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I Am Not Gay, Really

Jake had invited me to his club to play squash one Saturday and after completely dominating me we sat down in the men’s grill to have a couple of drinks. Jake is a nice enough guy, but all he talks about are women and sex. Jake’s wife is very attractive and more than ten years his junior, but he still can’t stop talking about other women. We finally stopped sweating and headed to the shower room to clean up and head home.

I undressed in the locker room, wrapped a towel around my waist and wandered around until I found the shower room. It was a single room with more than twenty shower heads, almost like what I imagine a prison shower might look like. I hung my towel on a hook and began showering. I was a little self conscious as Jake took the shower just next to mine. I looked over and quickly turned away.

Something caught my eye and I casually turned back toward him. It was his penis hanging down like a hose d****d over his testicles that had my attention. It was bigger than any penis I had ever seen. My own penis was around four and a half inches when erect, his must have been six when he was completely flaccid.

Just then Jake asked, “Like what you see down there?”

I quickly turned my head as my face turned completely red.

I tried to laugh it off, but Jake offered, “Its okay, you aren’t the first guy to notice my cock. To be honest I couldn’t help but notice yours. “

The bleed began to leave my cheeks as I wondered what he meant. I looked at him quizzically when he clarified, “No! Not like that! Idiot! I couldn’t help but notice, well, how small your penis is. How do you fuck with that?”

I turned off the water, grabbed my towel and made my way to the locker room.

Once I was dried off and was putting on my pants Jake appeared. He had dried himself off and had his towel wrapped around his waist. He tried to apologize and I told him it was nothing.

I sat on the bench and began putting on my socks as Jake dropped his towel and started putting on his deodorant. He cock wasn’t more than three feet away from my head and I was trying to ignore it, focusing on getting my shoes on.

I had my right shoe on when I couldn’t help but notice that he was massaging his penis with his hand. It was slowly getting hard when Jake said, “To be honest I have been torturing guys with my penis since I realized it was on the big side my freshmen year of college. “

I managed to get my other shoe on by the time Jake was completely erect, his penis curved upward at a length I estimated to be nine inches.

I began to get up when Jake took a step toward me and asked, “Do you want to touch it?”

I told him I would see him later, grabbed my bag and got out of there.

Later that evening I told Michelle about the incident. At first she thought he might be gay, but then she began to ask me about the size. She couldn’t believe he was as big as I said.

She thought I must be exaggerating.

Several weeks later Michelle invited several women from the neighborhood over for some wine and cheese. I managed to avoid the hen-fest by going to the driving range. The wine flowed freely and Michelle finally got up the nerve to ask Sarah about Jake’s massive penis. She mentioned that I had mentioned the size of Jake’s penis to her and Sarah confirmed my story. Michelle couldn’t believe it and that was when Sarah offered to take a picture and email it to her if she would do the same.

The girls couldn’t stop laughing.

Sarah kept her promise and emailed a picture of Jake’s penis along with a ruler. Turns out I was wrong, he was closer to ten inches long than nine. Michelle couldn’t believe Sarah sent the picture. In fact Michelle had forgotten all about the agreement until she received the picture. How was she going to get a picture of my penis? The truth of the matter was, she wasn’t going to.

When Sarah asked Jake to let her take the photo she had to explain the context and asked Jake what had happened. Jake told Sarah about our locker room experience, but a very different version than mine. He explained that it was only after seeing him naked that my penis became aroused. He said that I began stroking my penis in front of him, my hand almost completely covering my penis. He admitted he was intrigued, but only because I was so small.

Then he told Sarah that I asked him if he would be interested in a three way with Michelle and me. Specifically that I wanted to watch another man fuck Michelle. Sarah couldn’t believe it, she had no idea I was such a freak. Of course Sarah and Jake had done a LOT of experimenting. Jake had brought other women home to their bed before and Sarah had enjoyed the experience.

The following week Sarah and Michelle went to lunch and the topic of the picture came up.

Michelle apologized and explained that I wouldn’t understand, we just weren’t that adventurous when it came to sexual matters. Sarah laughed suggesting that Michelle might be surprised. Sarah then told Michelle part of the story Jake had told her, specifically that I wanted Jake to fuck Michelle as I watched. She left out the gay stuff, suspecting that Michelle might not want to hear about that just yet.

Michelle couldn’t believe that I had talked to Jake about our sex life, much less ask him if he would be willing to have sex with her.

In fact she did NOT believe it and quickly wrapped up lunch. Michelle decided not to ask me about the story.

I ran into Jake over the next weekend and he told me that Michelle had asked Sarah about penis size. He explained that Michelle was curious what it felt like to have sex with someone with a huge penis like Jake. Jake then gave me some friendly advice, suggesting that while penis size isn’t that important, it can break couples apart.

If Michelle is curious she might cheat or break up just to find out that having sex with someone with a big penis isn’t any better than having sex with me. It was a really strange conversation. Jake then handed me a page he had printed from the Internet for a penis extender. The device attached over penis up-to four inches long and adding both girth and length. He explained that I could order it and let Michelle experience a bigger penis, letting her get over her curiosity.

As I held the printout in my hand I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Really? I finally told Jake I didn’t believe him and then he told me to check Michelle’s email from Sarah.

