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His First 3Some

A friend invited him over to his home to have dinner with him and his wife. He was bored so he didn’t mind going that evening. He’d never met his wife, so by the time he knocked on the door and saw his friend’s wife open it, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Her body was voluptuous, her skin naturally tanned. Her lips were well formed and her eyes bright and sparkly. She was wearing a tight top with a lot of cleavage, so when she kissed his cheek he could see it from a better angle, and got a hard on from it.

His friend wasn’t home for some reason, and the wife said he’d be back soon. She invited him to the living room and offered him a drink. He didn’t refuse and shared a drink with the hot wife. She wouldn’t stop looking into his eyes, and her smile never faded. She crosses her legs in front of him as they sat face to face, and he saw for a brief moment that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He cleared his throat and continued drinking his wine, but she chuckled instead…

“I know you saw…” She said provocatively…

“What?” The man pretended…

She stands up and walks towards him. He presses to the back of the couch and she lifts her leg above him, resting it over the arm of the couch. He can clearly see her perfectly shaved pussy, slightly opened in front of him…

“This…” She whispers.

The man was holding back, but he can’t hold back any longer. He lets go of the wine glass and moves closer to her, resting his mouth over her pussy, filling the wetness of it spread over his lips and nose. He can smell the great scent of her cunt, her hot and moist aphrodisiac. He began licking it, swirling his tongue all over her pussy. She moans as she presses his head against it, feeling the depth of his tongue penetrate her deep, dancing inside and making her go crazy.

“Oh yes!” She loves it. She pulls him by his hair and signals him to follow her. He follows her back to her room, and pushes him over the bed. She begins unbuttoning his pants, and then pulling his cock out, quickly opening her perfect mouth and swallowing his cock full. An instant deepthroat, he felt the back of her throat and moaned. He closes his eyes and feels her mouth sucking him, and sucking, and her tongue swirling around his cock.

Soon, he feels something different, it’s like two mouths are sucking him, two tongues are tasting his cock. He opens his eyes, and his friend is there, sharing his cock with his wife. He’s surprised, but he doesn’t care, he loves the feeling, he loves feeling two mouths sucking him…

“A mouth is a mouth” he thinks, he just wants to continue feeling good. He grabs his friend’s wife and pulls her towards him, and as she hovers above him, he sticks his cock inside her pussy, filling her instantly.

She feels as his cock penetrates her, and then fucks her fast and brutally. She loves it and moans loudly. He sucks her boobs as he fucks her and holds her tight. Her husband from behind positions himself, and begins fucking her ass. She can feel both cocks fucking her over and over on both holes. She moans loudly and sticks her tongue out like she’s out of her mind. Her husband puts both fingers inside her mouth opening it, and she sticks her tongue out.

Her spit falls from her mouth over his chest, and he loves it.

Her husband stops fucking her ass and moves in front of him, and stands above him. His wife begins blowing her husband, gagging over his cock, and her drool falls over his chest, and he loves it. She momentarily stops sucking and moves down to suck on the spit over his chest, and she kisses him, sharing her cock flavored spit with him.

He can taste his friend’s cock through her mouth, and he doesn’t mind.

They both stand next to the bed, and the wife lies back, her head falls over to the bedside, and they both fuck her mouth as she’s upside down. One cock at a time, and both cocks at the same time. They both feel like they’re getting close. They stroke their cocks fast as she licks their balls, and they both explode all over her face, as she holds her mouth open with her fingers.

Her face is covered with cum all over, on her hair, all over her face, in her nose and in her mouth. She sits over the bed side and sticks her tongue out, and the three of them kiss at the same time, sharing the cum that drips from her tongue…

-The end.

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