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How I Taught My Sister To Masturbate

Hi. This is the story of how I taught my sister to masturbate. She is older than I am, and has good body, really big boobs. She’s also really fun to be with, especially after this incident. Now I play with her boobs really often and call those my melons. Her name is Mahini and we live in Kerala. My father works abroad and I live with my mom, sis and grandma. sis has biggest boobs among the three.

We are really close. Well she’s really close to me and shares with me everything that happens in her life. But we got even closer after this incident.

So, one day our mom tells me that we’re supposed to go abroad and live with our father for the rest of our vacations, but she’s not coming since she didn’t get a ticket. We were like, OK, we’ll go live there. I help her pack since I had very few items to pack and therefore I finished packing very soon.

I help take her clothes in and put it in her bag. I did take her bras and panties and put it in the bag, and then I asked her “What are these for?” Although I did know what they were, I wanted to hear it from her mouth, and she says “These are underwear. ” And I say “This looks like my shaddi”, taking a panty in my hand, because shaddi is what we call men’s underwear in our parts.

And she says “Well I wear it like you wear a shaddi” and I asked her, “Can you show me?” and then she takes off her pants, and puts on a panty. What surprised me was she didn’t put her pants back on again. She stayed in her panties! Then I asked her what that was, pointing at the bras. She tells me that she wears it at the chest area. And without me asking her, she takes off her top and puts the bra on.

Then I tell her “Can I touch that? I’ve never seen it before” pointing at her boobs, she nods and I squeeze that monster. And that’s how we packed. By that time, needless to say, my dick was hard.

And now, here’s how we traveled on a flight. It wasn’t the first time we were flying, so we knew how to conduct ourselves around, and therefore, our mom didn’t come to leave us.

We were in the car, with a driver, traveling for 2. 5 hours before reaching the airport, 3 hours before the flight left. We were alone in the car, and then she slept. I don’t sleep much, so I kept staring out the window. So, because I opened the window, her top flew up, revealing her stomach, and a bit of a bra. I thought “What the hell?” and took her top up to the top and revealed her bra.

And I began playing with her boobs, and that’s when I noticed the driver staring at us. By the time, she too woke up and looked at me playfully with a smile and called “Mahi!” and then she too saw the driver. He had stopped the vehicle. I asked him “Will you tell our mom?” and then he nods. Then she says “What can we do for you so you won’t tell?” And then he tells us that he wants to have sex with her? And then she says “It’s both of us, or nothing.

” And when I look at her, she says “Well you started it!” and then we all had a threesome. Actually, I and the driver had sex with her, and I punished her by fucking her butt. Since it was 2 in the morning, nobody noticed the car jerking.

He began by taking her pants off, and then her top. Then he ordered her to get out of the car. We protested, since it was cold, but he just said “Mom.

” and we kept quiet and she got out. She stood on the roadside, with just her underwear and socks on. Strangers come and squeeze her boobs and ass, and I find myself hard. I resist myself from masturbating. But our driver hasn’t any reservations. He takes his thing out in a flash and starts shagging. I don’t give up. I also start shagging along with him. Then we call her inside, and start groping her, with her underwear on.

I try to put my hands inside her bra, but the driver slaps my hand away and say “No, I’ll do her first!”, then I allow him to do it. He does it really rough, and my sis starts bleeding from her pussy. I’m worried, but decide to stay out of it. Between his sessions, he calls me and makes me fuck her from behind. Now, she’s moaning, and going “Oh, Oh, and Oh” And I put my dick inside her asshole, and she still has her underwear on.

She’s really in pain, so I take my cock out, and starts tit fucking her. And then he comes, but I still haven’t come. So, I put it in her mouth, and make her give me a blowjob. Now we’re almost late, so the driver starts the car, and we leave, me still fucking her mouth. Finally, I come and I hurriedly dress her, and then I see her torn bra. So, I give it to the driver, god knows what he did with it, and puts on her a miniskirt and tank top.

And then the driver turns to me and tells me (because she’s still asleep) that if we don’t go to his house every day after we return, he’s gonna tell our mom. I agree with him, and slap my sister to wake her up. She wake up and does not notice her change in clothes. I tell her that we have reached the airport, and we need to leave, she comes out of the car pretty quick, and grabs her bags.

And when we get inside the airport and standing in the queue, that’s when I notice her nipples being seen through her top. I also noticed that I could see half her ass when I was running behind her to not be late. Then I tell her what the driver told me, and she agrees too. That’s when she notices the change of clothes. She looks at me questioningly, and I say that that was all I could find.

She seems convinced, and I’m not worried about dad, because she has to wear a burkha anyway when we reach there.

We gee plane, and I’m playing with her boobs again. We’re teasing each other when the air hostess comes up and tells us to sit properly with our seat belts on. Then my sister drops her phone, and asks the air hostess to take it. When she bends over to take the phone, my sis points to the air hostess’ cleavage and shows her own cleavage, and asks me “Which is better?” Of course I’m fucked to say “yours” because she needs to be with me always, right? During the entire flight, I keep groping her boobs and she kisses me.

When we’re nearing our destination, she slips off her top and skirt, right in her seat, and puts on the burkha. When we land, we become decent, and we see our dad, and we go home. When we reach our home and we go sleep. When I wake up the following morning, dad’s already left for work, and she’s still sleeping. She sleeps the whole day, and the next day, we decide to watch some movies.

The first movie was “The ugly truth” and in it, there’s some stuff about masturbation, and it was pretty funny, so I laugh, and she asks me what is masturbation and I tell her. And I show her. And then she tries when I tell her how, and as a reward she gives me a blowjob. And ever since then, we always sleep together, and have sex. The End!.

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