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Hot sister inlaw 2 !

After the day at the lake I was the Man!! My friends would buy the
drinks and tell other guys how I picked up a hot chick at the lake and with
in half an hour was fucking her right there in the open!! I never told them
I knew her. Just laughed and said she hit on me so what could I do, then smile!!
It was about six weeks after we got to gather at the lake I got a call
from my x—-inlaw.

She was pissed!! Wanted to know why I hadn’t called her?
I told her I had put her number in my pocket but ended up going in the water
and it got messed up. It took awhile but my begging her to forgive me she finely
said OK ! She said she got a lot of crap from her friends but it was ok now. I
asked her to go out Friday knowing it was her birthday.

She was surprised I knew
and said yes.
Friday came and I was excited ! Didn’t know what to except but my hard
on was hoping for a repeat of the lake!! We went out to dinner then I took her
to a comedy club where we had quite a few drinks. At the club we sat close and
she put her hand my thy.

Then slowly moved to my balls,squeezing and rubbing them
most of the show. I was hot so we went to her place. I knew she shared it with some
other girls from the collage, but if we didn’t make to much noise we could fuck all
When we got there she led me to the basement were the game room is. I wasted no
time and we were nude in a flash.

She said I owed her for what happened on the beach.
I agreed and asked what she wanted me to do to make up for it? She said she wanted
to tie my hands up so I could only use my mouth and dick! I saidsure but was
surprised when she used a pare of hand cuffs to do it. She then led me to the center
of the room and hooked a chain to the cuffs.

I asked what it was for but found out
quickly as she pulled on the other end stretching my arms above my head. She then
tied a rope to each ankle and puled my legs apart till I was hanging by my arms.
Then let me down a little so I was standing. She picked up her panties walked over
to me grabbed my balls and twisted. I yelled and she shoved the panties in my mouth
and rapped a small cord around so I couldn’t spit them out.

I didn’t know what was
going on ,she picked up all of our cloths and left.
I tried to get free but couldn’t. Not sure how long she was gone but when she
came back in she wasn’t alone!! The four other girls from the beach were with her.
They were pointing at me and laughing ,calling me names. My x s—inlaw said I
was going to be punished for making her look like a tramp.

She held up my belt,
smiled and stepped behind me. I screamed and shook my head but she still hit my
ass hard! I lost by breath on the first hit. I could hear the others cheering her
on as she beat my ass. It must have been thirty hits, I was just hanging by my at
arms and crying !She stepped in front of me and smiled and said next, holding the
belt up! I looked at her pleading with my eyes and shaking my head no, but she
handed the belt to another.

She did say they could only give ten each. As the girls
stepped up they said things I didn’t understand at that time.
When they were all done my x s—inlaw said showed me a camera that was being
used to record it all! One of the girls came up to her with a bottle of lotion to
put on my ass to help with the pain.

It was cold and felt good as she rubbed it
on me, but then she started rubbing my asshole and pushed a finger in. I tried to
twist away but another girl grabbed my balls and said you ll enjoy this! I think
they all had at least two fingers in me before they shoved the vibrating butt plug in.
They were all laughing when they kissed me good night and left me.

My x s–inlaw
lowered me to the floor,put a blanket on me ,kissed my cheek and said sleep tight
tomorrow will be a fun day??For who?.

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