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godess sarita 15 (back to home)

the four days were over today goddess is suppose to pick me up.. master woke up at morning before going to job he grabed my hair knelled me down and told to suck his dick I did as he said till he burst da cum all over my body.. I wasn’t cleaned in 4 days I smelled bad and was totally eaxusted as I was straight and dese days were like hell to me.. he took me to the shower tied my hands to the shower and washed me clean he was running his hand on my chastity making me hard I was so arosed I wanted to cum bad but I couldn’t he washed me clean then I was give to wear a panti a skinny jeans and a loose tshirt.. I was given breakfast .. goddess came to pick me up then we were home her daughter went to stay 2 days with grandma..

after getting home I was stripped naked while goddess inspected my body den she took me to th wash room removed my plastic cage shaved me clean she gave me a girly hair cut then my regular cage was on.. then I was putted in a maids outfit and told to clean the house while mistress was relaxing I cleaned da house and prepard lunch .. after lunch gadess asked me to give her nail polish den I messaged her feet..

at evening mistress sara came home with her bf goddess was pleased to see them I served them tea .. they were planning to hav fun tonight mistress gave me order to make dinner while dey were gossiping.. after dinner goddess started the music and I was told to dance exoticly I din knw what to do I tried to dance lik a girl it was so humiliating they all burst in laughter..

after the party was over goddess tied me to the bed removed the cage and stroke me I din cum for so long I was hard in a econd and dripping she edged me for 8 times den 1 more touch ws enough to make me cum she din let me cum she said she will let me cum after 2 days If I want to cum..

I was crying wanting to cum she just waited till I was soft den put da cage on she tied me to my bed and went to sl**p.. next morning she released me to pee but din remove my butt plug .. the day was normal goddess went to office .. and rest of da day went as usual next day I wasn’t allowed to trake dump either.. den at night mistress payel came home with goddess dey gave me a medicine den we had dinner I was bursting I wanted to poop so bad I was begging for release ..

goddess said u can cum or take poop any 1 choice I needed both so bad but I had to choose poop dere was no oter way after taking dump goddess was laughing sayinfd I gave u a choice den I was f***ed to suck mistress payels cock till she came.. she left soon today then my hands were tied behind back I was on da floor I had to lick goddess till she came few times ..

at night she tied me to bed with a pillow under my shomach.. my balls were blue .. goddess bought a tray and put it under my dick she removed the urethral screw and started fucking my anal with da but plug after few minuted I urnated cum it was a huge load but I felt no orgasm she did it few times till I was empty den she put on da screw and left… I was so frustrated and helpless..

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