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godess sarita 16 (the farm house)

it was a Saturday morning I work up goddess came to my room release me from my bed.. she took me to shower and I cleaned my teeths and took shower while she watched she removed da chastity and let me pee and take dump she shaved me clean and putted on the chastity.. I was told to wear a silk red thong with black nilons a red bra then a little girls dress which ended upto my thigh if I moved much anyone will see my ass or thong..

I had a nice butt as mistress made me do lunges workout for my butt girly dress looks gud dis way..
my hair was tied like 2 pony tails and make up was on .. after that goddess wore a black goun she was looking gorgeous.. I prepared breakfast after few hours I came to know we r going to the farm house of a frnd of mistress it was master sam .. he had a submissive boy he used to pay who quit so this time he sighned sum1 an agreement of being a slave for a year for money..

miss sarah came to our home with her van.. it had black glass behind I was putted behind da van as goddess always keep me low profile for her image in society.. at daback was 2 more guys .. when we were on the way a guy started touchin me when I moved a bit he slapped me hard and told to stay still.. I was in chastity he spread my legs and kept rubbin my thigh close to my cock it was so disgusting but I was getting turned on I was already horny goddess never lets me cum..

aftr a while he rubbed my whole body and goddess turned around and sain not to fuck me dey made me lick dere toes until we reached the farm house.. after we were there we got out goddess attached a leash to my collar and we were walking it was out of the city only fields and fields every where no other houses..

we entered da ferm house gate it was a big banglow with a swimming pool .. aftr we were inside master sam welcomed us in he was very turned on seeing me like that he grabed my ass and played for a while then they started gosipping while I kneeled bside goddess..

master sam said the slave he has now is a college drop out he was very much inneed of money he gave him the money and while sighining da contract he said its just formalities we will only hav sex and soft play while in da contract it was written abut everything in a master slave relation for a year.. now the boy is locked in his basement ha master is keeping him against his will ..

master sam took us down in his basement there at the corner there was a slim boy two hands tied to walls.. his legs were spread with a bar he was blondfolded.. he was sitting on da floor with a vibrator in da ass.. his cock was soft under his dick dere was a tray will huge load of cum within few second he dripped more cum.

master said he is doing it for 5 hours since morning just to see how much a slave can cum.. the boy was begging for mercyand crying master released him and made him lick all da cum from da tray den we all came up..

he made da boy kneel at da middle of da room hands tied bhind back legs spread wide we could see his soft cock .. we all had lunch while da boy was feed by master he chew some food and feed it to him later made him lay down with food on his cock da dog licked it off da boy was hard again.. mastr and everyone just laughed..

it was evening and everyone was having fun mistress took me to bathroom while she peed and took dump she made me lick her pussy clean and bring her to orgasm den I had to lick her asshole clean mistress dressed up I begged to pee she released da screw at top of chastity I took pee then we came back to the party..

everyone was excited master tied da boy his thigh together and his cock and balls pulled backwards between the thigh he was laid on da table one by one everyone was fucking his hole while he cried.. goddess was sitting and I was kneeling beside her … after everyone was done fucking.. master took a dildo and fucked da boy till he leaked cum every1 burst into laughter .. after ward da boy was released every1 was tired we went to room master took da boy with him .. iwas in da room with goddess .. she striped me naked tied my hand ..

she took a strapon made me suck it the n started to fuck me really fast I begged for mercy she din stop till she was tired then she made me lick her till she had orgasm … afterward she tied my legs together showing my cage exposed I was naked my hands tied above head to the bed ,.. and she went to sleep..

PLz leave a comment if u want me to write more .. goddess sarits;s slave boy…

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