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I agreed

My husband had to bail me out for a DUI. Then I wrecked the car. I had been busted doing internet chat. There was so many things he had me on that finally he demanded I had to either pack up and get out or do exactly what he said. I didn’t want a divorce I was just too much into alcohol. I was crying and begging him to please let me stay and I will do anything I promise.

I knew I had been drinking way too much but I would again do anything he anted. He had me to sign an agreement and it was stressed I had to do anything like I mentioned.

He showered then had me to shower then turned on our web cam to webcamnow and introduced me to “live” internet porn. I thought it was to merely watch people but then he had me to take off my top and sit on his lap which I did.

As he was pinching my nipples and pulling them hard he was making me horny and he knew it. I told him to quit and let’s go to the bedroom.

“Stand up and take off the thong panty and sit back on my lap” he told me. I immediately obeyed. When he had me to place my heels on the desk and spread my legs he touched my pussy to find out I was wet.

“You’re horny aren’t you?” I assured him I was and please let’s go to the bedroom. He told me after we were finished. I didn’t know what he meant. I thought he wanted to just wach more webcamnow when he opened a drawer and removed a dildo of mine called “the Natural”. This dildo looks like a real penis and is ten inches insertable in length. He told me to start masturbating with it.

I wanted to go to the bedroom I pleaded and he said “do it or no marriage”.

I grabbed the dildo and started to rub it against my clit when I noticed I was on the monitor. I asked him if the camera was on and he said it had been but not on my name. I asked him what was he talking about. he said you can view whover has a camera and I was letting you watch thm other men no problem that were beating off or what ever.

“Please, honey, let’s go to the bedroom” again I cried. He laughed and told me to masturbate using the dildo like I was being fucked. I asked him if he would want me to fuck other men and he said” that will come later. For now masturbate the dildo”. I closed my eyes as I started to insert it and he helped by grabbing it and began thrusting it in and out and I opened my legs more and said “yes, like that”.

He let go and told me to do it like that. I had to and he knew I would. I was taking it slower than him when he again grabbed it and did it harder and faster. He said” you like it rough I know now do it like you are being taken against your will by a mad man”. I said “ok, I will and want you to be happy. ” He told me “remember , later we’ll get real men her to take you and we’ll make some porn in our home sweetheart”.

I said “are you serious?”

He took the dildo and took it out and asked “is there a problem?” I was too shocked to say anything but knew I was horny and needed at least the dildo. He read my mind and said “ok, go to the bedroom” handing me the dildo. “I’ll be in shortly”. I obeyed and went and pulled the overs off and laid on the bed the dildo rubbing up and down my pussy lips.

Several minutes went by but I heard the doorbell and wondered ho that could be damn it. I need fucked and didn’t need unexpected company. After a few more minutes my husband walked in and told me he was sorry for keeping me waiting. I said get undressed and fuck me. he asked if the didldo wasn’t doing it’s job and I told him I want a real man. he said he can take care of that and then told someone come on in “she’s ready”.

There were two black men and I tried to cover up with my hands and arms and closed my legs. The dildo was on the bed and they each noticed it. “We’re here to help you honey now don’t be alarmed”. I was looking at my husband and he said “remember our agreement and remember that I’m wanting to watch you be with a black man and you acted like if I really wanted to it’d be ok?”

I looked at him then the two black men who by now were undressed and saw the biggest black cocks I ever saw and they weren’t fully erect.

As they approached the bed one said “I’ll fuck her first and you have her suck your cock”. I stared at my husband asking” are you sure this is what you want?”.

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