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Wildest fantasy dream ever….
Two really hot babes with sexy long black and brown hair and another sexy babewith silky blonde hair and clear blue eyes!
They are all for me,myself,& I to watch as long as I want too and join in every now and then…:)
Babe with black hair is ****FLOWER GIRL****
Babe with brown hair is ***TAMMY***
Babe with blonde hair is****BABY GIRL****

I could not believe my eyes because in my dream ****BABY GIRL**** is a pure lesbian she told thee other’s she cannot believe how men are fuck all…so i dressed up like a older woman and my best freind (woman) helped me by shaving my chest hair and placing my false silcon titts with a false pink sexy chubby pussy and then she prepaired her make-up to cover my face off a real man to a fake older woman!!!

When my 2 hot babes maîtresses were getting ready to make ****BABY GIRL**** squirt i went to sit my fake pussy on her face and ”HOLY SHIT”she was going so fucking wild!!!
Then she got blind folded and my 2 babes put her face right in front of my hot creamy ass…and they say to her…COME ON BABY GIRL..,LiCk that pussy…,mmmmm 😉

TAMMY & FLOWERGIRL get prepaired….

hush,hush now cause were gonna suck your cuck while you squirt ass cumm into a pure lesbian mouth ****BABY GIRL**** & then more fun & games to begin!!

We will tie you up with straps around your ankles,your wrists,& a ball with a strap around your mouth and you will be totally blind folded so we can change your game and we 3 bitches will be ready to play & **** you*******starting by 2 toys viberated all over thighs,your ribbs,your throught..then ***TAMMY & FLOWERGIRL*** the 2 hot babes with spread your ass cheeks wide open so the the young ****BABY GIRL***that you framned will open her mouth and blow air around your pink ass hole and she smell’S it and say’s my god girl’s this ass smell’s so damn good can i please taste it???..oh yes ***BABY GIRL***go right ahead and enjoy….

BABY GIRL asked the girl’S what is the older woman name?????

*******TAMMY & FLOWERGIRL look at each-other with big eyes and wanting to laugh but did not…her name is***SASHA*** she is 48 year’s old,6feet3 …. we’ll she one hot older woman…. it’s nice to get new pussy and ass to lick. oH YEAH…. check this out her ass is dripping white creamy ass cumm i lick it all up nice ‘n’ slowly then i’ll lick your hot pink pussy for an hour non-stop with my toys joining in every now ‘n’ then and making your pussy squirt all over my face!!!Oh SASHA…you are one sexy woman…she can’t answer back ni see anything because she all tied and covered…so ***TAMMY & FLOWERGIRL prepare to lift her leggs up and spread open so i’ll prepare my strap-on dildo ….

do i start by fucking her pussy girl’s or her ass???…Her pussy first for 4 minutes then slowly coming out then push your dildo cuck in her ass and tease her nice ”n” slowly the fuck her really hard 3 pumps then slowing down and starting over!!!! Make her ass cumm…we love sex with no guy’s because we control better…..SASHA understood that but she had to shut up without getting caught from BABY GIRL!!!
Oh fuck check this out girl’s Sasha just squirtted really f…ing hard all over my cuck ..i took the the strap off her mouth and told her to suck my cuck(fake)…mmmmm that’s feels so good!!!

Oh I can’t help myself…i lifted sasha leggs in thee air then i pulled her towards me so i can turn her upside down and lick her ass and pussy and make her squirt over n over again!!!!

FLOWERGIRL yell’s at me and say’s…..HEY it’s been more then an hour then she hit’s me with a strap and push’s me into a cage with straps,toys,and other bizarre things….

they tie me up and blind folded my eyes n my ears…..and tell sasha come fuck her ass while we (2 hot babes) eat her f…ing squirtting blonde cunt!!!!after 20 minutes we’ll spin her around take everything off when your cuck is firmly in her tight little blonde ass and our, m two faces in her pussy and she will not believe she got framned fucking damn good and does wanna stop!!!!

