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Hot Experience With Newly Married Bhabhi

my name is Aman, i am 23 years old and i live in Gurgaon, Delhi. I am a good looking guy, 6 ft. tall. This is my first story so sorry for the mistakes. Getting to the story now

It was a hot afternoon in Delhi and i was at my bhabhi’s place as she had invited me for lunch. She was recently married and she had all the curves a woman could have.

She was wearing an orange color kurti and black skinny fit leggings. She was looking very sexy and like a newly married woman her face was glowing. She had a fair complexion and her size would me 36-24-34

Once we had lunch my cousin brother left for work and only me and my bhabhi were at the home. She asked me to rest for some time and i went to the TV room and tuned into soccer.

She completed her work and joined me. We started chatting casually. As she was recently married we dint have too many conversations earlier. So she started to ask me about my studies and hobbies. The she asked me if i had a girlfriend, i blushed and said yes.. And she got a bit excited and asked me to show me her pic…. We chatted for some time and then she said if i wanted to have something more….

I said no…. And we started to see pictures of her wedding…I told her she looked very beautiful during her marriage…She replied “how m i looking today” … I said really good…. She smiled and said. Looks like you’ve found me more beautiful than your girlfriend…. I got a bit naughty and said…. ” maine aapko dekha kaha hai”. She understood what i said but dint say anything…. While she was sitting beside me my eyes were on her round boobs….

It was a great sight…I then made up my mind to seduce her…

I started to make our conversation a bit naughty…. I asked her if she had any boyfriend before marriage…She hesitantly said no…Then i asked her again then she said…Yes she had one…. Then i thought if i ask something else she might get upset so i just said…. Bhabhi then why did u leave him ? She said it dint work out and he only was busy in his work and dint give her time….

I thought it was the right moment to proceed…I asked if she had a physical relation with her ex.. I assured her i will not tell my brother…. And her expression gave me the answer…She did have….

While talking i just kept my hand on her shoulder and she dint seem to mind…It gave me courage…I said you are so beautiful any guy would like to be with you…She smiled…I then got a bit closer to her and i touched her boobs in the process…I made it look accidental…Wow…It was an amazing feeling….

She had pain in her legs and she said she would rest for some time…. I offered if i could press her legs and she would get some relief…She said no but i insisted and she agreed…. She laid down on the bed and i started to massage her legs over her leggings…. It was an amazing feeling…. I already had an erection…. I started to go towards her thighs…. She was enjoying the massaging as she felt relaxed….

She said your brother is also not as good as you are…. I naughtily said…I’m better than him in all departments. . . .

My hands went up to her ass but i dint touch it again…. Then she laid keeping her face up…. I also just laid beside her and said…You are very beautiful bhabhi..I just looked at her and i do not know what happened but i gave her a kiss in her lips….

She was shocked but then i said sorry…. But i was not able to control…. She dint mind the kiss as much as i thought…. I kept my hands over her kurti on her stomach…. I started to massage her stomach and as my hands moved up i could feel her breathe become intense…. My hands reached her boobs and i could feel her nipples get hard…. …I slide my hands below her kurti and could touch her bra…Somehow i managed to touch her nipples.

. ..Then i put my hands on her leggings and i touched her vagina from outside…It was wet already…Then i started kissing her on her neck…Made her sit and i opened her kurti…. She was wearing a black bra and her boobs wanted to come out of her bra…. I slide her leggings down and her black panty was in front of my eyes…Now she also started getting involved and she took my shirt off and she came over me and started kissing my chest….

She was biting my nipples and then she said. If i dint satisfy her she would never talk to me…. I opened her bra and what a sight that was…Kissed her boobs for 15mins…While my hands were inside her panty…. She then put her hand inside my underwear and i got an electric shock…I kept on kissing every part of her body and then i took her panty of…It was clean shaved and it was the most beautiful thing i had seen…She was totally naked….

I put my tongue in her pussy and she started making noises…. Aaaaahhh Aman faster…. She was enjoying it like hell…She said your brother does not put his tongue inside and thus she is not fully satisfied…. She then gave me a blowjob…. Then i inserted my penis inside her pussy and it made her go wild…She said you have to cum inside me…. She was moaning…I was sucking her boobs…Kissing her and then we both had the best orgasms of our life.

. . . ,. She looked very happy once we finished.

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