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How I Fucked My Virgin Younger Sister

I am Venkat age 21 from Visakhapatnam (Vizag). This is a true story unlike other stories. The heroine of the story is my younger cousin sister Ramya. She is 2 years younger than me. This incident happened on her 16th birthday.

About me I’m 5ft 7in in height and an average built with 6 inches tool to satisfy any woman. I am a follower of this site from past 5 years and at last got time and opportunity to contribute my part and share my true experience with you all dear readers.

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Ramya and I are cousins but we are very close to each other as the age gap between us is very less we used to share every damn thing.

We used to share all kind of topics regarding friends, college, family etc etc. My sister was always on the modern side she used to wear jeans, tight tops, skirts, frock, etc

Ramya’s birthday is in mid summer and she comes to my house on her birthday for lunch as we stay in the same city. On her 16th birthday one of my family members passed away so Ramya’s parents and my parents went to attend that ceremony and Ramya and I were left alone at our home.

Ramya has round breast and a hot ass and long hair and fair complexion. She looks really hot among all my girl cousins. I never had any bad intentions till her birthday. Ramya even asked about sex, porn and I used to clarify as her friend rather than restricting her like a brother so she was always open with me and shared everything with me.

So, at 12 in the night I brought a cake and made her cut it and I applied it on her face and then helped her to clean.

In the process of cleaning, she was standing near the basin and I was standing behind her and cleaning her face from back. so in this process I touched her boobs and after cleaning we went to my room and we laid on the bed side by side.

We started chatting –

I – so what plans for tomorrow

Ramya – we’ll decide tomorrow.

I – so what else

Ramya – I have a doubt

I – what ??

Ramya – what is masturbation ??

( I was not much surprised as we talked about everything.

but that day I felt uncomfortable and dint know how to explain her )

I – I am not able to explain you but it gives the artificial pleasure of having sex

Ramya – so show me how to do it

I – Are you sure

Ramya – Yes

I – remove your shirt and panty

I was turned on by that time and my 6 inch dick was rock solid by that time.

Then I told her to spread her legs and told her to insert two fingers into her vagina and told to move in and out of the vagina. Then she asked how guys would do it and as o was aroused I removed my shorts and started jerking off and in this mean time she was watching me jerk off.

I asked her if she wants to touch my penis and she accepted and I caught her hand and made her hold my penis and made her jerk me off and I asked her of o can masturbate her pussy to which she said ok and I started masturbating her.

Then I went close to her and kissed her cheek and then her lips and she also responded positively so I moved my hand towards her breast and started pressing her and smooching her. Then I broke the kiss and asked her figure and she said 36 30 36.

Then I removed my t-shirt and made her totally nude and started sucking her right breast and at the same time pressed her right breast.

She started moaning loudly and then I shifted to her right breast and started sucking it and pressing the left breast.

Then I moved down and started kissing her navel and moved more down and started sucking and licking her pussy and she was moaning very loudly anf ran her fingers through my hair and eas pushing my head towards her pussy and I enjoyed it a lot and sucked for around 20 mins.

By then I was uncontrollable and I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and placed a pillow under her butt and applied Vaseline on my dick and placed on the entrance of my pussy and gave a jerk and only 2 inches entered and she was screaming out of pain and I dint bother and gave another hard push.

This time my whole dick was inside her and bleed started flowing and she started crying and asked me to remove my penis but I remained in the same position and don’t move and started kissing her lips to relax her a bit.

At the same time my penis was paining as her pussy was really tight and then licked her tears off her cheek.

Then I started giving slow strokes and she was telling that it was paining and slowly I increased the pace of my strokes and then her pain vanished and she started moaning out of pleasure and was saying fuck me Venkat FUCK ME I’M ALL YOUR”S BABY.

Then we were both enjoying the intercourse and I was pressing her boobs at the same time and we both reached our orgasms and we fucked for 3 more times that day.

She said she wanted to do this with me from many days and got the right time today and from then we did it whenever we were alone.

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