That’s not all TAMMY & FLOWERGIRL decide to play a little dominating game…listen carefully…**OK SASHA are you ready tobe FREDDY Or ROCKETMAN….

i’ll be FREDDY..ok TAMMY & I (FLOWERGIRL) are ready!!!!****BABY GIRL**** we are gonna abuse you by kissing and caressing your thights…. then Moi TAMMY’FLOWERGIRL AND SASHA REAL NAME IS FREDDY…..were all gonna lick and suck your hot blonde pussy non-stop n you will cumm like crazy…one at a time..three hands at the same time..smacking your fucking ass and stuffing your face with my cuck and my ass!!!!
I could not help myself i pushed my cuck deep down in her throght n she made me fucking cumm hard in her face n her fingers in my ass dripping harder n harder by the minute..she continue non stop n yells at me cumm squirt your ass asswhole in my face…

oh Baby Girl is becoming a nasty pissed off pure lesbian bitch..we’ll enough is enough i’ll shut her face up with up… n she will surley make me scream like a bitch boy n making me squirt like sirop…i saw her look at the 2 babes and say go get it….

GET WHAT????… (Baby Girl suck my cuck harder n harder and spreading my tight ass open while the 2 babes rubb their fingers slowly in my hole then i felt nothing but u babygirl never stop n i saw your face change when something really huge,thick,and hard enter into your white man ass…it’s my real transexuel freind Rocketman…. mmmmm…. fuck his ass…..don t stop…tease his ass…. oh my girls come watch this…a 2 hour live film….

real man get’s punished n **** hard cause bébég is pissed …..all us babes sit back n watch how a tanny can make a real man go fucing crazy…my god…..

OH MY GOD…..come sit on my ass FREDDY…. ok Madame Rocetmandy…i ll do as told…. oh yeah ok we’ll your my bad boy bitch for 2 hoours and within the next 10 minutes you ll be dripping ceamy thick ass juice n everytime u moan louder n louder i will stop or i will surprise u with another REAL MAN CUCK…go ahead SANDY(OLD MAN) fuck FREDDY ASS now n make him squirt all over your cuck n then sit his ass on my face and i ll suck n lickem alll!!!!!

Oh Tammy..tell thee others girls FREDDY got more then one orgasmn by a transexual a real older man no girls land….

come see…i ll bet we ll make thoses 3 hot cunts squirt all over us while we make u squirt and fuck your ass!!!

3 babes PUNISHE older woman…. licking and kissing her clit one at a time and making her clit get harder and get so big…then they stop for no reason n put 1 finger each on her clit n ask her do u wanna cumm nasty bitch???..she say’s yess pleazzzzz…they say no fucking way…..

each babe wants and will abuse n **** my pussy alone in the biggest bathroom everseen….

there was someone who built a bed on metal …..each babe gott 45 minutes each on me…my favorite was FLOWERGIRL…..
at thee end off the game everyone was tired and taking a break …but you Nasty bitch had to make noise to go to the bathroom again…so I(FLOWERGIRL) told FREDDY that i’m gonna go home for the reste of the night but you all can continue laterif u like…he says ok cool…. i ll call you tommorrow…ok bye!!!

He really thought i left empty handed..oh non..i went to bathroom and i caught his best freind(older woman in her later 30’s) standing up with her leggs spread open over the toilette and masterbating and squirtting in the fu…ing toilette..she lick her fingers then put it in her whole and fucked her pussy whole and her other hand she put 3 fingers on her clit and rubbing herself nice n slow saying all the names off the 3 young bsbes and moaning more n more when she fucks her pussy saying oh Flowergirl i wanna have fun with you again but alone…i came up behind her nice n quietly covering her mouth and i whispered in her ear shut the fuck up and do as i say…she nodds her head ok….

i put a huge blanket over her head and body so i can get out of the cottage house with no one asking questions…cause FREDDY beleives i m going home to relax for at leats 5 hours and wait for him to call…

My,my it was so easy to get out of there..i decided at the last minute fuck going home i called my private driver and went to my penthouse that i have tresured for a decade off time and still living after so many years off action …i dont bring just anyone…they have have to really prouve to me that i am the best,the more beautiful,more dominated,the more everything!!!I Flowergirl love making others have wild fucking trip like never ever dreamed off…especially when you get a straight girl,lesbian girl,bi sexuel girl,straight guy,gay guy,trans sexuel,bi-sexuel,or even couples off all sorts…Freddy and His best lady freind have known eachother for years…she has her bf and he has his gf…but neither off them are open to share that’s why they share alone between them …and for that reason that is why i gave her a nickname…My Nasty Bad girl bitch…38 year’S old..,5feet10..,180 pounds but believe me she is very well proportionner…as we arrived to my penthouse she was totally flambergasted ….

and i well lets just say…enough is enough …it’s time for some action…

I changed into my latex costume..colors black and hot blue…with my belt…she was looking out the window when she turned around i smacked her acroos the face and put my hands around her throught and pick her up off the floor and her in my machine thats called ”FUCKING MACHINE ELECTRIC” she was starting too scream a little to loud and had a look off being scared….

i ll changed her faced when i gave her the shocks electric…she scream louder n louder n within 2 mins she asking for help…oh you bitch…now your gonna pay…. no one can hear you here in my penthouse and just for being stupis i m gonna put on music really loud just to show u i m not joking!!!!

