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My dad bought me around trip ticket to Oregon for me to visit my grandma that I have not seen since I was 6 years old.

I am 24 years old now. My grandpa have acres of land and ranch that my grandma wants me to inherit ate. My grandma is 72 years old, and has been a widow for 12 years.

I arrived at my grandma house at around 3PM.

Grandma was so happy to see me. She hugged me so tight, I can feel her breast so firmly on my chest.

For 72 years old lady, she is not bad at all.

Grandma give me tour of the house,and show me my room. My room next to her room.

At 5 PM grandma come to my room and told me she is going to take a shower.

I said ok, I will be next.

We have diner and talks and went to bed.

At around 2 PM , I went to the bathroom to take a leak, on my way back to my room, I slowly sneak in to my grandma bedroom.

Grandma totally sleep. She was naked. She has beautiful figured for her age, her breast nice and blossom and her pussy hair beautifully trimed.

I stood there for a minutes, and returned back to my room.

It is Friday night, grandma called me from the living room.

I went to the living room, and see grandma in her night gown , sit in the sofa with small briefcase.

I sit next to her. Grandma open the case and show deed paper.

Your grandpa wants you to inherited everything that he owns to you.

Read that and if you agreed sign it. You don’t have to sign it now.

I read the deed, and put the paper back in the case.

Grandma handed glass of wine, and one for her.

Toast to Wilson family grandma said.

We than talks, drink,talks, drink…….

I see grandma started to loosen up……

I kiss grandma in the mouth, grandma suprise and she push me away…….

I took off my short, have my cock real close to her mouth. Grandma was shock

She tried to get up, but to no avail. I have bot of her ankle.

I open her leg wide, and stick my cock in her pussy. I was suprise she was not wearing underwear, and her pussy extremely wet.

I slowly fucking my grandma. Grandma holding on tight to both of my arms…………

My cock half way in her pussy……….

It took less than 4 minutes, grandma explodes……….

Ooooooooohhhhhhh I am cummmming.

I pulled my cock and put it in her mouth. Grandma eagerly licking and sucking my cock.

Grandma stop sucking my cock. She stood up and said, let’s go to the my bedroom ……

I her room, grandma take of her night gown. And laid down naked spreading her legs.

I eat her pussy made her cry and moaning loud……….

I told her that her pussy very tight, I just put half of my cock inside her pussy…….

Yes I know, this pussy has not been fucked for 12 years…………

I spread her leg wide and put my cock deep insider her pussy…………. , she screams loud……..

I fuckher hard , really hard……………

In the morning grandma still in bed. She said she can barely walks……. , her pussy in flame and sore from fucking.

For 3 days she have breakfast lunch and diner in bed, but we still fucking

I told my grandma, I have decided to stay with her and be with her. Grandma was very happy……….

Several days pass, grandma won’t let me fuck her.

On Sunday afternoon returning from grocery store, grandma called me to her room.

I went to her room and suprise to see her in her wedding dress.

She look pretty and sexy.

What all this I said.

Would you take your grandma as you wife, you my grandson as my husband?

Yes of course. I do.

Grandma put ring on me and I put ring on her.

Grandma lift up her wedding dress showing her pussy. ………..

And laid down in bed. Come and fuck your pussy………, fuck it hard baby.

Waste no time, I fuck my grandma hard……………

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