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Having fun at raging waters, a sexy water theme pa

Hi My name is Joette I wrote this story so I would never forget one of my wildest experience ever in life. the story is all non-fiction (true Story). The first *1-5* paragraphs are kinda boring it begans to become great along paragraph *6* I hope you all enjoy me sharing my day at raging waters in san dimas CA, please leave comments if you feel compelled to please 🙂 …. ENJOY

*1*My boyfriend Alan(24yrs.

/5’10/7”) and I Joete (22yrs/5’7/34C) are a couple of freaks, in our bed room and out our bedroom. We have been together a little under 4 years so were over the jealousy stage. Today we went to Ragging Waters, a local water park in San Dimas, CA. There are tons attractive people and a bunch of sexy peeps as well. I allow Alan to be comfortable and enjoy the sights, as long as he doesn’t act out, by verbal expressing the views.

When he does I act out to by what ever I feel like doing at the moment. Today was a Thursday, the 21st to be exact, and at Ragging Waters there were mainly high school and college students around and a few k** day camps. We went on a few water slides one with nice short waiting lines. In one of these lines there were a group of skanks, I say this due to there bikini’s, very cute but inappropriate in a crowded water park.

One of these bitches bikini had a tube as a top and supper low cut bottoms, she also had nasty huge implants they looked like DD maybe Es and her ass was huge so big she had stretch marks on her thighs, I felt I was gonna be sick having to stand behind her to long. Her friends had matching tops witch barely covered there nips, one had a massive camel toe and the other had thong style bottoms.

These three hoe’s had every guy in the park lined up behind us. We were the third group from the front we didn’t realize at first, but each tube needed 4-6 people to ride. We ended up having to share a tube with these hoes lucky Alan. I jokingly tell Alan “I bet this ride will be the best hands down, if he’s lucky he might get a phone number or two”. Alan knew better, not to reply to my remark, but he did.

He was actually dumb enough and said “ Yeah, I get mines on this one, you can have the honors on the next slide”. Want to explain daddy? He answers me and tries to get permission to play me off as his friend or family member. I okay it, and tell him next slide is mine. He knowledges me with, k babe shhh… I HATE being SHUSHED he should of thought of that before he did this, its on I thought in my head.

We all stepped in to this tube where you sit Indian style Alan and a hand full of guys in line enjoyed the sight of this bitches pussy lip, actually one whole lip and partial clit were out, she did nothing about it. Alan asked them what there names were and started small talk, the slide became a bit to scary for the conversation to continue and instantly the ride was over we plashed into the exit pool and one HUGE tit flops out, so now there’s one lip, half a clit, and a huge tit that Alan is gawking at.

To my surprise the chic with the low cut bottoms half her ass hangs out as she steps out the tube.
*2*WOW, that was the best ride in the park hands down, Alan mentioned. Who know the next one may be better than that one, true that babe, Alan agrees with me. I told Alan to grab me something to drink as I use the ladies room. Really I wanted to smoke so bad and also wanted some time with out Alan around.

I watch him walk around the corner I head out the other way towards the exit. Once in the smoking area I look to bum a smoke, luckily there is a older man smoking a Palmall. I ask him to bum one, hesitating at first I explain to him how angry I was and I would be very gracious. He hands me his pack, it’s your last smoke Mr. are you sure? Yeah, do you need a light? Yes please I say he held out a flame I lean inward squeezing my boobs creating a nice thank you view.

I stand lean against his truck, and tell him how my BF is a PERVERT…. Purposely I continue with this….
Every time there is an attractive female that passes, he has to look her way, or make a comment as if he was with one of his friends and not me. The man intervened wait he makes these comments in front of you and I nodded yes, and asked him if he acts like that around his GF? He replied with a smirk and said “sometimes”, I told him to treat her better and thanks for the smoke.

*3* Walking around the water park I was still pissed and need to get back at him for making me so unsexy. I know I am hot and I am re-assured by all the guys I see checking me out. We arrived at the lagoon, its similar to a man made river, people float around on tubes there is no line and no limit on time can spend floating around.

I asked Alan if we can chill here a bit. As I lay out on the inner tube, I casually move my bikini so that I am slightly exposing my lady parts. my top has shifted up a bit, now my boob is hanging out about an inch or two under the material. My ass cheeks are showing twice as much as usual cause of a wedgey, do to the tube and its shape.

Alan is floating next to me, he noticed my ass cheeks were exposed, he like it and told me that I was turning him on. I began to forgive his actions earlier on the ride. I apologized and reach to fix my bottoms, he asked me to leave it alone.

*4*Alan tells me to grab a clear tube instead of the pink one I was on. I asked why cause I like the pink one.

He tells me the clear one will allow him a better view of my body. I asked him how he felt on the other men also able to see my slightly exposed self. “please the so many hot chicks here it wont be a big deal”, what an ass I thought. so I went along with it and got on the clear tube. Hopping on the tube I felt my bikini move higher up my ass crack.