Now you say SORRY FLOWERGIRL…i m realy SORRY MAITRESSE…mmmmmm u liick so fucking good…loll..its not my tongue its my toy….

WOW!!!!AMAZING!!!! All guy’s that i ve invited here have other payed me or begged me to abuse or **** thier wifes,gf,freinds,,because they say its worth the show!!!!

Oh my nasty bitch come down here sit just half way way on the glass table…i ll strap electric straps on your ankles…you ll put your arms in the air and you will feel robes grab them they will snap on automatic…then you will fucking squirt your pussy juice within seconds then i ll stop and start again by rubbing your pussing lipps nice n slow n spreading them open then my hot juicy craving tongue to taste your pussy again..but this time alone..mmmm…no man s land its awesome!!!!
Count how many times you will be squirtting in my face within 5 minutes……
oh my..yes MAITRESS i like you lots…yes i am a bad bad nasty bad bitch girl who needs and wants to be punished!!!oh i m cumming…oh fuck why did you stop….

oh fuck you …. electric shock time..pleazzz no…. oh yesssss i m gonna cumm again…and again…. you have 25 seconds left…noway…5 minutes is way to fast!!!!PLEAZZZZZZ dont stop…..i ll be a good girl…..

Oh Flowergirl sorry but your private driver is here…. yes Mr. Shaw want do u want??? He whispers in Fg ear…i ll pay u 500$ to watch you kiss n lick n suck that woman pussy for 2 to 3 hours non stop n i ll film and within the time pleazz let me go get her man freind with the 3 babes so they can catch the last hour or so on how u treat someone alone!!!
Ok ready….

she begging me to my pussy in her face…ohhh what a nasty bitch…come with me here in this little blackroom off silence total..close your eyes and open your mouth…SURPRISE…i shoved my average cuck in her mouth then i pulle dit out and made her give me little kiss son my huge clit then licking my ass…she was one hell of a surprised woman…2 in 1…fucking love it…

She pushed me down and smacked my ass…she pulled my cuck harder and streaching it so it would enter in my own mouth while she was teasing my huge pink clito with 2 fingers 1 finger from each hand very slowly…i never thouht rubbing that slow would drive u crazy but Nasty older woman is pretty damn good…then she looks at me and says watch me…oh shit….

she amazing…. sucking clito without teeth touching me…. it was so smooth…..She bought the same toy i had the mouth with a tongue to trick me ..loll…but i knew cause i squirt right away with that magic toy…but want i didn t know was she went to get some ice in the hallway..and an very old woman ..around 60 or 65 years old asks her are u losts she no i having sex with Flowergirl..oh yeah your lucky everyone wants her…we ll come in and see she tied up anyway eyes,ears and all!!!

Oh really..we ll it would be my pleasure…oh by the way my name is LOLA…nice to meet you…watch me..oh no sorry young lady but its been to many long lost years that i want to taste her….

get out of my way…give me a bowl…WHY?? because i m old lady and i need to take out all my teeth…now u watch me with Mr SHAW……

oh fuck..oh fuck…. Flowergirl is squirtting she fucking cumming like a water fontain and it just took a minute…..MR SHAW OPEN WOMAN LEggS(IN LATER 30’s…. oh yes LOLA GRANNY..u are the best…. SQUIRT AGAIN..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..Oh my …Mr Shaw loves getting his huge fucking monster cuck suck aswell by LOLA GRanny…she went back to Flowergirl and slowly took all straps off her eyes..,ears and all..and when she saw me…she was very SURPRISED……

Now FREDDY and gang are arriving within minutes…all 3 off you will spread my old granny pussy lipss open and tease with 1 to 2 fingers each…non- stop and when the company arrives they all say wow THAT ‘S ONE HOT LITTLE PINK SEXY PUSSY EVER!!!! CAN WE PLAY?? yess off course come join…..FREDDY LICK HER CLIT and all others tease with 1 finger each slowly….

and when i am ready to Squirt Watch Freddy face see the hottest pussy is a old granny…..

Everyone goes wild 4 women and 2 men and 1 trans sexuel…. one hell of an orgy all together!!!!

STICK ‘N’ LICKEM is the best!!!.

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