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Husband watches

Jools sat astride me. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Such a beautiful woman- dressed in heels, stockings and a red and black leather corset. Her sheer panties lay on the floor and I couldn’t take my eyes from between her legs.
“I’m going to fuck you hard, sweetheart,” Jools said, her breath a hot whisper in my ear. “I’m going to take all that cum you have for me. “
“Oh my god,” I managed to whisper.

Jools took my fingers and under the palm of her hand she had me work that sweet pussy. My eager fingers found her clit and she helped me slide a finger into her hot core.
She rocked back and forth on my finger. She took my other hand and cupped one of her magnificent breasts. The nipple, a hard nub poking from the corset. She leant forwards and I took in that beautiful cleavage.

My cock was a hard pain between my legs. My precum streaked the black leather. How was this happening to me? How was I lay here with an angel straddling my naked body?
Jools looked down at me and I was lost in those stunning green eyes.
She arched her back, took my trembling cock in hand and eased me into her warm wet folds. I let out a strangled gasp of excitement as she did something and her inner muscles clenched my erection.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard,” she whispered, kissing me, biting my lower lip. “I’m going to drain you of cum and…. my husband is going to watch. “
The bedroom door opened.
“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed as a big man entered the room. He looked angry. Very fucking angry. I had to get out of there.
“What the fuck is this?” he demanded.

“Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is he?”
“I’m…I..this is a mistake and-” I stammered.
“Shut the hell up,” he snarled, pointing a finger at me. His other hand was a bunched fist.
“I’m going to fuck him,” said Jools, looking over her shoulder at her husband. She smiled. “I’m going to make both of you cum. “
She squeezed my somewhat wilting cock with her inner folds.

“Oh fuck,” I mumbled, trying to wriggle from beneath her. “I should just get going and-“
“Shut it you pommie bastard,” her husband snarled. “You put yourself there. Get fucking. Go on. Fuck my wife. Fuck her. “
He pulled up a chair and sat down. A hand moved to his groin.
“Fuck him, Jools,” he ordered, he took himself from his trousers. His semi-erect cock hung, large, heavy and angry.

“You better fuck her good, pommie,” he said. “Do her. “
Jools turned to me, traced a painted nail on my trembling lower lip.
“Ignore him. He likes to watch,” she whispered, nuzzling my neck. “Fuck me. Do my cunt. “
Jools ground her pelvis onto mine. A tight circular rotation of her hips. She fucked me hard as she had promised and her husband slow stroked that angry cock of his as she quickly brought me to a climax.

“Oh god. I’m going to cum,” I gasped as she pounded that hot pussy down on my cock. “I’m cumming!”
My hot cum streaked into her like a bolt of white lightning. I shuddered as her inner flower clamped my pulsing cock. I filled her.
“Oh my god,” I said. “I am so sorry. I’m-“
Jools put a finger to my lips again.
“Shhhsss,” she whispered, sliding herself from my still twitching penis.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” she said, my cum dripping from her sopping hole. “He’s going to fuck me now. He’ll fuck me like a real man. “
Her husband climbed onto the bed behind her. Jools leant forwards, those stunning tits inches from my face. Her husband slipped himself into her creamy hole. She let out a little gasp as he stretched her to the limit with that big, engorged cock of his.

He pounded her.
“You dirty cunt,” he said as he drove into her. “Dirty fuckin’ cumslut. “
He rode her hard and Jools responded to his every thrust with a counter-thrust of her own. I lay there beneath her. Those tits bouncing before my face. Her stockings caressing my naked skin as he fucked her from behind.
“Fuck me. Fuck me,” she kept repeating, in hot gasps. “Fill my cunt.

“Do him,” ordered her husband. “Do him. “
Jools changed position slightly, she lifted her ass, leant down and took me into her mouth. Those beautiful lip glossed lips wrapped around me and sucked me down. All the time her husband grunted and moaned behind her rocking body.
Jools suddenly came. Her green eyes momentarily filled with a painful desire as her orgasm swept over her like a crescendo.

Her mouth sealed my cock in a tight vacuum. I came- seeing the look in those eyes as she climaxed- that and the fact that she did something incredible to the tip of my cock with her tongue.
“Dirty fucking cunt,” hissed her husband and…he exploded inside her tight, cream filled hole.

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