That evening I found the picture of Jake’s erect penis from Sarah in Michelle’s inbox. I couldn’t believe it. I ordered the penis extender right then.

Before the extender came Michelle ran into Sarah at the mall.

Sarah apologized, but insisted she was telling the truth. She then revealed that I had told Jake I was going to order a penis extender to use to show her how good sex would be with Jake. She also explained that I was trying to build up the courage to ask her. Michelle wasn’t buying it. Sarah was such a freak, Michelle thought to herself.

Ironically, it was that night that I first tried to use the extender.

Michelle was shocked when she saw that Sarah had been telling the truth. I covered the extender in lube and began pushing it inside of Michelle, who at first seemed annoyed, seemed to be enjoying it. The extender added a couple of inches in length and at least that much in girth so the added pressure on her vagina seemed to be helping her get off faster. Michelle had forgotten about her conversation with Sarah by this point was midway through her third orgasm when I asked her, “So how do you like it?”

Michelle was still in mid-orgasm as she tried to answer.

She had no idea I had seen the picture and assumed I was about to suggest that she have sex with Jake. Michelle decided to lie, suggesting that it was too big and that it hurt. I stopped immediately, leaving Michelle wanting more, but not willing to give me the satisfaction.

When we were done I couldn’t believe it, but Jake had been right. Michelle just needed to realize she wasn’t missing out.

I would have to remember to thank him.

Michelle stopped by Sarah’s house to apologize and explained what had happened and how she had lied to me. Sarah then told the other half of the story Jake had told her. The part about how I masturbated while looking at Jake’s penis. Michelle was devastated and angry. Just then Jake got home and could tell that Sarah had told Michelle the whole story.

Both Sarah and Jake comforted Michelle.

After a few glasses of wine Jake looked at Sarah and after she nodded he made his move. He began brushing her hair with his hand as Sarah rubbed her back. He then began kissing her neck. Before Michelle knew it she was completely naked in Sarah and Jake’s bed. Laying in the missionary position Michelle took Jake’s massive penis inside of her little by little as Sarah massaged her clit.

Michelle forgot about everything else as she enjoyed massive amounts of pleasure from the couple. When it was over reality washed back over Michelle and she began to feel guilty. Jake convinced her that it wasn’t cheating because I was actually gay. He explained that lots of men don’t admit their sexuality even to themselves. He admitted that he was bi-sexual. Michelle shot a glance at Sarah who nodded in agreement.

Jake had an idea.

The idea was for Michelle to help me experience what it was like to have sex with a man. The plan included wrist and ankle restraints, a large cushion to place under my hips and a ball-gag. Michelle was to get me to allow her to restrain me on the bed, put the ball-gag in and push the cushion under my hips.

That evening Michelle had no problem convincing me to allow her to tie me up.

I started to get worried when she put the ball gag in. The cushion caused my ass to stick way up in the air. Michelle began lubing up my anus and I realized she was going to put something in there. She began laughing and teasing me, asking if I was enjoying it. She pushed her finger in my ass causing me to get aroused. She asked again if I was enjoying and I nodded that I was.

She laughed out loud as she got off of the bed. I saw Sarah standing in the doorway and couldn’t imagine what was going on.

Then I felt something big pressing into my anus. Just as I did I saw Sarah and Michelle standing next to each other. Jake began to laugh as he realized I knew what was happening. I tried to fight, but Jake kept feeding his massive cock into my asshole.

It burned as my anus ripped to accept his huge penis. Then he stopped. His cock was buried deep inside of my and I didn’t dare move. He pulled my hips upward, putting me on my knees. The new position reduced the pressure. He then removed the cushion.

Michelle couldn’t look away, I watched as she stared at Jake with his cock inside of me. Sarah was rubbing Michelle’s breast as she watched.

Jake reached underneath and held my penis until it was hard. I didn’t fight him because any little movement caused me tremendous pain. He then began driving his cock in and out of my ass. I realized after pulling away a few times that if I stayed completely still it was less painful. He kept holding my penis as he fucked my ass, his hand moving back and forth with each thrust.

Jake never stopped talking.

He talked about how good my ass felt, how he wanted me to cum. By this point my eyes were closed and I was trying to block the experience from my mind. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and Jake seemed to know. He leaned forward, his cock deep inside of me he let go of my penis. He gripped my waist and began rotating his hips repeating, “Cum, cum, cum…”

Then my penis jumped and a stream of hot semen sprayed onto the sheets.

Jake praised me and told me to keep going. I opened my eyes and saw Sarah unbuttoning my wife’s shirt. I also saw what looked like a tear in my wife’s eye. Michelle turned away as my penis jumped to spray a second stream of semen on our bed. She couldn’t watch anymore.

When I was done Jake pulled out and I collapsed on the bed in a pool of my own semen.

I couldn’t open my eyes, I just laid there until I realized that Michelle was on the edge of the bed. I turned to see my wife with her back to me facing Jake as he stood at the side of our bed. Jake lifted her legs and said, “I know you wanted to watch me fuck your lovely bride! Enjoy!”

With that Michelle moaned and groaned as Jake fucked her hard. Jake couldn’t hold on very long before he came inside of my wife.

Sarah and Jake left soon after and Michelle released me from my bonds. I couldn’t look at her much less talk to her.

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