I let it be, and thought man I am practically wearing a thong in public. What a feeling I got so horny, almost instantly. Alan held onto my tube and said dirty things to me like; I wish I could fuck u write here in the water. He also felt me pussy and gently rugged it for a few min. Him touching me and me being partly exposed was such a turn on. As we float I couldn’t stop thinking of different ways I can be “accidently” exposed.

how down am I, I have always been shy, but I liked this feeling of sexual freedom.

*5* As I become more comfortable I lay back and observe my surroundings. I see 3 teen age boys hanging out on a bridge above the river one guy points me out to his friend. I bet he is checking out my ass. Oh man I felt a rush of wetness escape from my puss.

The river float circles and if those guys were there they might have something new to see(checkout). 30 feet ahead I see those guys, in the same spot perving, I open my legs up a few inches and slide my bottoms over, I felt one of my pussy lips slip out I fix it so my lips exposed partially. I float closer and change my mind, reaching down I pull my pussies lip completely out.

About ten feet away from the guys, i saw one of these guys hit his friend excitedly and points me out to both his friends. Omg!! i think am i really about to do this. i turned my head as if i am not looking at them, but i have sunglasses on and they don’t see i am locking eyes with them. as i pass under the bridge i gave a quick wave to them.

they were shy one waved back. I became a little wet after this, I knew the show was on from here, But did Alan Know?

*6*Floating around the river, I try to re-situate myself to show a bit more, I was not sure if I was successful, as I approached the dirty peeping tom teens, I got there attention with a little wave. The bold teen who waved last time pulled a cell phone out, I grabbed my legs and lifted up almost flipping my self off the tube.

It was almost a guarantee he caught a picture hopefully. After a minute or two I was feeling awkward thinking my face and body may be on a strangers phone witch is a small turn on but a larger worry to me. So I told Alan I had to go to the restroom, he told me to pee in the water I laugh and got up fixed myself and found that boy. I introduced myself as Annette cause I was afraid to say my real name, ha ha.

He put his hand to shake and said his name was Brandon, I asked if he took a good pic of me and if I can see it he handed me his phone as a slide from pic to pic of other perv picks he had took that day I found mine.

*7*His picture had a clear view of my pussy lip and ass cheeks, I told him to delete it, he tried to negotiate with me, first deal he proposed was that I give him a bj, and he will delete it.

I told him it was absolutely no. Then I told him a would flash him my tits, he said lets me in the middle, I asked him what he had in mind. Bandon proposed a mutual masturbation, at first I wasn’t sure what he meant. He explain, I rub your pussy as you stroke my dick. Thinking about it I agree and we walked behind a snack bar he pulled out his cock, it was not half bad for his age, actually it was similar to Alan’s, but he was years younger.

He asked me if I liked what I saw I said not bad and asked how old he was, 16 he said and asked my age I lied and said I was about to turn 19, lying so I wouldn’t sound my age cause I should know better being 22. Ok, I said lets get this over I told him I want to see the picture deleted first.

*8* Brandon shows deleted in front of me so I reach out, before I grabbed his dick I ask how long? he said let me count to 60, I said lets meet in the middle.

I’ll count till 30 he agreed. so I reach out and grab his cock, he leans in and puts his hand down my bottoms, I was already wet from the river ride exposure. I began to count after I reach 16 seconds, it felt so good I lost count and gave a slight moan. He asked if I would change my mind and put lips on his cock. I said ok just for a second.

I looked around the coast was clear so I crouched down and placed my lips around his dick head. He slid his dick into my mouth in and out a few times I had enough and stopped.

*9*As a began to walk back to Alan I was called back by Brandon he threaten to snitch me out to Alan. So I turned back and pled with him, he said he wanted me to finish the bj or he would tell Alan we hooked up.

I told him shut up and stick in my but, he laughed at my rhyme and turned me around away from him. I leaned forward and he spit on my ass hole then slid it in. I felt like such a whore, at first I was a little slutty to get back at Alan but this was to far. Before I was done hating on my self Brandon slaps my ass pulls it out and says ” It was nice meeting you Annette” I replied yeah fuck off perve I better not see u the rest the day or ill scream **** and I have your dna, BITCH!! He had no more smart ass remarks and he walked away.

As I walked back to Alan I saw him talking to some one, so I paused and observed him a little. I noticed it was his ex girlfriend Nichole and they seemed like they were flirting around with each other, I still felt horrible for what I had just done , but mainly for acting like a whore. I continued walking over to them, thinking what I would say to interrupt them, it was to late.

Nichole, walked away and Alan turned around I smiled and waved. “it is not was it seem babe”, Alan murmured I just laughed it off and told him “I’m not mad”, are you ready to go home babe. So Alan and I walk back to the car, I passed Brandon and his friends on the way out, I gave a low key middle finger to him.

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