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Heather, Nicole and I……A bisexual adventure

Being bisexual is truly awsome! The best of both worlds, I have a great man (Matt) who knows just how to make me feelfantastic like only a man can do. Heather on the other had was the perfect woman, sexy red head open minded bisexual who knew how to keep both men and women extremely happy.

After we had out 3rd three some with Matt, Heather decided to finally introduce me to her Girlfriend “Nicole” whom she ducked twice a week.

We had gay night twice a week, where we would spend time with our same sex lovers, in this case Sunday and Monday nights.

I finished Cummings in Heathers assume, and was laying on top of her and kissing her neck and saying all the sweet things she liked after a anal pounding when I rolled off and she run her hands over my sweaty chiseled chest and abs gently kissing me when she tells me ” Nicole would like to meet you, so seeing that Matt is gone for a week come over on Sunday, We both want you too…” I got hard just thinking about ” can’t wait honey… ( kissing her and positionin her into doggie and slidding back into her sweet hard ass)….

and can’t wait to duck your girlfriend honey…” I was so wrong on how it went.

I arrived at Nicoles house on the east side, it’s a duplex, still nice a brand new car in the driveway and very new building, I climbed the steps and entered as I was told. As I took my shoes off and hung my jacket I heard the soft sounds of lesbian sex coming from the living room, the soft moans and the soft sound of women sex voices filled the room.

I walked quietly to the living room stood in the doorway and watched…. The coffee table had two wine glasses both about half full, pack of cigarette and a ashtray with three or four butts in it, they didn’t seem to notice me, or wanted me to see them fuck either way it was awsome..

Nicole was spread out the length of her couch with her legs spread and Heathers red head buried in her crotch.

Heathers head moved slowly up and down and side to side, her hair was pulled back in a tiget pony tail so I could see that hwe younger was liking soft and slow up and down Nicoles pussy then her red lips would such in her clip making Nicole thrus her hips up and take a deep breath and sigh with a “Oooooooo honey that’s it mmmmmmmmm …..yyyyyeeeeessss…. “Heathers slurping and lacking sounds matched Nicoles moaning and soft organisms, making my cocktail haRd and ready to fuck…

I watched Heather eat pussy like only a women can and give Heather a deep and full orgasim.

Heather gently kissed her pussy and kicked up the last of her sweet cum, she looked at me as she run her hands up and down her thighs and kissing Nicoles lower belly and kicking her way up her thin hard body to her small tips, then ducking each one before kissing her deep and full then stopping as they both lol at me and Heather says “Show my boyfriend how you eat my cunt baby..” I gasped and unzipped and pulled out my stiff cocktail and started pumping the shaft..Nicole kissed her was down stopping at each one of Heathers big hard round tits, sucking each one hard ( the way she likes it) bitting each nipple then running her long fingers down to her wet pussy and in a circular motion she rubbed her swollen clit making Heather throw her head Bach and with mouth open she gasped a “OH FUCK YES……NICOLE…hhhoooneeyyy….

mmmmmmmm” Nicole plundged two fingers into her wet mound and finger ducked her hard. Heather spread her muscular legs and thrust her hips violently, gasping and moaning wildly.

This wentry on till Nicole was satisfied with Heathers orgasim, telling her “That my girl, good girl(as she pushed her fingers in Heathers mouth) such you sweet cumm. …mmmmmmmm good girl…you like that huh…..” then kissed deep porno kiss. Nicole slide down Heathers body slowly till she arrived at her shaved pussy, Nicole kicked softly her blonde head moving perfectly up and down, her hands running up and down Heathers thighs and sides.

The Nicoles muffled pussy eating sounds and Mmmmmmmm, yummy. …. you taste so good honey…. mixed with Heathers moans, made me wanna cumm I pumped harder and faster. Then Heather started making noises I never heard her make before, loud and shriking, gasping and high pitched out a breathe orgasmic screams…..must have been something that only a woman can do to another woman. Heather cumm holding Nicoles head in place and thrusting up and down covering her lips and mouth with her pussy juice..

They kissed deep and full talking dirty and sexy to each other, no doubt for my benefit.

I was so close and making my own sex sounds, myou cocktail was throbbing, my precum made my hand slide with ease. They both watched for a second then Heather asked in a playful but sexy voice ” you want to cumm??…. huh?…you want to cut on Nicoles tits…. ” Nicole layed back pushing her small tips together telling me ” cum over her baby…..drop that big load of on my tips.

…” Heather sat close ad I straddled Nicoles chest and pumed hard and fast, moaning and groaning as I slashed out three bug loads of my creamy man juice then shoving it into Nicoles open mouth for her to such the rest from my dripping cock. Her mouth was hot an wet as I give her another shot of cut over her wet tounge. Heather all the while was saying “that’s it baby, cumm all over her…that’s it
…good boy.

mmmmmmmm all that yummy cum…. nice big load baby…. ” and rubbing my ass, running her index finger up and down my hole kicking her lips, then kissing nicoLe, asking of I tasted good. They both giggled and kissed, then Heather said ” watch this…and sacked up my cumm off Nicoles tits and kissed me feeding me my cum…. Nicole opened her eyes and mouth and with a gasp….

“Oh my god, you never told me……mmmmmmmm were gonna have so much fun…. “

We all kissed and got me undressed…. Nicole sucked my cock slow and deep only breaking to look up at me and tell me I have a nice cock…. Heather walked back in the room wearing an 8 inch strap on and standing beside me telling Nicolé. …” honey such my cock to…..”

To be continued………

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