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Harry Potter sex story 1

*I didn’t write this but its hot enough*

The night was once again late. Ron had gone to bed like always and avoided Hermonie like the plague. Harry looked up from his Herb Homework and spotted Hermonie’s skirt, up farther then it should be. No panties were where they should have been. Harry, who had only dreamed of these moments from Wizard porn, was most interfered. He looked at Hemonies face and saw she was caught up in Runes for Experts.

This was for her class tomorrow. It was about midnight and Hermonie was wide awake. He began to become boring with his book, anti-dark magic for young minds. He needed to study for tomorrows test but found more to study in Hermonies posture. She was in one of the lounge chairs in the common room, slightly leg wide but that slight look allowed full vision access for Harry.
He sat there wondering what it would feel like, his shaft for the first time tasting a women’s glory, and he got hard when he thought of that women being Hermonie.

He heard a movement and saw a third year girl leave from the bathroom, they where alone for now. He thought of what he could do to her, fuck her right here, right now. End her over and penetrate both her holes, Harry wanted Hermonie bad and for a long time.
During this long time of thinking, Hermonie looked up, she saw him staring; «Harry! Don’t be a pervert, I don’t need two Ron’s.

» «Hermonie! I wasn’t!» said Harry startled.
«Harry, now your Ron. »
«But Hemonie Nothing was showing! I was just thinking…»
«Of what? Wait, don’t answer that, I do not want to know. »
«Hermonie, just drop it. »
«Fine, just don’t do it again»
«Fine» answered Harry.
Harry, went back to his book ,but images of Hermonie, down on all fours with his shaft in her virgin ass were popping up, along with Images of Hermonie Spread wide for him.

He decided to get her in bed no matter what. Her body would be his.
He switched his boring book for a spell book and looked for a book to induce a mood of horneyness on Hermonie. He found on one spell that increased a girl’s sexual pleasure and another that caused its target to become wet and horny. He chose the latter and muttered the incantation under his breath. Hermonie was now starting to fall asl**p and thought about going to sl**p but she soon felt her pussy moist and tingling.

She looked up to see Harry reading his book silently. Harry was quick to put his wand behind his Spell book so he could perform these spells in secret. He felt that the spell had worked so he did the next one which casued her to become even hornier.
«uh, um Harry? Could you excuse me?» asked Hermonie, her voice shaken.
«Can you give me a reason too?»
«Um, uh, its girl things, be right back.

» Hermonie said as she retreated to the bathroom…

Harry was now free to take out his cock; he stroked it before getting up to follow Hermonie. As he slowly opened the bathroom door, he saw Hermonie, with her skirt up, and her Fingers all over her pussy, masturbating like a madman. It squirted a little a Hermonie moaned more and more. Harry thought he might have enough time to go get his Invisibility Cloak, but got a better idea.

«Um Hermonie…»
«AHH, Oh Harry, um how nice to see you, um… I have to go…» Hermonie said quickly.
«Why Leave Hermonie, I could help you. »
Hermonie had never thought of this before. Harry’s cock in her for the first time and not her heartthrob Victor Crum? Well, she was so horny that she would have done them both. «well, then Harry, come on. I guess All perverts get there day…» said Hermonie as Harry began to make room for his Penis in her pussy.

«Oh Harry, I’ve never done this before! I’m a Virgin! Be gentaAAALL!» she yelled as Harry had Broken Through her Hymen which no one expected.
«HHHHHhhhHHHAAaaaaaaarryyyYYYYYy» said Hermonie as Harry got Hermonie going. He began to engage in rugler stroking and found is demanding, but the payoff of taking Hermonies Virginity was great. She was feeling benefits too, a great pain had come and gone and now only untapped pleasure remained. She put her Arms around him as he gained speed, for the first time in his life, Harry was THE MAN.

He loved this, fucking Hermonie out of her mind turned him on faster and harder then anything else. While putting his cock in and out of Hermonies Pussy, images of her covered in his cum wanting more floated into his head. Images of her screaming in pleasure and wanting MORE! His Strokes picked up, and they both felt it. He was gaining a sense he had never felt before.
Hermonie was quite enjoying her self, the feeling she was feeling was much better then her feeling that she got when masturbating.

This was a feeling that could never be read from any book or induced by any spell. She was getting one of-a-kind-hands on training with the one and only Harry Potter.
Her breath was shorting now, the feeling of another organism had now become known to her after about four minutes of sex with the famed Harry potter.
«uuuuhhhh Har, Har, Har, Harry, I’m Going to Cummmm!» Revealed Hermonie as Harry still hammered away.

«AAAAauhhoooooooooyyeeaa Harry!»
«Uh, Hermonie, Here is commeesssssss!» Harry Told Hermonie as he got his penis to activate.
«Make Su, sur, sure you Pull out Harry» Hermonie said after heavily breathing from her Orgasm. Harry had no intention of pull out.
Harry felt his penis expel semen into Hermonies womb; his dick was quite deep now. And just for his own satisfaction, he tried to get his dick to go deeper.

«Harry! I’ Might have a baby!» She said, still breathing quite deep from her Orgasm. She had yet to get her breath back. Harry who was still inside here didn’t mind one bit as he gave a «uhhhhhhhyyyyeeaaaaa» to signal he had came.
They stood there for a bit to get there breaths back, Harry still inside her and Hermonies arms still wrapped around him.
«Um Harry, can you demount me now? I’ve got to get back to my books» said Hermonie who was still up against the Bathroom wall with a hint of giggle.

«Oh, sorry» Harry said as he got his pants back up and tidied up his robe. Hermonie did the same and cleaned up a little. Harry couldn’t believe Hermonine and he had just done that. He felt great, yet tired and began to clean his books when he got back to his loft armchair. Hermonie came back soon out of the girls bathroom and also cleaned up her books. Harry thought she looked better then ever after there Sex.

As she walked past him, Hermonie gave him a little kiss then saying, «thanks Harry, that’s something Ron will never find out, Night!» She said, and Harry stared at her as she disappeared up to the Girls common room. He couldn’t Believe his luck and also walked over to the entrance of the boys common room stairs. He would be Dreaming of Hermonine tonight…
The End

Author is Vashinred.

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