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Having Fun With Choti Maa (Aunt)

Before I tell you the story, you have to know a little bit about my family. Me, my sister & my parents live in Rourkela. We visit Our ancestral home once every year & sometimes on special occasions. In our ancestral village the family of my grandfather’s siblings is there, who we are pretty close with.

We visited our village in the summer of 2005. May 10th board exam was over & there was a marriage of one of my uncles in our village.

Manas uncle was around 35 years old at that time. He is a good person with a very good job as an engineer in Rourkela Steel Plant. But he always had health issues. Anyways, we were very close since I was a k**. The girl he was marrying (soon to be my aunt) was Manju. I had never seen her before the marriage & even on the marriage day itself, since I was busy running various errands from organizing the Barat to Arranging liquor for my uncle’s friends.

I saw her the next morning & Oh my God what a beauty she was… She looked like a Bollywood heroine except for the fact that she still had the innocence in her face. Since she was the new bride & didn’t have any friends here, she looked a little upset. I told her some jokes to make her laugh. Told her some funny things about me & she also started talking.

Then I came to know that she was just 18 at that time & completed her 12th that year itself. Means she was just 2 years older than me. Thinking about this I started to have naughty thoughts about her. But I wasn’t gonna do anything with her then except may be masturbating to her thoughts. ?

Vacation was over & we returned to the city. I still kept in touch with Choti Maa though.

Since she was just 2 years older than me she insisted me on calling her by name & not as Aunty as it made her feel old & ugly. I told her that’s not possible, but if it makes her feel better I’ll call her as Manju. After staying in the village for 2 months she also went to Rourkela with my uncle. Since she was born & brought up in a rural area she wasn’t very modern & found it difficult to adjust in a city.

This time I came to her aide & helped her with some trivial things like operating a Mobile phone & using an E-mail account. Since uncle had a PC at home that he didn’t use very often, I installed Rediff-bol chat client on it & taught her how to use it. We used to chat on rediff for hours daily. We talked about almost everything, starting from what curry she had made that day to the new girl in my class… We had become very close friends by the end of the year.

Next year in summer we visited our village again. So did Manas uncle & Manju. That year was special for our family as we were going to resurrect our ancestral temple which was closed down for over a decade due to some land dispute. So everyone was here. All our relatives were there & the house was fully packed. It was really great having everyone together. But the real fun was about to happen at night.

Since our house was fully packed, I decided to sleep in Manas Uncle’s house. When I was getting ready to sleep on the sofa in the hall, Uncle said, what are you doing? It’s summer time. You can’t sleep out here. Come & sleep in the bedroom. The AC is on. Manju had already put her bedding on the ground. Uncle & me were to sleep on the cot. We talked for some time in which Manju told uncle what all I had taught her in the past year.

Sometimes I feel pity on manas Uncle. He doesn’t get much free time & can’t spend some quality time with his beautiful wife. After a few more minutes Uncle took his regular medicine & went to sleep. A few minutes later we decided to call it a night & went to our respective beds. The light stayed on as Manju was afraid of darkness.

Since I am not used to sleep with the light on, I couldn’t sleep.

I sat down on the bed for some time, drank some water & went to the washroom. Still I couldn’t sleep. Then my eye fell on Manju who was sleeping on the floor. Not being used to sleeping on the floor, she looked uncomfortable. Her saree was all over the place except on her bosom. The semi see through blouse gave a clear view of her nipples as she wasn’t wearing a bra. In that moment I just wanted to suck those nipples.

I looked at my uncle. He was deep asleep. Finally gathering all my courage, I went down the bed & softly touched her boobs over her blouse. Then I started pressing them slowly carefully not to wake Manju up. I thought about opening her blouse, but got scared thinking what will happen if she wakes up. Then I kissed her on the cheek. Finally I thought, Let me just kiss her on the lips once, then I will stop it & go back to bed.

I had never kissed a woman on lips before & that too my Choti Maa. I closed my eyes & planted quick kiss on her lips I liked the fragrance of her lips & decided to try again.

I slowly lowered my face towards her & began kissing her lips. I even inserted my tongue inside her mouth for a moment. Just when I was about to stop to my surprise I found Manju’s tongue reciprocating my action & her hands in my hair.

