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How I Became A Male Stripper ll

If you have not read part one nothing here will male much sense.

I got up about 7:00am for my work out and massage, it was about 9am when my massage was done kind of early to shave my body but I said go ahead and do it. You can’t be a male stripper with pubic hair and I am kind of hairy so a good portion of it gets a shave about once a week or so depending on my work schedule.

All done about 10am so I take a shower and then a nap don’t go to work until 8:00pm so a little rest then gonna pump some iron for about 45 minutes just so I will look buff for that party we are working.
Now it is about 2pm so I find a snack then I need to get my work clothes out. I have several costumes to choose from, a fireman, a policeman, farmer, cowboy and a business suit.

Every thing is velcroed up so I can get out fast and easy. I decide to be a cowboy tonight but I am not using the chaps tonight. Pants, boots, shirt, vest, hat and a two gun rig that shoots blanks special loads so they are not too loud for the ladies. Naturally I have a few dozen G-strings all black and I usually give it to the guest of honor as a gift.

Buy them in bulk found a place that I can get 10 for about fifty bucks not a bad trade.
At 6:30pm we head on over to the job location this is some girls birthday party tonight we have five guys and two girls. Most nights we get a few girls from the party to join in, does not take much to convince them.
In the dressing room we get every thing all set the order of appearance and stuff so we know what we are doing before we do it.

I go on second right behind the guy dressed like an Indian Chief wow did not expect this but OK we can do that. He goes out and has about three minutes to dance around and drops his clothes not much on an Indian then as he gets some personal attention I hit the stage. After all of us get down and dirty and have some fun dancing around the room awhile we have a floor show tonight it is a little orgy on the stage the five men and the two female strippers we always try to draft from the crowd one or two usually is ready to get involved tonight we get several all hot and horny maybe a little neglected at home too.

We pull a sofa to the middle of the stage and before long we have all of them doggie and the sofa and all of them men rotating around the back and the front getting all sweaty and rotating one way every time the music stops we move over one. Yes condoms in use except for the oral portion of the show. We usually bring about 100 to 150 for every show we never want to run out.

This party has about 25-30 screaming and horny women most are either naked or topless by now. I gave the birthday girl my G-string in a trade I got hers.
We dance around for another 30 minutes and about this time I am glad I took one of those little blue pills and another pill that one of the porn stars says makes you cum buckets not true but they do increase the load and get you going again a little faster.

Even the two girls that came with us are getting in on the action too.
we dance around the room in a conga line and then we head to the dressing room the show is over we change and head home.
I get about a grand for 4 or five hours work if you call about 8 BJs and fucked about four girls I did not know until tonight. This is a day in the life of a male stripper.

I don’t know how long it will last but I can say I am having fun and living large for a dean man.
Oh and by the way the Devil does not look like you see on TV either, you may have walked right past the Devil on the street or the mall and never knew it.
I almost forgot I had four phone numbers shoved in my boots by the end of the party too.

I may do a part lll later to tell you about a small party a couple of us did where it was three of us and 12 girls and before we were done no one had any clothes on and I went home with two of them.

Thsnks for reading!.

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