There his quarter was situated. He opened the doors and we went inside. There was one old woman sleeping on cat. I afraid and asked him who was she. He took me to another room and closed the doors and said that she was my bedridden mother and she knows what was going.

Sice I lost my wife and children in an accident, I was enjoying gaysex by getting some one into my room. He knows that I was very romantic in sex in my young age, she never opposed me in my deeds. He removed his cloths and sat on mat and asked me to remove all. I removed all cloths and taken position to suck his cock. I took his cock in my hand and pressed it.

Slowly it enlordged and became like a iron rod. I suck it slowly inch by inch. I sucked his balls nipples and ass hole. He too sucked my cock and incresed the speed slowly. I cum inside his mouth and he took it inside. I asked me to kneel me before in dog style. I obeyed. He kept his cock in front of my ass hole and pushed it inside slowly. With great difficulty it entered one forth of it.

He said in my ear that he was going to press now facefully and I should tolorate myself. I agreed. I dont know when he pushed it in my ass, now my ass was full of his man hood meat. My ass hole sorrounds were bornning and tears came out side. He then fucked me slowly and at one point it became easy to come in and go out. He fucked facefully for long time.

He removed his cock and cummed into my mouth and i swallowed it. He cleaned my mouth with his tounge and kissed me deeply. We went for sleep. When I got up, I saw Govindu was not there. I made my dress up amd came out side the room. Govindu mother was sitting on cat and called me saying what was my name and what were I. I replied to her politely. She said to me that she likes me and said I can come at any time to meet Govindu.

I went to her and touched her feet. and tooked her blessings and came out side.

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