I quickly broke the kiss & stood up. I looked at Manju & she was wide awake & smiling at me. I tried to say I am sorry, but she just grabbed my hand & pulled me towards her. I fell on her. I was in no way prepared for this.

I :- What are you doing? Stop. We shouldn’t do this..

Her :- What I am doing? You started it.

I am just trying to finish what you started.

I :- I am sorry for that. But we shouldn’t do this. You are Manas uncle’s wife. I can’t do it with you now. He is lying on the bed right beside us.

Her :- Why do you think I am trying to have sex with you right now. That’s because I am his wife.

Saying this she starts sobbing.

Fearing that uncle might wake up, I console her & take her into my embrace.

I :- What do you mean?

She :- Do you know his & mine age difference? Almost 17 years.
And you must know about his health condition, right? He is always sick or tired.
Other times he is busy at work & doesn’t have any time for me.

Did you know his doctor has advised him not to be very excited? That’s why he even avoids sex.

In the last 15 months that we have been married, we have had sex just once & that was right after our marriage. That time also he didn’t last more than a few seconds.

Now how about what I want? Even now also the Buddha is sleeping after taking his sleeping pills.

What do I do when my body craves the touch of a man?

You are the first man to pay attention to my body in a long time.

So I was excited. I wanted to see how this plays out. Please don’t stop now. Please have me for tonight. I ask this from you as a friend not as your Choti Maa. Please … Make me a woman tonight…

I was dumbstruck hearing this. At the same time a little bit Horny too. But I wanted to play little more. So I said,”I understand what you want. But I can’t. I have never done this before.

I don’t know how to. ”

She smiled & said, ”Leave that to me” & I knew I was in for the night of my life.

She pulled me closer & started kissing me like she hasn’t kissed a man in million years. Without saying anything she pulled my pants down & started to stroke my dick. Meanwhile I freed her from her Saree & started to fondle her breasts. Suddenly she went down my body & started to lick my testicles.

Then she took my penis in her mouth & started sucking it like a lollipop. On seeing my condition she knew that I couldn’t hold on much longer if she goes on sucking me for long. Then she release me & playfully started to take her petticoat & blouse of her body. I jumped on her & started to suck her melons & my god were they fleshy. I could suck on them for the rest of my life & still won’t be satisfied.

Now she said, ”It’s time. My vagina is all wet & ready for you. Would you like a taste?”

I jumped down like an enthusiastic little boy playing a video game for the first time & planted a long & vivid kiss on her clitoris. She almost went mad with the frenzy & asked me to fuck her asap. But I was still in a playful mood. I entered my index finger inside her pussy & then my ring finger.

Then I started to shake my fingers sideways inside her pussy. After a couple of seconds later Manju had the first real orgasm of her life by a real man. I begin to sniff the salty fluid on my finger & on her pussy. Then I again started to suck her clitoris.

Now it was time for the main course. I had seen earlier where uncle kept his medicines & beside that there was a packet of condom.

I took that & started putting it on my penis. Manju helped me put on the condom & I was ready to fuck a woman for the first time in my life. Since I didn’t have any practical knowledge of any position, Manju suggested the Cowgirl position. I simple lied on my back & she sat on me while adjusting her pussy around my dick. Then she begin moving up & down. I could see the movement of her boobs & man were they sight … When she thought I was ready to cum, she quickly got down & started sucking my dick again rigorously.

I ejaculated in her mouth that instant. I could see my semen all over her mouth & face. To be honest that’s kind of a turn on…

We were both exhausted. I couldn’t say who was more happy, me or her? With that we began to clean each other with tissue papers. She made me promise that were going to do this time and again sine my uncle isn’t going to have sex with her anytime soon & she needs a man.

I was more than happy to oblige. She suggested a hot-tub bath together as it’s supposed to be stimulating after sex. I agreed & followed her to the bathroom.

Before closing the door, I threw another room at the look where I embraced the world of sex for the first time, where the husband of the woman who took my virginity was sleeping oblivious to what has happened there a minute ago…


s. : This is based on my true life event. Some details have been modified to make it more favorable to the readers. Enjoy reading….

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