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(This is an unfinished story. More to cum later. )


Jairo has worked at the nursery for many years. He’s the workhorse of the 10 acres. From sun up to sun down, Jairo carries the nursery on his back. His strong, brown back.

I noticed Jairo’s physique from the first day I began working at the nursery. Standing at about 5’11”, he had a body shaped by years of physical labor since he was child.

Now 38 years old, his strong hands and arms are scorched to a deep brown by the hot sun. His broad chest and hard stomach isn’t etched as if from stone, but rather stout and firm. As the heat rises during the day and sweat drips from his brow and pecs, this pearl snap shirt becomes unbuttoned revealing a patch of black hair in the center of his chest, matching his facial scruff perfectly.

Jairo has two younger brothers. Joaquin is 23 and about 6’0” tall. He wears a mustache on his upper lip and has an even harder and leaner body than his older brother. Manuel is 18 with a childish face and youthful frame. His innocence is exciting.

As typical work days go during the warm season, I am running around the nursery trying to wrap up whatever projects I have going for the day.

It’s now an hour and a half after the nursery has closed and everyone has left except for me, Jairo the workhorse, and his two brothers. I had one more greenhouse to water and turned on the appropriate station at the control box around the corner. As I went back around, I hear loud shouts in Spanish and realize the brothers are in the greenhouse! I race back and shut off the water, only to find all three of them soaked from head to toe.

“Oh, my god. I am so sorry, y’all,” I exclaimed.

Jairo strolled toward me looking at the ground. I was frozen with fear.

When he was just a few inches away from my face, he whispered into my ear, “You’re gonna pay for that. ”

“Shit, Jairo. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to get y’all wet,” I pleaded.

Jairo turned his gaze up to my face and as he grabbed my ass said sternly, “You’re gonna pay with this.

Fuck, what was about to happen? I mean, I have thought about Jairo in dirty ways that I’m ashamed of, but was he really going to fuck me?

“Get down and suck my pija, miracon. ”

Jairo grabbed my shoulders and fucked me to my knees. His hands then quickly unbuttoned his wranglers and pushed them to the ground. His cock was already growing. The loose foreskin hung over the tip of his cock and his large huevos descended past the end of his shaft like two golf balls.

I admired the vessels of testosterone before me for a few seconds before Jairo grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face into his crotch.

“I said suck my pija, miracon. ”

My nose was pushed right into his thick, black bush where I could smell his musty balls. I could even feel the moisture from his sweaty crotch on my mouth. I had been waiting for this moment.

I opened my mouth and took his length over my tongue and down my throat. Jairo let out a grateful sigh and I knew this was what he had been waiting for, too. He began to pump in and out of my mouth with his hand on the back of my head. With his shirt unbuttoned, he held the tails of it back with one hand on his hip. As he was stuffing my mouth, I would look up at his bare chest and dusting of hair, his head tilted back, looking up into the sky, enjoying every second.

My left hand is tugging on his hairy nuts and my other gripping my tight crotch. I can feel the head of my penis getting wet with dripping precum. My tongue runs along the base of his cock to its tip as I gently tug on his foreskin with my teeth.

Occasionally, he would turn his head around and acknowledge his younger brothers who were looking on behind him.

“This is how you chupar pija, hermanos!” Jairo bragged with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Joaquin. You want a try with this hot mouth?”

“Si!” he eagerly responded.

Jairo backed his cock out of my mouth and Joaquin took his place in front of me. With a smile on his face, he pulls out his cock and pushes it into my face. He was slightly longer than his older brother and with less girth and hair. Water welled up in my eyes as I struggled sucking his dick.

Jairo looked on as he stroked his shaft still wet with my spit. Joaquin would show his gratitude by chuckling and smiling as he looked down at me.

“Chupar! Chupar, miracon!” he berates, all the while still chuckling and looking up at his older brother.

With his pants down around his ankles, he began to unbutton his shirt with his cowboy hat tilted back exposing his forehead. His shirt was now off and the evening sun was radiating off his bare torso.

Back and forth he rocked his hips to the rhythm of my gagging. My saliva was dripping off his scrotum and wetting the few hairs he had. I imagine Jairo to have looked like him fifteen years earlier. Behind Joaquin stood Manuel about twenty feet back, rubbing this young, throbbing cock through his jeans. As Joaquin abused my mouth, I imagined taking Manuel as I had his older brothers.

As Joaquin began to pump my mouth faster and his breath got heavier, Jairo warned him to not blow his load yet.

Jairo then glanced over to Manuel and nodded toward me, signaling him to stuff his cock in my face. Joaquin backed off, giving me a deserved break so I could catch my breath, and Manuel nervously walked over.

His unsteady hands released his rock hard dick and it looked me right in the mouth. He pulled back his tshirt and waited for me to wrap my lips around him. His smaller frame gave no true indication to the size of his dick.

Manuel’s cock was at least 8” long and thicker than either one of his older brothers. I struggled to get him as deep in my throat as I could. He didn’t push in or out of mouth, mostly out of fear, I think. Joaquin and Jairo, still stroking their cocks, encouraged him to use my mouth as his own. He then mustered some courage and grabbed the back of my head and stuffed my mouth.

After just a half minute and without any warning, Manuel shot his load in my mouth and down my throat. With his rigid cock pulsing, stream after stream of his hot cum filled my mouth and a look of embarrassment filled his face.

Realizing what had happened, his two brothers jeered and mocked him for blowing his load so soon, but patted him on the shoulder reassuring him that he treated me like the cum slut I am.

Looking at both his two younger brothers and then back at me, Jairo says “We’re gonna fuck you now. ”

Since the nursery is large, golf carts with cargo beds attached are used to transport plants around the property. Jairo took his shirt the rest of the way off and laid it on the bed of the cart. Signaling for me to come over, he says, “Get off your knees, take off your clothes, and lie up here on your back.

I get up and shuck my shirt and jeans knowing that my fantasy is about to come true. I have already tasted his little brother’s cum, but I wanted Jairo’s. I sat on the cart and leaned back to the point where my legs were in the air. The brothers positioned themselves so they could easily access my ass. Jairo moved closer and dropped down to his knees where his face was level with my behind.

Glancing up at my face, he had a look of anticipation that resonated in a sigh. I felt his warm breath on my hole. He then slowly caressed the hair in my crack with his middle finger. Joaquin and Manuel looked at one another with excitement knowing what Jairo was about to do. While holding eye contact with me, he pressed his tongue against my puckered ass. His cheeks pressing against mine. His nose in my sack.

Moans escape his smothered mouth and resonate across my lips. Jairo stands up leaving my hole loose and wet from his tongue. With his cock standing at full attention, he spits into his hand and rubs it on his pulsing head.

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