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Her last night of freedom

Five years ago i met Charlie, the most beautiful girl i had ever dated and the lady i asked to marry me! Charlie was stunning,24 years old, tall, 5ft10, very athletic, she had enhanced breast, long dark hair and slightlu olive skin. Every room she walked into she was stared at by every guy in there. It made no differance to how i felt about her but her family was also very rich.

We had been dating for a year, it was the most amazing year of my life, we had so much fun.

Lots of parties and gigs, and sex,… o my god she couldn’t get enough! The only problem was she always said i came to quickly! I didn’t think it was a big problem i always thought she could have fucked all night and still wanted more, but i had no idea how true that was.

On our first year anniversary of dating i asked Charlie to marry me, and i was i so happy when she said yes.

Her perants were so pleased, they said they would pay for everything! They often said how much they liked me, so much better than her ex, “Mike”.

Charlie and Mike had split up a month before we met. Charlie didn’t talk about him but her perants commented alot about him, saying he wasn’t good enough for there daughter. He was a machanic a biker and a boxer. Not the kind of man to be welcomed into the house of a consultant surgeon ( her dad ) and a company director ( her mother ).

He was discribed to me as “ruff crude and working class”.

The plans for the wedding snowballed and the big day was only days away. A country Hall had been hired for the big day and we were to be married outside infront of the lake. It was a dream come true, everything was perfect. I was stopping in a small hotel a mile down the road, while Charlie and her family and friends were stopping at the hall.

Around 7pm the night before the wedding Charlie and i spoke on the phone, she told me she was excited and nervous and she was going to get and early night. Then typical of Charlie as we said good night she told me she felt really horny and was going to bed to have “a little play”. She never went anywhere without a vibrator in her bag! This gave me an idea, i know it was a break in tradition, but i was going to sneek over and see her.

This was a decision that would change our life.

When i arrived i spoke to the girl on reception and explained who i was and slipped her £50 she gave me a key to the room next to Charlies that had an ajoining door. As i walked up to her room, about ten feet infront of me was a man who looked out of place there. He was very tall and well built but dressed in jeans a leather jacket and was carrying a crash helmet, this wasn’t exactly a bikers joint.

As i got to the room i noticed the man stop just ahead of me and knock at a door…. it wasn’t until i got into the room i realised it was Charlies door he had knocked at.

I quickly unlocked to door that joined the room, not sure what to expect. I only opened the door an inch, as i did i heard Charlie’s voice say,
“O Mike, thanks so much for coming!”
I couldn’t beleive what i was hearing.

I switched off the lights so i wasn’t spotted and had a perfect view to see and hear everything. Charlie and Mike talked briefly and she explained that she was getting married tomorrowa nd that she loved me very much.
“So what did you want me here for?” Mike asked.
I was heartboken by Charlie’s explaination,
“I was trying everything on earlier and when i looked in the mirror i realised this would be waisted on Pete (me).

She took a step back and removed the gown she was wearing to reviel her wedding underwear, a beautiful matching set of white bra and thong with suspender belt stockings and heels. The white satin against her tanned olive skin was amazing.
“Why wouldn’t he appricate that?!” Mike said.
“O he would but only for a minute at the most, and with his little cock i’m going to left frustrated again, this underwear diserves a real man to use it first” was Charlies reply.

I was heart broken i knew i wasn’t a porn star in bed but i had no idea. With this in mind i couldn’t bring myself to say or do anything, i just stood and watched helpless.

Mike put down his helmet and removed his jacket, he walked to Charlie and grabbed her arse with both hands and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Charlie was like an a****l she ripped his clothes off, till he was down to his jeans, he was a monster so big and muscular 6ft4 and 16stones of pure muscle his tattooed arms gripped my future wife and threw her on the bed.

He undid the buttons on his jeans and let them drop, no underwear, just a massive cock! He wasn’t even hard and he was so much bigger than i am when i’m fully ercect! Charlie reached out with both hands like a greedy child, and took his cock in hand then mouth. I could hear her slurping on his cock, i also had a perfect view and could see his cock growing in her mouth, it got to the point it could hardly fit, stretching her lips as he controlled her head with one of his massive hands.

She pulled back so i could see hid sloppy wet cock in full glory, he was easily double my size ans so thick and vainy. Charlie gripped the base and looked up at him and said,
“Fuck i’ve missed this, i love this thing, i forgot how big it is, fuck me properly, fuck me so i can feel you tomorrow, fuck me so i can’t feel him tomorrow night. “
The fucking slut i couldn’t beleive it, more than that i couldn’t beleive how hard my cock was.

i’d not noticed what i was doing. i’d taken my cock out and was wanking over my fiancee with another man.
Mike pushed the slut back on the bed and spread her stocking clad legs wide, he pulled her thong to one side and set about eating her pussy, staright away she started moaning, she had one hand holding her leg back and the otheron his shaved head, he was doing a good job as her moans got louder, she came hard screaming her hips bucking and she started to beg,
“O god fuck me please, please i need you inside me now!”
She removed her bra but left the rest on.

i could see Mikes face was shinny with her cum. he held his giant cock and again pulled her thong to one side. Charlie gasped as he easied the tip inside her,
“How much do you want this bitch?” he barked at her.
“So much, please don’t be gentle!” was her reply.
He took hold of the heels of both her shoes and pushed her legs as far back as they would go, then with one massive thrust he fucked every inch inside her soaking wet pussy, she screamed out so loud, i’d never heard her like that! He fucked her deep but slow, Charlie letting out a room fiiling moan everytime he entered her.

They had only just started and i came, cum all over my hand i had to bite my lip so not to make a sound. For over an hour i watched as they fucked like a****ls in every position possible , Charlie constantly screaming out that she was going to cum, again and again. I could smell the cum in the air, they were both covered in sweet, Mike had big scratches all over him from Charlies nails and she had never looked so beautiful.

Mike positioned her on all 4 and fianlly ripped her thong fully off, he put his hand betwwen her legs rubbing her pussy, he slapped her arse hard leaving big red hand prints,
“Do you let him fuck your ass hole?” He asked her
“No never. ” she panted
“Good, its mine!” as he said it he scooped a finger full of stringy pussy juice and cum to her arse.
HE lubed her arse with her own cum then parted her ass cheeks.

I watched open mouthed as he eased his huge cock into her arse. She screamed as he slowly fucked her arse a little more of his cock slid inside her every time. He stood behind her slowly his pace got faster as he did she rubbed and fingered her pussy, he grabbed at her arse cheeks as he fucked her deeper and deeper, Charlie screamed out,
I could see her squirt all over the bed before her legs collapsed, but he never stopped fucking deep in her ass.

I didn’t know she could squirt!
He pulled out his cock was clearly throbbing, He sat at the head of the bedhis legs wide and pulled her with a hand full of her hair between his legs.
“Finish me off like a whore!” He demanded
She spread his legs and rimmed his ass as he wanked his cock, she then moved up, she needed both hands to wank him, the head off his cock in her mouth.

“Yes bitch yes!”
His hips bucked and she pulled her head back as he fired a massive load all over her face and in her mouth which she gladly swolled.
Mike dressed and left without a word and Charlie sat at the dressing table cleaning her face.
“You can come in now Pete!” she demanded.

She said she heard me when i came, and thought i would be good for me to see how a real man fucks.

And this is our life now, we are a very happily married couple and i have a beautiful hot wife who lets me watch when she gets fucked by real men. We still have sex but i know i don’t please her so why would i deny her a man that can.

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