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Jan remembers her mom having big saggy tits as she had given birth to six kids and nursed them all. Her mom was very meek and her dad controlled the family. Sometimes as mom was serving breakfast he would open her robe and play with her saggy boobs. Either pinching them or sucking them and then he would run his hand to her pussy and finger her. One morning he said to the oldest son “Do you think this old cunt needs another baby in it? Maybe I should knock it up or let you be a man and knock it up.

Want to stick your cock in here some more?” As he talked to the oldest son he spread her mom’s legs and showed her pussy to the son. Jan was surprised the brother had fucked the mom. Jan was the youngest of the six kids. Her oldest brother Tom seemed to be the favorite. Her dad always called him “A Man”. She soon found out why.

They were in the family room and Tom lifted her shirt and said to the dad “Look here dad, Jan is getting a nice set of tits.

” Then he ran his hands over her tits as her dad just laughed. Then the dad said “Yes, it won’t be long till she can be knocked up. Let’s see that pussy. ” Then Tom pulled her pants off and he and the dad spread her legs and Tom ran his finger over her pussy as he said “Look at that nice cunt. Put a finger in it. Nothing better than a tight virgin cunt.

” Tom then pushed a finger in her hole and gave her a few short fucks. The dad said “You can take her and make her yours. She may even be your daughter for all I know. Mom got knocked up about the time you was learning to fuck and sticking your cock in her cunt. You will like this young cunt a lot more than an old cunt that has been fucked and knocked up several times.

Jan has a nice pussy. Let me see how you can lick it for her. ” Tom then spread her legs wide and began to suck and lick her pussy. She was confused. It felt good but was really strange with her dad watching her big brother. Then Tom pulled his pants down and let his cock pop out and he put her hand on his now hard cock. He said “Jerk my cock for me and I will let you suck it like a lollipop and teach you how to please me.

Jan then rubbed his hard cock and felt how smooth it was. He also put her hands on his balls and she rubbed them too. Then he showed her to rub the cock up and down faster as she saw it leak out the slit. After she stroked him for a while he grabbed her head and put his cock in her mouth and told her to lick it. As she licked the hard cock he moaned and then grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth and demanded she suck it.

Jan did as he said and sucked on the big hard cock. Tom was moaning and he shouted “Oh that feels so good. She is going to be a great cock sucker. Let’s see how she handles cum” Then he sprayed his cum in her mouth and told her “Swallow all of it for me. ” He and the dad watched as she swallowed the cum with no problem. Dad then said “Tom, I think we have a good cum slut right here in the family.

She took right to that sucking and cum swallowing. Now give her cunt a good lick and taste her cum. ” Tom then began to lick on Jan’s cunt and he pushed his tongue in her hole and tongue fucked her as she for the first time felt her first climax and liked it. He kept tonguing her and sucking her cum as she was now cumming fast for him. The dad then said “I need to go and fuck your mom.

You two have my cock rock hard and I need some pussy bad. Take your sis to your room Tom. Have a good time. “

Tom and Jan were now naked as they got to his room. He pulled her tight to him and her tits pressed against his chest as he put a leg between her legs and tight to her pussy and humped her with his leg as he then kissed her giving her a lot of tongue.

She was so sexy but so innocent and he then laid her on the bed and went back to eating her pussy. He sucked on her clit as he put a finger in her cunt and finger fucked her. Jan spread her legs further apart giving him all the access he needed to her wet cunt. Sometimes he would pull his finger out of her cunt and put his tongue in so he could suck her cum then he would go back to finger fucking her more as he kept her cumming fast for him.

He had fucked his mom several times but had never eaten her pussy and he loved the taste of cum. Jan had a nice tight fuck hole compared to the mom’s well fucked cunt. Also Jan had nice firm tits as his mom had saggy tits with long nipples from nursing six kids and his father. Tom was thinking how good it would feel to stick his cock in Jan’s cunt and feel how tight it would be on his hard member.

She would now share his bed and he could fuck her every night. They may even share a child some day.

He then kissed Jan again letting her taste her pussy on his tongue and then he rolled on top of her and pressed his cock to her fuck hole. He pushed into her shocked at how tight she was and how difficult it was to get his hard cock in her.

He then got the head in her and then pushed more cock in her. Tom was quite hung for his young age and his thick cock really stretched Jan’s hole. She was as anxious to feel his cock in her as he was. She wanted to be fucked as she liked being tongue and finger fucked and wanted a cock in her cunt too. Tom played with her nipples as he pressed his cock in deeper then was able to fuck her and he then started slow but worked up speed and soon Jan was screaming and he was moaning as neither had ever felt anything so good before.

He fucked her till he filled her with cum then rested. He then said to her “You are amazing. Your cunt is so tight and it felt so good. I want to fuck you again and again. In fact I am going to fuck that tight cunt all night. I am going to keep you full of my cum. ” He sucked on her nipples till his cock got hard again and then began to fuck her harder this time.

He pushed his cock in all the way then pulled it out then rammed it in again and loved the feel each time it went in her tight hole. He fucked her several more times in different positions. He also licked her cunt and sucked her clit and then he licked her ass. She allowed him to do anything to her he wanted. She loved the sex and loved fucking and sucking on his cock.

She even sucked his balls and made him moan out loud.

Tom was fucking Jan in the morning when the dad walked naked in the room and shut the door. He said “Have you guys been fucking all night? Don’t stop since I am here. I will just watch. I want to see that cock fuck that cunt hard and fill it full of cum. ” As Tom fucked Jan the dad was amazed how he could pound that young cunt.

His cock soon got rock hard and he then grabbed Jan’s head and pushed his cock in her mouth and as she got her cunt fucked she sucked the old cock till he filled her mouth with his warm cum. He watched her swallow every drop then told her “Lick my balls. You have learned a lot in one night. You are a great cock sucker. Now take a ball in your mouth and suck it too.

” Tom was ramming his cock deep in her cunt as she sucked the dad’s droopy balls. When Tom filled her with cum he pulled his cock out and the dad then stood with his hard cock sticking straight out and said to Tom “I brought the twins in to learn to fuck last night. They are still in bed fucking mom. You boys sure got big cocks. I bet you fucked Jan all night didn’t you? Those twins gave your mom’s pussy a workout too.

Tim got so excited he even sucked my cock. I always thought the two were fucking each other as I know twins many times do. Now they have your mom’s pussy to fuck. I just hope I get to fuck her too. Look at your big cock. You look like a horse sitting there. All my boys are hung. They will be good fuckers and breeders. ” He then smiled and walked out.

Tom kissed Jan and said “Did you like sucking dad’s cock? I think he will want more from you.

” Jan told him “I like sucking yours better. You are also much thicker than dad. You have a nice big cock. It feels so good deep in my love hole. Fuck me once more before we have to get up. ” Tom then pushed her back down on the bed and mounted her. He said “Don’t be so sure we are going to get up. I just can’t seem to keep my hands and cock away from you.

After I fuck you I am going to lick your ass and stick my cock in it and fuck that ass hard. I just know it will make me love ass fucking you. Now wrap those legs around me and let my cock fuck that delicious cunt of yours till you scream. I love to show you how my big cock can fuck your hole again and again. I am going to ride your cunt then your ass then you can suck my cock and balls.

I also need to feel your tongue in my ass. Now lets fuck baby girl. Lets fuck hard. “.

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