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Hotel 3some

I had just booked in to a hotel and saw a friend having dinner with a gorgeous bit of stuff that I knew wasn’t his wife and when I passed them and was behind her I nodded to him, grinned and did the wanking sign with my hand. He nodded his head slightly so she wouldn’t notice. I pointed to the toilets and motioned for him to go there. Sure enough a few minutes passed and he joined me there.

Apparently this girl was on a conference and staying at the hotel for the night and he was trying to get her pissed enough for a good grope if not a fuck. We’d often shared girls when we were younger so I asked if I could join him he was all for it, certain that the two of us could get her d***k enough for something. He went and sat back down with her and I casually walked by and spotted them and said hello.

Dan, my friend, pretended to be surprised to see me, introduced me to Mandy and asked if I wanted to join them. I said I didn’t want to interrupt anything and she assured me I wasn’t and said she didn’t mind.
Seeing they were drinking wine I ordered another bottle despite her protests and insisted that I get it for us all. When they finished their meal we adjourned to the bar where I made sure her drinks were extra strong and it wasn’t long before she was tipsy enough to need some assistance walking.

Dan offered to see her to her room and winked at me as they got up to leave. I followed at a distance so she wouldn’t see me and when they got to her room Dan took her key and opened her door and took her in, making sure the door didn’t close properly.
I immediately went to the door and crept in; they were standing in the lounge and Dan was kissing her, almost holding her upright.

I went up behind her and putting both arms around her got hold of both tits and pushed my cock against her bum. She immediately broke off the kiss with Dan and tried to pull away from both of us but we were both holding on tight.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she said.
“Just getting a feel of your lovely tits” I said.
She struggled to get away swearing at us both to stop it and get out.

“Don’t be such a prick tease” said Dan who was now groping her pussy over her dress, “I bet you love it, a nice little threesome, two hard cocks ready to give you pleasure”. A she struggled I slid her dress of her shoulders and as her hands went to stop me Dan lifted her dress so her hands tried to stop him and I got her dress right off her shoulders and down to her waist, trapping her arms in it.

“Undo her bra Sandy, let’s have a look at her tits. ”
I didn’t need telling twice and her bra was soon gone and her tits set free.
“Fucking hell Sandy, look at those tits, so firm, she’s got a great pair”.
As he said this I got hold of one and he bent down and started sucking on the other one. After a few minutes of that I let her tit go, grabbed the hem of her dress and yanked it right up.

She shrieked as I did this but I managed to get it right up so her panties were on show. Her arms were now trapped in her dress so I told Dan to get her panties off. He did so kneeling in front of her and then said “what a gorgeous cunt Sandy, lovely blonde hair and a sweet pink slit, this is going to be good. Let’s get her dress right off”
So I pulled the zip down the back and we got her on the floor and Dan pulled the dress right off and he was right, lovely cunt and great tits.

Dan held her ankles and got his head between her tights, and as I got a good feel of her tits Dan went down on her, giving her cunt a good tonguing which soon had her moaning. “She’s like a fucking bitch in heat mate, fucking juice is flowing here, she’s a fucking natural, needs a good seeing to. ” As he’d been licking her cunt he’d set his cock free and now got on his knees between her thighs, spreading them wide and slowly sinking his cock in.

“Oh shit, this isn’t going to take long, what a lovely tight cunt”. Then he was pounding into her, long hard strokes that soon had her moaning. “Give it to her Dan, fuck that cunt” I said as I watched her tits bouncing around as he pounded into her. She was loving it but realising what was happening begged him not to cum inside her. He was so close he pulled out straight away and kneeling over her face, stuck the tip in her mouth and soon came his load.

I quickly moved into his place and with her legs spread drove my cock straight in, fucking her cunt hard as Dan finished emptying his load into her mouth. Then I pulled out quick and she gasped and begged me not to stop so I turned her over ion her knees and went into her doggie style as Dan laid on his back and pulled her head down to his cock so she sucked him while I was fucking her.

I had a hold of her hips and was driving it in hard and fast, I needed to cum and her cunt felt so tight I was soon there. She realised I was nearly there and again begged me not to cum inside her so I pulled it out and shoved it straight up her arse. Boy did she squeal, but I hung on to her hips and after a few more strokes was cumming my load up her arse.

What a great fuck!.

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