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He needed my Ass Badly

I chat with guys online all the time. I have a girlfriend i’m bi-sexual but she doesn’t know. She think I’m only into women. I’m feminine. so is my girlfriend. I’ve been doing this for over two years. Just chat with guys all over the world. 99percent of them are trying to get me to take off my clothes. I do most of the time. Just to see what they would do. It’s a lot of fun.

I let my best friend Irene send her brother a picture of me. She told him he NEVER have a chance with me because I’m a lesbian. She doesn’t know either. Jeff is in Jail for 2 and a half years. He asked Irene could he write to me. I told her sure. I knew by the picture she sent him, that his conversation was going to be x-rated. I would get the mail everyday so my gf didn’t get my letters.

Two days later a letter came in the mail. Yellow pages of very neatly written words. His first thought of me was how pretty I was, then he changed it he had to be honest he says, My Tits Ass and Hips got him hooked. It doesn’t hurt to be pretty too. He asked me how long I’ve been in a lesbian relationship. If I ever had sex with a MAN. How big is too big for me.

How does my gf eat my pussy. Have I had orgasm lately. Do I like dick just a little. Can I send a naked picture of me.

I wrote him back with a picture of me naked laying on the bed, legs open with my finger on my clit. I knew he would jerk off to it and it made me feel good knowing he was enjoying himself while looking at my picture.

I answered his letter and then some. I told him Regardless of the fact I’m in a lesbian relationship I love to tease guys. I’ve been in this relationship for 2 years and of course I had sex with a man. The reason I started seeing women because I was in love with this guy and he hurt me.

I don’t know what size is or was too big for me. I only had two penises in my life.

My girlfriend takes her time to lick my pussy I told him. I asked him do he lick pussy. I told him i need a man to give me and orgasm. I cum all the time. But a penis is what gives me orgasms. I need the deep penetration to take me to that place. I told him I do like dick but I haven’t had any in over 2 years. I do miss the mess of a hard dick exploding makes.

I enjoyed making a man cum fast and hard. I made the two guys I’ve been with extremely sleepy and drained. I have thick thighs with a equally matching Butt. Round shapely and teasing. 36 d breast. Small waist and juicy pussy with a nice size clitoris and a small tight juicy hole. I told him my favorite position with a guy is on my back and from behind. It’s a tie.

He wrote to me about his dick the entire letter.

I was extremely wet from what he wrote. He told me when he get home in one month he was coming to my house when my gf wasn’t home and let me rub out one on his dick with my ass. He told me how thick and long with a curve his cock was ready to be deep inside my tight pussy. He told me how sticky the picture i sent him was. I knew when he got out he was going to come over, i really think he want me really bad.

He said he want me to be the first stop he make when he get out. I knew what that meant. MMMmmmm. I can’t think like that. I shouldn’t. BUT I DOOOOO. I know I need dick. I sent him another picture of me from behind. And one with my mouth in a O position. He told me he loves to get his dick sucked. I use to love sucking on a dick I think I got really good at it.

I got shot in the mouth a lot. lol.

We wrote each other twice a week and talked on the phone. He was one day from getting released. I got my hair and nails done. Shaved down there. I’m in a relationship I shouldn’t thing about having sex with him. So I tried to stay busy but all I can do is think I hope my gf goes to work ON TIME.

My pussy was excited.

The door Bell rang. I thought it was the mail man but at my door was a 6 foot 3 muscular man with a wife beater and jeans on. He carried his bag. I knew who this handsome fine man was. He was forward with me. He opened his arms and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. He asked where my gf was I said Work. He smiled.

I got wetter. I had to feel what he was packing. Yes I started grabbing and rubbing on it. He did the same with my breast and ass. My phone rang I was panting by this time. I had to answer it. To take my hands off his jeans got me angry. I answered the phone abrupt. HELLO? It was my gf. I told her I was burning something and I had to get off the phone.

While I was on the phone He rubbed against my ass with his hard dick. And rubbed my tits and body so full of desire and passion. He wanted some pussy right then.

I told him no no no. I fought for a while. But HE won. I was pantyless and he picked me up. I had on a dress. He lifted me up to his face and ate my pussy. I let him lick me to submission.

I held on to his head my tits on his head bouncing. Then he let me down and made me straddle him his dick still in his pants but quickly released as soon as he opened his zipper. He had to pull it out it was long and thick just like he said. I knew I was going to have a ball with him. He took the wetness from my pussy hole to glaze his dick.

Then he aimed for my pussy. squeezed it in………. oooooOOOh my goodness. I was in awwww. He pumped me hard and fast like a man who haven’t had sex in over 2 years. He fucked me and I got dizzy. He laid me on the floor fucked me on my back hard. Then the couch he went non stop banging banging banging and giving me pleasure. He came fast the first time shooting it inside me.

The second cum was on my pussy he tried to pull out. A lot inside me. His third cum was my tits. He enjoyed when I licked his dick clean. He got hard again and my mouth was being fucked. He shot again in my mouth. I felt him about to cum but he held onto my head. I couldn’t pull back. He said I emptied his balls. I like that. Two seconds later he was snoring.

He slept I laid there cum all over me but I felt good. I could feel his cum dripping out of me. My gf was on her way home she called and woke me up. I over slept all that good hungry dick and cum made me sleep. I woke him up his dick was hard. I called her told her to go get me something from manhattan i needed before she came home.

His dick poking at me. I was trying to tell her what to do and he was making me wet and horny. I licked his head and laid on the bed in the bed me and my gf share and he fucked me so hard I couldn’t yell any louder. He shot inside me again. I held him in when he was trembling. He pulled out and shook his dick off on my legs, getting the rest of his cum off of his dick.

So sexy. That was the biggest cock and the best I ever had. He got locked up again after robbing a store he was writing me again. He only had 3 months. MMMMMMmmm I started birth control pills so next time I won’t end up pregnant.

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